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  • Spring 2007 - Major Gold 9 -1
  • Fall 2007 - Major Blue 11 - 1
  • Spring 2008 Premier 5 - 3 - 2
  • Fall 2008 - MYSL First Division 7 - 0 - 2
  • Fall 2008 - MSPSP C-3 5 - 1 - 2

Remember: You can take the player out of the Lightning, but you can't take the Lightning out of the player. Keep that Lightning spirit going girls!!!


Congratulations to all the girls and good luck at your new clubs!
RSC, Gators, Gators North, Vardar, and the Hawks all got a lot tougher to beat!!!

To Everyone: Thank you to all of the players, parents, families, and friends who made the Lightning such a success for so many wonderful years. All of you are the reason it was so much fun!!!

Lightning #1 Fan!!!Thanks for your support.

Lightning Soccer...It just gets better and better!

NMSC LightningBring it on...

The Sweet Taste of Victoryor is that chocolate?

After the MYSL Web Page loads:
- Click on the "Fall 2009 Standings" link
- Scroll down to: "U-16 Girls" and left click
- left click on submit

Team Mission: "To foster and develop youth soccer players who, through a high level of coaching, embody fair play and good sportsmanship, display a strong understanding of the game and have excellent soccer skills which allows them to achieve personal and team and in the future."

4-3-3 and 4-4-2 FORMATIONS
Click on HANDOUTS to see the 4-3-3 and
4-4-2 formations handout from Coach Eric.

O.K. girls, go to the "Links" page and click on "Great Dribbling". This is what we will be working on in our next practice....should be easy!
Push-ups if you don't do it right! :)

Fall 2008: Two Rosters - Same Results: 1st Place
MYSL U15G First Division: 7-0-2, 1st Place MSPSP U15G C3: 5-1-2, 1st Place (tie)