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Spring 2020 has moved to Fall 2020!

While we were disappointed to hear that we wouldn't be able to start games on June 29th we understand that a shortened season would not provide for our families the benefit of a full season. So we are so excited to share our plans for an extended Fall Season. Fall is usually more laid back and short but we are extending our fall season to offer you a FULL season with 12 games and a tournament.  Essentially, our Spring season has been rescheduled to this Fall.

The registration fee will remain the same as our Spring fees and we will roll your registration over to fall unless you contact us and specify that you would prefer something different.

We will be open registration again on June 15th and will continue to add players until July 10th. WE CAN'T WAIT to see all of you and hope you'll bring a friend along!

10 Week Regular-Season with 12 regular-season games
1 Week of Tournament Play
Awards ceremony
Maintain spring pricing for this one-time fall season
Keep current teams as placed and add new players as needed
Add teams as needed


  • 6/15 - Reopen registrations
  • 6/15 - Teams can start conditioning/practicing (at the discretion of coaches) in groups of 10 or less
  • 6/29-  All league teams start practicing
  • 7/10 - Close registration
  • 8/1-10/9 - League Games
  • 10/12 - Tournament Week and Awards

Fall 2020 Registration is open!

Our Spring 2020 season has "moved" to the Fall.  Please see our another announcement for more details, but essentially just a schedule shift.  If you registered for this Spring, you not need to re-register.  All fees and registrations from Spring are moving to Fall.

You'll need to create an account or login to your existing League Lineup account with your email address.  If you registered last year you'll find all of your information is stored and registration will be quick and easy.  If you have any registration questions, please look at our registration information section and feel free to contact us with any questions!  Click the big red button to register online any time!

If you don't receive an email at the end of the registration process you didn't complete it.  Even if you're not paying today you need to pick one of the options to pay offline or pay by check.

LFPS COVID-19 Plan for our Parents

In coordination with Lexington Parks and Rec with governance from the city and governor, we have drafted a plan for our opening for Spring 2020.  As we all know there are specific guidelines, recommendations, and precautions we all must take due to COVID-19.  We have the obligation to ourselves, our softball families, and our supporting bodies to follow these guidelines and have written the following document.  This document is verbose, but it is written to be complete and with specific intent so that our softball league, our softball families, and our softball girls remain safe.


This is a draft document, so there may be portions of this which can change over the following weeks but we would like to resume our practices on June 15 and begin gameplay on June 29.  We are looking from feedback from our parents and coaches so that we know how many players will be participating so that we can plan accordingly.  We have had an overwhelming number of families contacting us asking when we can resume and expressing excitement over being able to play.  We have also had parents who feel the timing is not correct for them, be it due to COVID-19 or simply just other obligations due to the timing of the season.  We will be having our coaches contact parents to gauge participation and we encourage you to read this document before they contact you.  We hope that everyone comes out this Spring season and makes the best of this difficult time.

We also need to point out that these guidelines apply to the board, coaches, players, and spectators as well.  There are guidelines that apply to all aspects of our league play this season and we need everyones participation.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions, hope everyone is well, and hope to see you in a few weeks when practices resume!

We need your help!

LFPS is in dire need of people to help take this league to the next level.  It is no secret that our board membership has dwindled over the years and while this is a natural thing, we have not been vigilant enough to keep getting in new members and the league has suffered because of it.  We just don't have enough help and energy to do the things that our girls deserve.  Being on the board does not mean doing a ton of work, we need people to take small pieces and work together and create the best environment for our girls that we can do!  Please fill out a board application and come to our board meetings.  We can answer any questions you have via email, facebook, phone, or at meetings.

Lexington Fast Pitch Aftershocks Travel Teams

If your player is interested in taking their game to the next level we have four travel teams.  One 16U, and two 18U.  Spots on teams vary but if you're serious and interested in joining, please see the side menu for more information about the team you're interested in.

Practice schedule

Coaches, you can see the current practice schedule by clicking here:  http://goo.gl/eIAet3

If you need to update your practice schedule, adding a day, or cancelling a practice, please let Walter know so he can mark it on the schedule and free up a spot for others to use.  Please look at the schedule before you set up an impromptu practice or scrimmage, and be sure to let Walter know if you do.  Thanks!

Sign Up for Email and/or Text Alerts Again!


Our Text Alerts were cleared out of the system and we need people to sign back up again.  If you already have a login on League Lineup from before you can sign in with that same login and add yourself to the new list.  If your number has changed please update your profile, or if you have forgotten your login you may need to recover the login information or sign up new.  Thank you!!

LFPS has shifted to a new communication system that will reduce the number of emails you get from us. When you sign up here on the website for our email list, you can choose which types of messages you want to get by choosing which email groups you join. If your player is in the 8u division, you'll no longer need to read emails about 14u schedule changes, or 10u all-stars tryouts. If you're not a coach, you won't have to read about coach meetings.

This system will also give you complete control over whether you're on the list or not -- you sign yourself up, and you can take yourself off. You will not be automatically added to the list.

To sign up for email groups, look at the left-hand navigation bar, down below the FaceBook and Twitter symbols. Click where it says "Join Our Email List -- Click here."

Slightly more complicated, but very useful if you rely heavily on your cell phone, is the new text/email alert system. Below the spot where you click to join the email list is a box with a picture of a storm cloud and the heading "Game Cancelled?" If you click on the "Get Started" button in that box, you'll be able to sign up for text and email alerts. These will be used for time-sensitive messages only; less urgent news will be sent through the regular email lists.

The text/email alert system does require you to set up a free account with League Line-Up, and they do have you confirm your email address and cell phone number as part of the process. This is to prevent someone from signing you up without your permission! Signing up for this system requires more steps than the email list, but it took me less than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions about either the email list or the text/email alert system, I'll do my best to answer them, just email me!

General Info about LFPS

Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball (LFPS) was incorporated as a non-profit softball organization in late 2009. Our mission statement was approved on November 11, 2009:

Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball, Inc. (LFPS) aspires to be an organized and structured organization that provides a high-quality experience for all female athletes. LFPS is committed to providing a positive and safe environment, an environment where sportsmanship, development of fundamental skills, teamwork, commitment, and discipline are important and valued. The emphasis of Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball is on playing the game of softball and using the game as a forum to help teach "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field. Our hope is that each player will have fun and enjoy the experiences they walk away with, as they will be memories for a lifetime.

LFPS pledges to its players and parents:

  • To provide a healthy, productive and structured environment for its players to learn and compete in the game of fast pitch softball;
  • To promote team chemistry and teach the importance of achieving success through teamwork;
  • To provide a unique, positive atmosphere for beginners to accomplished athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem and mental toughness;
  • To treat each player, parent, coach and spectator with respect and dignity;
  • To stress the importance of academic excellence as it relates to competitive sports and to a successful future;
  • To develop highly competitive softball teams with players that exemplify the meaning of selflessness and teamwork.

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