• 2015 Division 1 Drill Winners
  • 2012 Division 1 Drill and Cheer Winners
  • 2011 Division 1 Drill and Cheer Winners
  • 2010 Division 1 Cheer Team - Top Score & Drill Division 1











Registration is going to be different this season for everyone.  We are moving to an online registration.  With that of course will be a few hiccups.  Registration starts Feb. 11. all girls are welcome to start registering on that date. If you look at the home page on the 11th a link will be there to get you started. If you are having any problems with the site please let me know. I will do my best to help but the program is new to me too. 

Please remember that you will still have to come to the Meet and Greet for sizing and payments. No new girl will be officially on the team till she is monitored with an original birth certificate.  The dates will be announced soon .


All Girls between the ages of 5 years to 13 years old are welcome. No experience necessary.



For information about our drill and cheer teams please contact Carolyn Johnson at








February 6, 2017 – 11:25 PM
Girls new to the team and over the age of 9 are eligible to tryout for cheer.
All returning girls are eligible to tryout for cheer.
Cheer is an additional cost from drill and all girls must be part of the drill team to tryout for cheer.
No experience is necessary to tryout. Girls will be taught a tryout cheer and dance the week prior to tryouts.
Tryouts will be in May. So girls will have to be registered before the start of practice. 


Wranglerettes if you are a returning girl please make sure you register early.  After Feb. 24th you will no longer have reserve stats and if the team fills up you will not be on the team for the 2017 season.

We are limited too 30 spots.

Open registration starts Feb. 11th.


February 6, 2017


Officer tryouts are for returning drill members 10 years old by Sept. 1st. and new girls 11 years old by Sept. 1st.

A tryout dance will be taught to all the girls together the week prior to tryouts.

Girls must be official drill members before tryouts start.

We will have a tryout meeting in May.

Please look for updates soon.