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Mack Senior Golf League By-Laws


1.         Membership is $75.00 for the season.  Midseason cost is $37.50


Payment due before the 1st match. No reimbursements to players if they             don’t finish the season, unless there is an illness. The officers will decide on



2.          The league will be limited to 40 players, with 4 flights of up to 10 players per


After the first half all players will be re-aligned by their handicap.

If a player changes flights and wins both flights, he must play the higher flight in the play-offs.

The first half of the year each foursome will consist of four players from the same flight. During the second half each foursome will consist of two players from one flight and two players from another flight



3.           The league is a 18 hole league and each match consist of 18 holes.


4.           New members must play 18 holes with a league member and turn a signed   

             score  card before the start of league play. This will establish a handicap and

             make them eligible to win points.  If the new player starts league without a

             handicap he can not win points until he has a 18 hole card turned in.


5.          Handicaps are assigned as follows:


A.     80 % of the golfers average computed against par.

Matches played: use low useable scores.


1    01,   3 lowest 03, 10 lowest 10


B.     Handicaps are based on low useable scores of current matches.


6.            Scoring for individual play will be on a match and metal play for a total of        

               42 points.  League match scoring for 18 holes using the difference in

                Handicaps are as follows:

                2 points for each hole won = 36 points

                2 points for most holes won = 2 points

                 4 points for low net score =    4 points

                                                  Total       42 points




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Mack Senior Golf League By-Laws


6. cont’t

               The winner of the match is responsible for turning in the signed card to the

Statistician after the match, either by hand, E-mail or by telephone the   same day as the match was played.


Players must record their total points. Players are responsible for point calculations, incomplete or illegible score cards will not be included in the

Weekly calculations and both players will forfeit these points.


7.             If a player is absent and does not inform his opponent until very late,

                Whereby this player is no longer able to play with other league members,

                 He will be allowed to play alone or play with the last Mack group .

                 The player must print both names on the score card.


8.                 If a golfer forfeits a match he doesn’t receive any points. His opponent gets               23 points if he plays the scheduled round. Prior or subsequent matches will

not be affected due to forfeiture.

 Player who’s opponent forfeits must play that week in order to get the 23 points.



9.             Missed matches must be made up by the end of the half which the missed match occured

The stastician must be notified in advance if golfers are planning on making up a match including when the match is to be made up. A double card is permissible for missed matches, however the opponents which are double carding must play in the same foursome


Score cards must be dated with the correct scheduled match date and            turned in.


10.         For  Hole in ones during league play including year end tournaments.  All Players

                will be assessed $ 5.00.


11.          Winter rules will be played; the ball can be moved with the club head to

               improve the lie, not the position of the ball, all over the course except in a   

               hazard. However such movement of the ball should not be done to avoid a 

               hazard, or to reduce the distance to the hole. A 2 stroke penalty can be

               imposed for the infraction of this rule.                        







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Mack Senior Golf League By-Laws


12.         League Playing Rules:


A.     Out of bounds:  One stroke penalty, drop ball where shot went out of    bounds within two club lengths.

B.     Lost Ball: one stroke penalty, ball declared lost if not found after five minutes. Play another ball where lost.

C.     Unplayable Lie: one stroke penalty. Drop ball on the tee side of the hazard m max two club lengths.

D.    Hazards: Creek beds, banks are hazards. Play the ball where it lies or treat it as a unplayable lie and take a one stroke penalty. Grounding the club in the hazard is also a one stroke penalty.

E.     Sand Trap (rake and place) Ball landing in a foot print or hole may be lifted and placed in the same area in the trap after raking without a penalty.

F.      Bare Ground or Roadway: Ball may be moved to suitable turf, but no closer to the hole without a penalty.

G.    Par 3s: No strokes given, use next hardest hole.

H.    Starting times: 1st and 2nd flights go first then 3rd and 4th flights.

I.       Matching Cards: No more than two cards can be matched per week.

J.      Play off Rule: First half flight winner who has been moved to another flight but does not win the second half in his new flight must come back to the flight he won to play for the flight championship.

K.    Two envelopes will be placed on the first hole, any player interested in participating in closest to the pin will put $1.00 in the envelope and write his name on the envelope. Winner of the closest to the pin will receive all the money in the envelope . You may play one envelope or both or neither, your choice





Disputes or questions arising from league play will be decided on by the  Rules Commitee

Disputes must be submitted in writing that week and                 sent to the Chairmen of the Rules commitee. The decisions of the commitee will be final. All rulings will be as per the current USGA handbook.


14.          In the event a player drops out of the league: Future opponents will get a   forfeit.


15.          A player will score no more than a double par on any hole. If player putts his ball in for a double par and his opponent picks up for a double par the player who made his putt wins the hole

16.          Annual league tournament prizes: To be distributed based on net scores. and money in the budget  


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Mack Senior Golf League By-Laws



17.         Matching score cards, starting at the first hole will be used to determine

   flight champion and the year end tournament champion in case of ties.


18.         Retiring president will become the new chairman of the rules committee

and the prize committee for the following season. The last two presidents will also serve on the rules and prize committees.


19.          All golfers will tee off from the gold Senior tees



April 9, 2014
Line No First Name  Last Name Email Address Home Phone Number Cel Phone number 
1 AL Saccani  610-402-5440  
2 Art Fetzer 610-882-9098 610-390-8187
3 Bernie Borkowski 610-282-2855  
4 BiLL Bloszinsky 610-653-7601 610-653-7601
5 Bill Davis 1-610-296-7037 610-291-9148
6 Bill Madden 610-797-8286  
7 Bob Dougherty 610-797-0725  
8 Bob Winkle 610-395-1763  
9 Bob  Cavallucci 610-264-8271 610-442-3407
10 Carl Strobl   610 657-4101
11 Dave Kindt 610-867-2198   
12 Dave Steidel 610-437-3342  610-762-8011 
13 Dick Jones 610-248-0183  
13 Dick  Kuhn 610-797-7502 484-264-6399
14 Don Miller 610-691-2158 610-984-7973
15 Don Elm 610-974-8550 610-248-4719
16 Ed Hearn 610-868-6845 610-390-2359
17 Frank Lulewitz 610-865-5722  
18 Frank  Favata 610-867-9430  
19 Gary Campbell 610-434-7056 610-597-5923
20 George  Baker  610 967-5583 610 392-1773 
21 George  Farina 610-837-3137 610-462-7800
22 Harry   Pickle 610-966-9105  610-349-3845 
23 James McKkelvie 610-767-5475 610-703-2275
24 Jim Miltenberger 610-285-2764 610-737-7397
25 Joe Martin 610-691-5377  
26 Ken Russell 610-865-1015  
27 Len Gutman  610-481-9397 484-894-7059
28 Luther  Smith   610-390-5574
29 Marty Misenhimer 610-349-0904  
30 Paul Beuscher  610-395-6885  
31 Peter Carver 610-928-3312  
32 Ron  Bower 610-264-5218 610-216-7570
33 Russ Puschak 610-434-9948  484-695-5096
34 Steve Rostow   610-462-1690
35 Ted  Olshefski 610-821-5780 484-239-8326
36 Thomas  Foote 610-252-7211 610-844-2218
37 Tom Grammes 610-861-0978 610-442-2431
38 Tom Iacocca 610-791-2370 610-349-1793
40 Tony Cocca 610-437-4649 610 442 8797