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The Louisiana Tiger Organization will hold Tryouts for the 2017 Season on Saturday August 13 for ages 9-12 at Runnels High School from 9am -1pm. Tryouts for ages 13 & 14 will be held on Sunday August 14 from 2pm - 6pm at Runnels High School. Contact Leo McClure 225.939.0012 with any questions.



Welcome to the 2016 Louisiana Tigers - Gold Baseball Website!
The Louisiana Tigers 14AAA is part of the Louisiana Tigers Baseball Organization, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Louisiana Tigers 14AAA consists of athletes from the Greater Baton Rouge area and is managed by Leo McClure with Brad Smith as the head coach.
Imagine it... Desire it... Believe it...  Act on it..

All Tournaments are Subject to Change

Parents please understand that the schedule I have posted is very tentative.  The only weekends I can guarantee, are easter (off) and The Louisiana Tiger Invitational V in April. Everything else is subject to change.  We will be at the mercy of weather and whether or not a tournament makes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not make reservations for the World Series!!! This could very possibly change. I am providing a rough schedule so you can have an idea when and how often we will play.



CHANGES ON DAY OF EVENT, I WILL TEXT A NOTICE OF CHANGE.On practice days we will typically be there 30 mins prior to the start of practice. If your son arrives early he can get extra cuts in the cage prior to practice. Because of the weather, you should pay special attention to your daily emails as our practice could get rained out or moved to The Batter's Box. Also on any day you can call Coach Leo's cell phone 939-0012 for updates on practice and weather as you are driving in. Please wait until after 3pm on a practice day to call to hear voice message.