• Hard Work
  • Pride
  • Team Work
  • Respect The Game
  • Go Jackets!!!!



Thank you to everyone who has been part of our great

Yellow Jacket organization.

All of the parents, coaches and players who worked hard every year to be the best that they could be.




Please check out the past and present photos below. 

Special THANKS to the following....


Jim Mchale

Brian Mansmith

Dan Hancock

Rich Pyle

Mike Bouck

Jeff Lorenz

Chuck Wurl

Mike Malito

Tom Cummins

Lane Mcaslin

Mike Madey

Zach Pringle

George Gianares

Jason Bray

Bob Cravens

Coach Keith

Ted Robbins





























Yellow Jacket 17U @ Denison University 2015

Yellow Jacket 16U @ University of Arizona 2014


























Also check out our alumni and current players that have now committed to college teams.

College Commitments