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  • Welcome to the home of LANS BASEBALL
  • Have some fun, get some exercise and meet new friends
  • Adult men and women in an environment of friendly competition
  • Once per week, Tuesday evenings at various Kitchener ball parks


LANS Three-Pitch Softball League

March 14, 2013

Who We Are:The LANS League was formed over twenty-five years ago when teams from various hospitals, nursing services and Lutheran churches pooled together to to create a league they call the Lutheran Adults and Nursing Services league. The idea was to create a friendly environment where men and women could have some fun playing rec-league level softball.

The format chosen was three-pitch. This is a style of softball in which the batter has his/her own pitcher throwing the ball to them.  The idea is that if you can't get a hit when your own pitcher is throwing to you in the way you prefer, then after three pitches you are "out".  Obviously, with such a format, there are a lot of hits and since this is a less competitive level of play, our rules allow for a greater Three pitch field actionthan usual number of outfileders.

Safety is a large factor in deciding what rules we will have in our league.  Mostly we use standard SPN rules to see how we vary from SPN, check out our LANS Rules for 2012 (shown below)

The main objectives of our league are to have some fun in a recreational, social environment and get some exercise while we are at it.

Come on out and PLAY BALL!

LANS 2015 Schedule

L.A.N.S. 2015 Scoresheet

Umpires Bullet List 2012

2014 Park Permits

Team Registration Roster Form for 2015

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L.A.N.S. 2004 Constitution

L.A.N.S. Rules 2015

May 7, 2015