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2016 Season

As far as the 2016 season is concerned,  their will be a league, and we will have some changes.  The first change is that we will have two assistant commissioners.  John Stehel from Bodans and Luke Ashenbrenner from Mcnally's.  The second change will be that all money will be due at the first meeting which is Wednesday March 9 no execeptions.  This will give you plenty of time to get the money required.  The fee will remain $475.  Also, at this meeting your schedule preferences will be given which should consist of one or two days at the most that you can't play.  You must be able to play at least three days a week. In order to get the schedule preferences, coaches must attend this meeting.  The other change will be the wooden bats.  I want to open it up to hard ball bats also.  This way teams and mainly umpires don't have to worry which bats are softball and which are hardball.  Its wood so it shouldn't change anything that much.  We can discuss this at the meeting.