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  • 2009 HoF Nominees ANNOUNCED......
  • Brian Sullivan Leads the 2009 Class
  • Trottier, Schultz and Brightman back on the ballot.
  • JC's champs again after 2 years of NOT MAKING the finals
  • Lake,Dacci and Fortune make the 2008 Hall Of Fame



February 8, 2010
GUYS it is over… JC's has a new leader/team/players a New generation.
This is a full team of the Decade.

1st - Tony Hughes (2)
2nd - Tim Ferreira (2)
3rd - Brian Sullivan (3)
SS - Shayne King (3)*
P - Mitch Kirkland (4)
C - Mike Fortune (2)
LF - Jeff Kutil (4)
LC - Kevin Gula (4)
RC - Chris Smith (3)
RF - Jason Kaurenan (3)
DH - Joey Trottier (2)
OF - Jimmy McNaught (3)
IN - Chris Cabe (2)
P - Sean D'Acci (1)
(indicates amount of titles)
*Played in 1 game in 2008, the forth title was won this year.

Founder of Bailey's Slow Pitch Softball Team - Mike Fortune
Owner of the Decade - JC
Coach of the Decade - Shayne King
Gold Glove of the Decade - Brian Sullivan "Best hands in the game"
Silver Slugger of the Decade - Jeff Kutil "Hit over 125 homers"
Jack-ass Award of the Decade - Kevin Gula "Stepping on the ball"
Equipment Manger - Jimmy McNaught
Jersey of the Decade - Sleeveless Black JC Jersey
Play of the Decade - Chris Smith's Home Run snag "in the play-offs to have the game go to Extra innings"
Single Game Comeback of the Decade - 6/17/09 "JCs was down 13 in the bottom of the 7th"
Series Comeback of the Decade - 2002 against Hagen down 2 games to none, JC's came back to win the series 3-2.
Team Nickname - Lot Lizards
Best Nickname - Joey "singles" Trottier
Web Site Tech - Shayne King
Best Teammates of the Decade - Mike Fortune, Jeff Foote, John Olliff & Jimmy McNaught
Song of the Decade - DMX's "Right Here" aka "CHAMPEE-YUNS"
Off the Field Performance of the Decade - Sean Dacci in his New Kids video





The most "unbelievable" comeback ever

Down 13 in bottom of 7th
could it  be? did the new JC's team come back from a 16-3 deficit in the last inning??
holy shit. it is true. after getting trounced all game the team got it together and sent 18 men to the plate while scoring 10 runs with 2 outs. the inning started harmlessly enough with a couple guys getting on with wlaks and singles. then Q was forced out at third on tony;s grounder. brian beriault hit his second "meaningledd homer.with another out soon to follow both teams were just waiting to be done with the game. then the hits adn walks started to add up. all of a sudden bases were loaded with two outs down seven and top of the order was up. soon enough JC's noticed if they could get to thier big bomber justin in the four hole that he would be the tieing run. mitch got a single,tim lydon walked,Q doubled and justin then came to the plate being the tieing run. he hit a moon shot straight up that couldn't be caught by anyone. another run scored and haley was on second. hughes drew a walk and brad singled in haley, scottie beriault who ran for the injured hughes got to third but then needed a runner himself because he was getting up. with one more hit needed to complete the amazing comback, scott ripped a single scoring the runner from third for the win. Pizza and Beer was bought by JC and the team celebrated the win. Jeff tabor,who has been around a little while, said he has never seen anything like that. Everyone did what they had to do. from the bottom to the top every walk and every hit added up for the win. The ability of this team does not compare to some in the past in the history of JC's but the heart is certainly a refreshing addition. there has never been such a comback.....CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED!!!!!!

Times have Changed...

August 7, 2008


When did it all change…?  Somewhere along the way, something happened. Something unexpected, something merely magical in 2001 and 2002 changed to something of disarray. Somewhere along the way, on the path from the East Taunton’s Mill Field to the old dirty field in Buzzards Bay something changed.  It was never the same…

When did it change that the games itself were more important than the company of friends during the summer softball classics? When was winning so important rather than having fun and laughs in the dugout? When huddling up prior to games was meaningful and motivating? When did the laughs after the game turn into “I have to get up for work in the morning see you later”? When the sound of empty cans falling out the 30-pack cartons on the parking lot sounded like a train wreck? When did having beer come out your nose because you laughed so hard at a Jeff Foote or Jimmy McNaught Joke, not be fun any longer? When did getting 16 wrist bands from Mike seem foolish? When did 10 for 10 Fun not be fun any more? When did cheering for a Lance’s homer that was over the limit and an out, not be fun any longer? When did being lot lizards until 1 AM not be the in thing any more? When did Jeff being Manny not be funny any longer?  When getting 102 emails during your lunch break was a great lunch? When was work secondary to reading emails between Shayne and whoever arguing over nothing? When was receiving the line-up via email 5 times with different line-ups each for that night’s game not a stupid thing? When was getting smashed the night before the Finals not the cool thing to do?  When was getting smashed the night before the Finals not the cool thing to do, when we said we will stay in?  When was it cool to break your wrist and no one would get mad at Sully for doing it? When banquets were fun to have just to have another reason to get together and drink? When is seeing Das lip-sink the New Kids not the funniest thing ever at a banquet? When was going to Bailey’s after the game and getting a free appetizer the only reason for leaving the parking lot? When did Joey laughing at himself no longer funny? When was Eddie’s animated story too long to listen to any more? When was seeing JC wearing a hat not funny? When was Smitty’s arm so weak that he could not make it to second base and it was still OK? When was being compared to Star Wars characters funny and also fitting, not cool any longer?

When did it change? Was it when the taste of a championship was no longer a taste we never tasted? Was it that winning became easier that we did not have to grind out wins and come together as a unit to win? Was it that we finally reach our peak performance and the competition never raised to the level that we have reached? This was not just an overnight thing; it is a progressive decline in unity, teamwork and collaboration. What is it? Where did the swagger go?

When did it change…

Why does it have to be the “GOOD OLD DAYS”?
Boy, I miss those days.


HALL OF FAME Nominees for 2009

March 3, 2009
BRAIN SULLIVAN Leads the Nominees for the 2009 class with his multiple Gold Gloves and life-time Gold Glove winner for Baileys/JCs.  He was the rock at third base in the team's first 2 championships.  Other notables are long time coach/player, Shayne King who has won 3 Titles as coach.  He also was the team's starting shortstop for 7 years before becoming the team's utility man. Outfielder Jason Kaurenan who was always in the top 5 with avg. in his earlier years and played catcher mostly with the original team at Palmer Field in Wareham. Chris Smith who was a long time rival with Steal Toast and won a title against Baileys before joining Baileys in 2000 and making "The best catch in the history of the Team" when he robbed a homerun to force extra innings in the 2001 semi-finals. Jeff Foote made his name in the late 90s with his pitching for Baileys and no one knew how he could do it after all nighters of drinking with his boys.  He also came in and was a big part of the transition to slow pitch and in the words of Coach King, "He probably is the best second baseman we have ever had."
Joey Trottier Leads the 2008 Nominees to get in this year. Other notables from the 2008 nominees is Lance Brightman and Patrick Schultz.
Rules will be announced later this week on the voting.  It will be pretty much the same as 2008, but you get 1 vote for the 2008 Nominees that are up for the 2nd year.
HALL OF FAME Nominees for 2009
1. Jeff Foote

2. Shayne King

3. Jason Kaurenan
4. Brian Sullivan
5. Chris Smith
6. Lance Brightman (2008 NOM)
7.Joey Trottier (2008 NOM)
8. Pat Schultz (NOM)

WHO's IN the HALL?????

BUZZARDS BAY, MA - And the inductees are........ Mike Fortune, Sean D'Acci and Cal Lake.  Mike Fortune lead the votes for many reasons as a leader, player and a coach. All three have done a lot for our teams and Cal has since went on and made the Sunday League as good as it gets. 
As stated in his post and his write up Mike was the calm leader, the father figure on the team.  Where he got his nickname "Big Daddy Fortune". Mike won 2 Championships as a player and made one as a coach/player.  He has been missed.
The mouth is in, Sean "Das" D' Acci was the teammate that you wanted, but never wanted to play against. He was one of the better pitchers that this league has ever seen, he could get you out of your game with just some words. He is also missed.
Clutch Cal, hit is career high in 2002 and he just was happy as a peach to be playing with us.  You could see the glow everyday, he came to the field. He also has done so much for the Sunday league and he has lead his FC team to an underfeated season just a few years ago.
The committee thanks all the players for their votes.  Some of next year nominees include, Brian Sullivan, Chris Smith, Shyane King, Jeff Foote and Eddie Tarrant.

JC's FINISH in 3rd 12-6

GAME TIME -  Tuesday Night ---  7:30 PM JC's Win Seris 2-0
GAME TIME - Thursday Night ---  7:30 PM

GAME TIME -  Tuesday Night at 6:15.  6/26/06 --- W 19-15
GAME TIME -  Thursday Night at 8:45.  6/28/06 --- W 15-13 9 Innings

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As of 6/3/06

Kevin Gula - Thought He Walked

Shayne King - 3 Years runing in top 3 in Hitting (Started the season 16 for 16)

Jeff Kutil -One of his best years yet, playing 2 positions top notch.

Bruce Bruce - 3 Homers hitting in the heart of the line-up and playing solid D


Jimmy McNaught - Hitting .667 for the season.

2005 Highlights
8-10 record
6-1 In play-offs
Won the TITLE in 2005.
More Highlights to come from awards to MVP to Players that left the team.
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