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The point of the game is not how well the individual does but whether the team wins. That is the beautiful part of the game, the blending of personalities, the mutual sacrifices for group success. Even when you've played the game of your life, it is the feeling of teamwork that you'll remember. You'll forget the plays, the hits, and the scores,but you'll never forget your teammates.
Author Unknown

Magic Softball 2014





An Athlete’s Prayer

It was right before the big one and the young ball player said, “Please excuse me for a second, while I go bow my head.” And in the dugout on one knee the young ball player prayed, “Oh God if nothing hear me now I know that fate is made. So help us Lord to win this game, It’s the big one, you can see, If we lose, that’s it for us, Please do this, Lord, for me.” And as her body knelt in prayer, She looked up to the sky, “And while I’m here, and have some time, I need to ask you why? They say you never help teams win, Just do it once I pray,
We will pay you back in kinder deeds or in another way.”
“The reason why I can’t help you win,” the Lord just then replied, "Is as you’re asking me to win, so is the other side. I’m everybody’s Father and I must not take one side, so games are played all on your own or they would all be tied. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray,” He answered her with care, “You can pray that players don’t get hurt and that all the calls are fair.” And while the young girl heard His voice, she bowed her head in prayer, “I pray for fairness,” said the girl “And for your tender care.” “You shall be blessed,” the Lord replied, “Your team and you the same, and now will you excuse me, child, I cannot miss this game.”

The Ball Player's Prayer

*God grant me wisdom to tell a strike from a ball* To know where to throw, and never to fall* Keep me always in the baseline, running straight and true* And I'll look for your sign to stretch one into two* God give me vision to see every pitch* So if a player needs help then I will see which* Let me always hustle so I'll be at my best* And take pride in myself in sports and the rest*God be my strength when I throw the ball* When I'm far from home plate or against a wall* So I never miss a base, please guide my feet* Bring me home safely so my job is complete* When I help younger players, let me always give praise* So they'll see YOU in me, in all of my ways* God, please, guide our Coach to be fair and smart* To teach us to be good, let it come from his heart* Let me take a loss, just as well as a win* To do any less, is surely a sin* As long as I can play, let me make my parents proud* As proud as I am when they yell my name out loud* When my games here are over and my seasons are done*
God, if Heaven has all-stars, I want to be one* Amen

"To GOD be the Glory."

Magic Softball - 2014 ASA 14U B Northern National Champs

July 27, 2014

Magic Softball defended their 2013 ASA 12U A Southern National Championship by winning the ASA 14U B Northern National Championship in Bowling Green, KY. Magic played 8 games and outscored their opponents 79-9. GO MAGIC!

Magic Softball - 14 U Class A ASA State Champs, Back to Back Champs

June 23, 2014


Magic Softball traveled to Bryant to play in the ASA Class A 14U State Tournament this past weekend. Magic played two games Saturday, winning them both. Magic faced Thunder Elite Withers Sunday for the winners bracket finals and fell short 4-3 in a 7 inning game. With the loss, Magic had to face Crush Elite again and defeated Crush Elite 8-5. At one point Magic was down 5-1 but battled back for the win. In the Championship game, Magic faced Thunder Elite Withers again. To win it all, Magic was going to have to “double dip” Thunder Elite Withers. Magic came from behind and won 5-4 creating the “if” game. In the final “if” game, Magic won 6-2. All of the parents are super proud of the Magic girls. Through many injuries, bumps and bruises this season, the Magic girls kept fighting, some playing different positions, and the girls always played as a team doing whatever the coaches asked of them for this big back to back Championship. Congrats Magic, we are all so very proud of you! On to Kentucky in July! GO MAGIC!!



WELCOME BACK! Lauryn Swaffar Returns To The Field With Magic

June 14, 2014

After tearing her ACL and having surgery in December, Lauryn Swaffar FINALLY got to step on the softball field and play with her Magic teammates. At her first at bat, Lauryn smashed the ball to left field with great single and a RBI. It was SO good to see her back on the field and playing! Still lots of strength building and endurance to gain back, but she WILL get there! GO LAURYN! GO MAGIC!


ASA Heartland Showcase College Exposure 16U Champs

June 15, 2014


Magic Softball traveled to the Kansas City area for one last time this summer and played up in the 16U ASA Heartland College Exposure Showcase. On Saturday the Magic girls got rained out. On Sunday, things were modified and each team played 3 bracket play games. Magic played a Colorado team and two Kansas City area teams and won all three games to win their bracket. Injuries have been a curse for the team this year, and this weekend Magic had a nplayer travel all the way and then get really sick and was not able to play. The girls stepped up, played as a team and did extremely well. GO MAGIC!

Magic Softball ASA Memorial Day 14 Open Class Runners Up - Kansas City Area

May 26, 2014

Magic Softball travels to the Kansas City area for a second time this softball season to play in the ASA 14U Open Memorial Day Tournament.  Magic played a total of 11 games over 3 days. Teams from Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.  Magic only traveled with 9 players due to one Magic girl being sick. Traveling with only 9 players can be a risk and it turned out to affect the team. In the Championship game, early into the game Magic had a player go down and not be able to finish the tournament. Magic finished the game with 8 players and only playing two outfielders. Before the injury, Magic had the lead. The Magic girls did AMAZING only losing by 1 run. The Magic families arrived home in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday. It was a “magical” weekend of softball. GO MAGIC!




Magic Softball 14U Open ASA Heartland Invitational Champs

May 4, 2014

Magic Softball travels to the Kansas City area for the first time this year and wins the 14U Open ASA Heartland Invitational. The weekend before tornadoes devastated the towns of Vilonia and Mayflower. Magic has two families that live in Vilonia but luckily their homes were not directly hit by the tornadoes. The Magic girls showed their support by wearing red, white, purple and gold ribbons and hanging the sign shown in their team photo on their dugout. Teams were invited to the event and Magic played 7 great games over 2 days. Over 7 games, Magic scored a total of 58 runs and only allowed 9 total runs. A great weekend in the Kansas City area! The first trip up there, but not the last this season. GO MAGIC!



Magic Softball 3rd place 14U Open Dallas, Texas Shoot Out

April 27, 2014


Magic Softball travels to Denton, Texas to play in the 14 U Open Dallas Shoot Out Tournament. Magic went undefeated in pool play and earned a 1 seed going into bracket play. Magic came out with super hot bats in the first bracket play game. In the semi finals of bracket play, Magic could not piece together timely hits and ended up earning 3rd place. Not what they wanted, but the girls know what to improve on and move forward this spring/summer.  GO MAGIC!

Magic Finishes Runners Up In Sheridan Classic

April 6, 2014



Magic Welcomes Bailey Buffington To The Team, Fall 2013


Bailey (BB) is a wonderful addition to the Magic family. We welcome her and her family to the Magic team. She is not only a great softball player, she is a wonderful young lady and we are lucky to have her and her family. GO MAGIC!

Magic Softball goes to Cabot today (9-14-13) and plays three games. Magic is a first year 14U team and played a very good second year 14U team and won 8-1. In the second game of the day, Magic played a team of high school girls and won 4-1. For their final game of the day, Magic yet again played another team with high school players, and Magic won 5-0. A GREAT day of softball for Magic! These girls keep amazing us with their true teamwork every time they step on the softball field. More fall ball ahead! GO MAGIC!!!!

Magic Softball Wins 16U Fall Frenzy at Greenbrieer

September 7, 2013

Magic Softball played 5 great games of softball at the Fall Frenzy in Greenbrier. The girls played up in a 16U tournament (as a first year 14U team) and went undefeated. In a total of 5 games, the Magic girls only allowed 2 total runs. More "Magical" memories were made. GO MAGIC! Their new saying since Nationals is  "1-2-3 Atta Baby, 3-2-1 Get You Some!"

Magic Softball - 12 U ASA Class A Southern Nationals Champions (Columbus, GA)

July 28, 2013

"It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it"

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming"

"Winning takes talent; to repeat takes character"



Tylar Vernon and Lauryn Swaffer compete in the home run derby at Southern Nationals in Columbus, Ga.

Tylar wins the hoome run derby by hitting 6 over the fence. Lauryn hits 1 over the fence. Both girls represented Magic wonderfully! Congrats girls! Your Magic family is proud of both of you girls!

Magic Softball - 12U ASA Class A State Champions

June 22, 2013

Magic Softball - 12U USSSA Class A State Runners Up

June 30, 2013

Magic Softball - 14u Father's Day Classic Champs (Sherwood, AR)

June 15, 2013

Magic Softball Travels To Oklahoma City To Play In The ASA Hall Of Fame Tournament

June 2, 2013

Magic Softball - 12U Open Class TGSF Love The Game Tournament Champs (Tulsa, OK)

April 27, 2013

Magic Softball 2013

"Talent wins games, but TEAMWORK and intelligence wins championships"

By: Michael Jordan

Magic Softball - Bats, Balls and Broomsticks Champions

October 21, 2012

Magic Softball - ASA Fall State 12U Champions

October 13, 2012

Magic Softball - 12U Lady Panther Fall Classic Runners Up 2012

September 23, 2012
Magic Softball traveled to Benton for their first tourament of Fall Ball 2012 and faced only Thunder teams. On Saturday, Magic beat Thunder 2001 6-0 in their first game. Magic faced Thunder Blue 2000 for their 2nd game. After going into extra innings and the game finishing around midnight, Magic won 3-2. In their 3rd game on Sunday morning, Magic faced Thunder Black 2000 and won 3-0. With this win, Magic was in the championship game through the winners bracket. Magic faced Thunder Blue 2000. It was another 3-2 ballgame, but this time Thunder Blue won. This forced the "If" game. Again in the "if" game, the outcome was a 3-2 ballgame, however Thunder Blue took the championship game. A good start to fall ball for Magic. Now Magic will get ready for Fall State Tournaments.

Magic Softball welcomes Destiny McClain to the Magic family. Destiny played with Magic in the World Series in Kansas City this summer and did an AWESOME job. She has fit right in with the other Magic players. She is a heck of a wake-boarder too. She loves to be on the lake if she is not on the softball field. WELCOME Destiny!

Magic Softball - World Series 14U Class C National Division CHAMPS

July 14, 2012
Magic went to Kansas City and won the 14U Class C National Division Championship. This first year 12U softball team played some AWESOME softball over three days! Magic's defense only allowed 3 total runs over 7 games. Just when a team would get runners on, the girls would step up and make some awesome TEAM defensive plays. Making double plays was AWESOME to watch! The girls had some HOT bats too! Magic scored 40 runs in the seven games. The girls rallied from a poor showing in their USSSA state tournament the weekend before, to prove to everyone that Magic still had the "Magic" in them! The girls stayed focused and never got down and kept playing hard every game, every inning, every play. And with that team effort, they earned a World Series Chamapionship. Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters are EXTREMELY proud of all your hard work! Way to show Kansas City what Magic is all about! GO MAGIC!

Magic Softball - District 3, 14U CHAMPS!

June 16, 2012
Magic is District Champs for District 3, 14U age division!!!!! Magic played a total of 3 games during the day and outscored their opponents 17-3. Magic had some "hot" bats in the second game, beating Young Guns 10-0. It is so fun watching you Magic girls play softball! It was a hot and humid day on the field for you girls, but you did not let that get to you. Keep working hard, there are still 3 big tournaments left for you girls. More "Magical" weekends ahead. GO MAGIC!

Magic Girls Rockin' Their Pink Attire For Pitch For The Cure Tournament

June 10, 2012
Magic played 6 games over three days at Pitch For The Cure. Magic's only two losses were to, two very good 2nd year teams. Way to play Magic! Keep up the hard work girls! Playing in this tournament only made you better as a team!

Jumping For Joy In Southaven, Mississippi

May 27, 2012

Magic Softball - Champs in Southaven, Mississippi

May 27, 2012

Magic Takes Runners Up at the 14U Class C, 3rd Leg of the Triple Diamond at Bishop Park

May 19, 2012
Magic played a GREAT weekend of softball at Bishop park this weekend! The girls played up in the 14U Class C, 3rd Leg of the the Triple Diamond. A bunch of 11 yr old girls and a few 12 yr old girls played AWESOME ball! In the winners bracket final, Magic took the team to extra innings but came up short. In the championship game, the clock struck midnight and the lights went OUT in the entire softball complex! After a 20min delay play resumed. Magic played ball until close to 1:00am, but came up 1 run short. We are all SO proud of you girls! Keep up the AWESOME work Magic!

Magic Softball- Powerade Spring Slam Champs 2012

April 21, 2012
Magic traveled to Trumann, AR over the weekend and played some AWESOME softball! Magic scored a total of 43 runs in 3 games and only allowed 2 runs. The girls had some really HOT bats! Defense was solid too! You girls looked GREAT on the field. Hard work and determination is paying off! We told you girls it would! As always though, you girls still have to keep working hard during the week; there is always areas to improve on.

April 15, 2012
Magic got their new team banner and displays it in Jonesboro at the DARE tournament this weekend. Magic takes 4th out of 15 teams this weekend. In the first game on Saturday morning, the girls came out strong and won 13-0. In the 2nd game, Magic faced Arkansas Ice 99 (a good second year team)and came up a little short and lost 2-4. The girls came back that night and won their 3rd game 15-0. Sunday it was back to back games all day. Win and Magic stays alive, lose and they go home. In the first game, Magic beat the Arkansas Revolution 9-2. In the 2nd game, Magic faced Arkansas Ice again, the team that put the girls in the losers bracket. Magic got revenge and beat Ice 8-2 with some awesome hits. In the third game of the day, Magic faced SEMO Sluggers out of Missouri a 2nd year team. Magic jumped out to an early lead, but in the end, Magic fell short to SEMO a good 2nd yr team.

Magic Softball - Runners Up In Sheridan

March 31, 2012

Magic Softball - Benton March 2012

March 17, 2012
Magic Softball started their season at Benton this weekend. Things did not go exactly like we would have wanted, but the girls rallied, pulled together & played really well their last two games. Magic won 1st place in the drop down bracket. In the final two games, Magic beat Maumelle Diamonds 99 and Arkansas Boom. In the final two games, Magic was error free & held the two teams scoreless, much better than the first three games of the tournament. The parents and coaches are proud of you girls for "stepping it up" & playing like Magic in the final two games. You girls have a whole lot more softball to play this spring and summer and WE CAN'T WAIT :)

Welcome To The Magic Softball Family Faith Johnson!

Magic softball has their roster complete with the addition of Faith Johnson to the team. The Magic girls have started practicing and everyone is looking forward to softball starting real soon! Faith's parents are Tim and Tonya Johnson and we welcome them to the Magic family too.

Welcome To The Magic Softball Family Bailey, Hannah & Regan!

Magic Softball added two new players this fall of 2011. Bailey Wright and Hannah Bourgeois joined the team for the fall season. These two girls have fit right in with the Magic players and played well this fall. Welcome to their parents also; Michael and Shannon Wright and Dean and Michele Bourgeois. After the fall season, Magic has added Regan Rayan to the Magic Softball family. Regan played one fall ball tournament with the girls and she fit right in with the girls and had a great tournament! Welcome to her parents Eric and Mandy Ryan. We hope these three new families and all of the Magic families are ready for a "Magical" 2012 season of Magic Softball!!!! WELCOME GIRLS & PARENTS!

Magic Finishes 3rd in ASA Fall State

October 9, 2011
Magic finished 3rd at ASA Fall State this past weekend and Magic was the last 2000 team standing. Magic played 7 games over two days. The girls had a full day and night of softball on Saturday. Magic played their first game Saturday against AR Tomboy's and won 12-1. In their second game of the day, Magic faced Dynamite Softball a very good second year 12U team. Magic girls battled hard and played their hearts out, but lost a close one 0-2. This loss dropped Magic down into the loser's bracket, but the Magic girls were ready to play lots of more softball! In the third game of the day, Magic beat the Dirt Dolls 6-0. In their final game on Saturday, Magic faced AR Rip. Even though the girls had been playing ball all day, Magic pulled out another close and exciting win, defeating AR Rip 2-1. Magic started Sunday bright and early playing their first game at 9:00am. In their first game on Sunday, Magic faced and defeated Ruff Necks 4-3; another second year 12U team. Next Magic faced Thunder Black 2000. Of course this was another close and exciting game. This game had the last two 2000 teams playing each other. Magic deafeated them 2-1. In their final game of the tournament, Magic faced Dynamite Softball again. Magic battled the entire game, but Dynamite defeated us 0-4. All of the Magic girls played their hearts out, and we are all very proud of each one of you! THANK YOU Faith for playing with Magic this weekend!!!

Magic Wins 2nd at the Benton Fall Classic

October 1, 2011
Magic ended up 2nd at the Benton Fall Classic. In their first game, Magic faced the Central AR Bears and won 8-3. In their second game, Magic faced Thunder Black 2000. Of course it was an exciting game. Magic came out hitting well and won an exciting game 5-3. The next game put Magic up against Dirt Devils 99. Even though Magic is a first year 12U team, they defeated Dirt Devils 99 3-0 with the Dirt Devils being a second year 12U team. With this win, Magic made it to the championship game without losing yet. There was no "what if game" so it was winner take all in the championship game. Magic faced Thunder Black 2000 again. Nothing like playing softball at midnight and "click, click, click" all of the lights go out at the ball field!!!!! This happened in the middle of the game! After waiting around to let the lights come back on, Thunder defeated Magic 3-8 taking the championship. Good job Magic! Thank you Regan for playing with Magic this weekend!!! You looked good in "red and blue"!

Magic Softball - SEAA World Series Runners Up!!!!! Pigeon Forge, TN

July 24, 2011
What a "MAGICAL" week of softball in Pigeon Forge, TN!

Magic Softball - ASA State 10U Champions!!!!!

July 16, 2011

Magic Takes 1st Place at the Mt. Dew Classic!

June 5, 2011
Magic wins another Championship at the Mt. Dew Classic! Way to play live arm softball girls!

Magic Plays Up and Wins 12U Tournament in Hot Springs!!!!!

May 28, 2011
Magic girls will not back down to any team, not even girls in the 12U age group at the Hot Springs Tournament! Way to play up this weekend Magic! You girls never stop amazing us!

Rumble on the River Runner-Up

April 16, 2011

Magic takes 2nd in South Haven, MS

April 9, 2011
Congratulations girls on your second place finish in the Springtime Tournament in South Haven, Mississippi!

Magic takes 3rd in Clarksville

April 2, 2011
Magic came out pretty strong Saturday morning as they faced Thunder 2000 Black right off the bat in the USSSA first leg of the Triple Diamond held in Clarksville. Magic came away with the win by a score of 2-1. Throughout the day, Magic defeated Arkansas Extreme and Showtime from Oklahoma. Sunday though didn't turn out as well as we had hoped. The girls came out flat and lost in the finals of the winners bracket to Dirt Devils 00 and then turned around and lost to Thunder 2000 Black, which gave Magic a 3rd place finish.
For the girls to look so good on Saturday, they are going to have to come back on Sundays with a better mind set. It is still very early in the season and we know that we will get things going in the right direction.
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish girls! We are proud of you all!!

Magic Softball WINS First Tournament of the 2011 Season!

March 26, 2011
Congratulations goes out to the Magic Girls on their first win of the season! Everyone looked good in the box, defense was awesome, everyone had fun and guess what? we won again,......while having a good time! So proud of all of you girls.
Magic started the morning off beating the Flames,9-0. Next Magic faced Storm, beating them,9-0. For the finals of the winner's bracket game, the girls faced a tough team,Force, but Magic rallied the bats and came out on top 7-0. In the final game, Magic once again had to face Force, but the girls just couldn't be stopped as they came out with a huge win, defeating them, 9-0.
As stated earlier, Magic had some awesome defense this weekend, only allowing two hits, and NO Runs! Can't wait to see you girls play in C-ville! wooo hoooo!!

Welcome to Magic Softball Abbie Beth!!

January 17, 2011
We have added our 10th player as of today! Welcome to Magic Softball, Abbie Corder!! We are very excited to add you and your family to our "softball family"! We feel very blessed because not only are we gaining a very talented, hardworking, and caring young lady to Magic, but we are gaining a terrific family as well! WELCOME!!

~We can Win and Still Have Fun!! ~Members of the Goof Troop~

Magic Softball wins ASA Fall State!!

October 10, 2010
Congratulations girls on your exciting victory today! Way to go out there and never give up! Way to fight to the very end. You all are looking better and better. Each one of you helped in some way of getting to where we were today. A lot of you are having to play new positions and you are doing great. No matter where you are playing, you are playing there to help your team. And you are all doing an awesome job at it! We had some awesome defense this weekend as well as some great bats here and there. Great job on the pitching as well. Great teamwork! Can't wait till next weekend!

Magic - ASA District 9 Champs 2010

Magic Softball at the Lady Razorback Softball Game in Sherwood

April 21, 2010
The Magic girls enjoyed watching the Lady Razorbacks play ball at Sherwood on Wednesday night. The girls were really excited about getting their autographs and pictures made with the ladies! Good Luck Magic this weekend in Cabot. Let's pray it doesnt rain us out!

Magic Wins Heber Springs Tournament - Spring 2010

Magic Softball Wins Tournament in Maumelle

April 3, 2010
Congratulations Magic Girls on your win in the Maumelle Swing into Spring tournament!! You girls played so good all day long and we are very proud of you!
Magic came out hitting as they faced Aftershock, winning with a score of 11-0. Ruff Necks met up with Magic in the finals of the winners bracket. Ruff Necks is a very good team with some good hitters. They had Magic down 2-0 before Magic decided to get things rolling. Magic tied it up 2-2 with some girls on base and a pretty bunt. Then a huge hit came in play to put Magic up 4-2!! That is how the game ended, with a score of 4-2 with Magic on top.
Next in the final game, Magic brought out the bats and played some great defense, and won the trophy with a score of 8-0.
Keep working hard in practice girls. We have told you how important it is to keep your head up and just always try your best. As long as you try your hardest things will keep happening for you! Great Job, we are proud of you all!!

Magic Softball brings home 2nd in Fall State Championship!

October 11, 2009
Magic Softball made a statement this past weekend as they took home 2nd place in the ASA Fall State Championship in the 10-Under Live Arm Division. As a first year 10-U team, Magic, along with a few more first year teams, came to Cabot to show everyone that these young ladies can hang with the best! Getting to know new positions, going from machine pitch to live arm, going from never striking out to striking out once or twice or even three times a game, it is a lot to take in! But, the Magic girls worked their Magic Defense and finally broke out the bats this weekend! We had several girls get hits that got through the outfield, some girls hit shots that were caught, but hit hard. We had several hits that moved runners and several RBI's. Great team effort! Magic defeated Thunder Black 2000, 6-4 and then Thunder Blue 2000, 4-0. Magic lost to Thunder Black '99 in the finals of the winner's bracket, 4-0. After watching Pink Dynamite hit the ball, we weren't sure we could get past them, but that is when the bats came out and everyone made contact and lots of girls got hits for the first time this fall! GREAT JOB! Getting behind pretty early in the game, Magic didn't get down, as they rallied a huge come back to beat Pink Dynamite, 7-6! In the finals Magic faced Thunder Black '99 once again, and lost 4-0. Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the fall state. Congrats to Thunder Black '99 on your victory, and also to Pink Dynamite on your 3rd place victory. I think it is ok to be partial to all of the first year teams, so Great Job goes out to all of you first year girls. You came out and competed with, and even defeated a few 2nd year teams. Congrats! And last but not least, Congratulations Magic Girls, we're proud of you!

ASA National Invitational Champs!!

July 26, 2009
Congratulations girls on your victory of the ASA National Invitational Coach Pitch Championship in Ft. Smith! You girls outdid yourselves again! We were so worried that you would have trouble adjusting but you took everything in stride and came out on top! Wonderful Job!
We are so proud of you for keeping your heads up after losing in the final game of the Texas tournament last weekend. You girls played some great ball that weekend, as a matter of fact, the best you have played all year, until that last game. We were disappointed because we believed that you all got too relaxed, that goes to show you that anyone can be beat on any given day. Texas teams really stepped up the competition in Mesquite, and made us work hard. After run ruling the 2000 Lady Horns it was hard to swallow a one run loss to them in the finals. Everyone had a great day Monday at 6 Flags & those who went to the Rangers/Red Sox game had a Blast, too! It was good to spend some time with you girls off the ballfield. Back to Rose Bud for two days ~ you came back and practiced hard to get ready for nationals, and though our expectations were not too high, you proved us wrong! That Magic Defense stood out all weekend. We want you girls to know that the umpires and coaches all complimented your defense. And way to hit the ball!! I'm sure Coach Rodney has a few bruises to back up that statement!! You adjusted well, and you also adjusted well to our relief pitcher,(Thanks, Corey!)
We have played just about the same teams all year long.... but, in the last "two" weekends we have gotten to see "40" different teams! What an amazing way to end the season!!

Congratulations to all of the teams in the National tournament. We knew there would be some strong teams there and we got to see some terrific athletes and games! It was an honor for the Arkansas State Champs to mix it up with the Kansas State Champs, LA State Champs, Texas State Champs, New Mexico State Champs and several Oklahoma Teams! Congratulations to the Stars of Ft.Smith and to the Atomic Blast from New Mexico, two of the many tough teams we encountered!
Once again, Magic Girls, congrats on your victory! Now let's get ready for Live-Arm!! We are proud of you!!

Magic Softball Wins ASA State Championship Title !!

June 20, 2009
Memories were made and flashbacks occurred Saturday night as the 8-Under Class 'A' Arkansas ASA State Championship unfolded. Two years ago Magic claimed the 6-Under State Title in Ft. Smith after falling in the loser's bracket and having to fight their way back to beat the Hot Shots twice to win the tournament. Two years later, Magic fell in the losers bracket once again and had to fight back through to make it to the championship game against Thunder Black, now carrying some of the same familiar faces Magic played two years ago. Russellville was the setting for this year's State tournament. Magic started Saturday morning off by run ruling the Wildcats out of Benton and barely beating Thunder Blue, 7-6, to make it to the finals of the winner's bracket. Magic came out sluggish as Black jumped out early, but the Magic girls rallied their bats and made a strong comeback, though falling short, 6-7. To get back to the finals Magic had to face Blue once again, but the task was a little easier this go around, and Magic defeated Blue, 10-1. Finally, the moment that both Magic and Black had been waiting for. The finals of the State Tournament and hopefully for Magic, the "if" game. Magic Softball and Thunder Black have swapped the #1 & #2 spots in the rankings of Arkansas' 8-Unders all year, with Black coming out on top more than any. Maybe because we favor the Arkansas teams, but, we do believe that these two teams are probably the top two teams in the nation. Saturday night they proved to hundreds that they were the top two teams in Arkansas by their outstanding performances.As other teams drifted over from the surrounding fields to watch, though both teams feel they didn't play their best, those onlookers certainly got to see Arkansas' BEST.

To be a part of something like this, to watch our kids, 6, 7, & 8 year olds play this type of ball is unbelievable. To see the looks on the people's faces and hear the comments made from other fans of other teams that have not seen these two play, that just added to the excitement. Magic started out slow, and looked as if they were running out of gas as the heat started to take it's toll on the girls. But after a couple hits and some small ball strategy, Magic rallied and beat Thunder Black 13-12. As the crowd cheered and other teams supported the girls, that seemed to be all it took to get them up and ready for the long awaited true final game. Magic jumped out and scored 5 runs right off the bat in the first inning. Picking up a few runs here and there, Magic loosened the grip a little and almost let Black sneak back in, but, our Magic defense held them off just enough that Magic came out on top this time, at a very important time, defeating Black, 9-7, to win the State Championship Title.
All year Magic has endured the pressure of knowing they were the team to beat considering their record in 2007 as 6-U. When you want to play competitive ball, that's how it is. Everyone wants to put together a better team. Black ... and Blue... both have put together two very strong teams. Being on top is one thing.. staying on top is a hard task to master. It takes hard work, practice, mental readiness, discipline, and a lot of heart. (Sometimes a lot of this we adults have a hard time with). But not the girls, I think I can say that about all of these teams mentioned here. The girls are the ones out there playing the game. We can teach them and show them. But the girls have to do it.

Each girl out there on that field Saturday night was a champion in their own way. All of us coaches, parents, and fans should be proud of all of these girls' accomplishments. Congratulations to Thunder Black and Thunder Blue on a terrific season. And Magic girls, Congratulations to you on winning the State tournament. You girls proved you have what it takes to be State Champions once again! We are so proud of you!!

Magic Softball Wins ASA District 3 Championship!

June 6, 2009
Congratulations girls on your ASA District 3 Championship victory. Magic started the morning off with a big win over the Diamond Dawgs out of Bald Knob, beating them 20-2. The girls hit some really hard shots during this game and played well on defense, too. We had a huge break before our next game, and we were glad to get to cookout and socialize and have some fun. Magic met up with Petit Jean in the finals of the winner's and kept hitting the ball hard, defeating them, 12-0. Petit Jean made it back through the loser's bracket to meet us again in the final game, and with our bats still blazin' and that Magic Defense, we finished the night with another big win, 18-0, to claim the District 3 title. Girls, your bats are looking good, keep it up. We have a couple of weeks to get ready for state, so let's work hard in practice and focus on our goal. We believe in each of you. We know you have what it takes to come out on top. Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the tournament this weekend. GO MAGIC!!

Magic Softball takes 2nd Place in 10-U tournament!

May 30, 2009
Magic Softball decided to play up in the 10-U machine pitch tourney in Cabot this past weekend. Unfortunately Thunder Black came out on top this time, but we only feel that it is right to brag on both of these 8-U teams for coming out on top of the 10's! I'm sure the 10-U coaches were taking notes!! Not knowing how our girls would respond to playing against girls older and bigger than them we weren't sure what to expect. But, we rallied our bats in the last inning against the clinton Queen Bees, and beat them 6-5. Magic defeated True Grit and Smackers to make it to the finals of the winners bracket where we faced our fellow rival, Thunder Black 8-U. Black beat us by one run in extra innings. Magic then defeated Kozin' Kaos to make it back to the finals..Magic beat Thunder Black 7-4, but eventually ran out of gas in the if game and made a few mistakes (that we "learn" from) and lost to Black 6-4. Congratulations to both teams for stepping up and playing hard all day long. Magic girls, we are so proud of you. Second place is nothing to hang your head about when you get to play for it and when you play hard as you did all day. We played "7" games Saturday. We are proud of all the girls who stepped up and played out of positions Saturday night due to an injury. You girls played those spots well. We are proud of you! Good Luck in the following weeks and in all your championship play!

Breakin' Out the Bats!

ASA Nationals in Cabot, May 22-24. So far, Magic Softball played two games Saturday, and won both of them. Magic defeated Aftershock of Cabot, Arkansas and beat the Oklahoma Edge, 13-11, in a very exciting hitting game. As of this morning (Sunday) we do not know for sure what the tournament directors will decide due to the rain. We will keep everyone informed. We are "supposed" to play at 11:30 am today. We will keep you posted. Thank you to all the fans that came out yesterday to support our girls. Your dedication to our team means a lot to all of us.

National Places determined after Rain Out! Magic Softball Refuses 2nd Place!

May 26, 2009
Unfortunately the rain wouldn't hold off for Magic Softball to claim what we thought would be another National Championship for us. And unfortunately we aren't going to get the chance to make the tournament up. ASA's state directors feel that the teams should be awarded by the results of the pool play games. So, Magic Softball was handed 2nd place. After lengthy discussions among our Coaches, we have decided to give the 2nd place awards to Oklahoma Heat. We are sorry that all of the Texas and Oklahoma teams had to drive and spend money and only get to play two games and not more. We know that most of them had to go home on Monday, but two out of state teams did decide to stay. One being Oklahoma Heat. We ran into some of their parents and players on Sunday while they were in town and they were very friendly and understanding considering the circumstances. However this is not the only reason we are refusing 2nd place. Girls, we believe that you deserve better than second. Right now you are all hitting the ball, some of you are hitting harder than you ever have. You have worked too hard this last month, to not be given the chance to show what you can do. You beat a very good Oklahoma Edge team on Saturday. Who's to say they wouldn't have come back to meet up with us again. Like we said last week, from this point on no win will be handed to us. We have more confidence in you girls right now than ever, and had we played & deserved 2nd, so be it. But, we are not handing you a second place trophy when there were too many good teams there. We believe in you girls and think that you could have won it all. So, lets keep working hard and win out from here.

Magic Softball Wins Arkansas ASA J.O. Pepsi Challenge

May 16, 2009
Magic Softball won the Arkansas ASA Junior Olympic Pepsi Challenge on Saturday, May 16, in Benton. The girls have been working very hard in practice and it is showing. We still have a lot of work to do and a lot of things that we need to improve on, but the girls are on the right track. We are very proud of you girls for keeping your heads up and never giving up. You are working really hard to get out of a slump. We don't tell you enough how much we appreciate you girls and your attitudes when you come to practice. We appreciate the effort that you always put forth. Magic defeated Thunder Black, Thunder Blue, and Baseburners in pool play, and then in the finals Magic defeated Thunder Black, 6-5. Both Thunder teams gave us a very good game. At the level the 8-Under teams are playing right now, we realize that no win will be handed to us. We appreciate and enjoy the competition that our opponents give us. All of these girls are playing some wonderful softball and we are excited to be representing our state in the Nationals with all of the Arkansas teams. Let's show 'em what Arkansas Softball is all about! Best of Luck to all of the teams playing this weekend! And Magic girls, Congratulations on your win in the J.O.. We are proud of all of you. Go get 'em in Nationals!

Arkansas Teams Put on a Show in Texas!

April 26, 2009
The Arkansas teams really put on a show in Mansfield, Texas this weekend! We were stormed by compliments on the girls' hitting, (which we have been needing to see for a while now) and especially the girls' defense (which we hope will continue to be one of our greatest weapons)!
Too bad we had to drive all the way to Dallas for a showdown with a fellow Arkansas team! But, it sure was fun to watch!
Magic won both pool play games, runruling both the Mansfield, TX Lady Longhorns '01 and the Mesquite Lady Longhorns. In bracket play, Magic defeated Texas Elite, 16-5, and once again the Mansfield Lady Longhorns '01, 15-2. In the finals of the winners bracket, Magic played our big rival out of , Arkansas, Thunder Black, defeating them 7-6 in a barn burner! Before we ever left Rose Bud, we knew that there would be no "if" game. We just hoped that we would come out on top at the right time. But, unfortunately in the Finals, Thunder Black came out one run better than us. The 7-8 loss to Thunder Black left Magic with an unfinished business attitude and ready for the "if" game. Magic finished 5-1 for the weekend.
I don't see how as a coach, parent, or player, you couldn't be more proud of the performance shown by Magic and Thunder Black in those last two games. Both teams played hard and made some outstanding plays! I have been around softball for over 25 years now, and I can honestly say that I have never seen 6, 7, & 8 year old kids play with the ability these kids are playing with. Yes, there have been several "stand out kids", but as far as a "team" with ability and heart, these kids are special.

And with all of the High School Softball Regionals and State going on right now, and after watching some of them play, I have to say that some of these 8-Under girls have more ability and especially discipline than a lot of the high school girls that will be competing for the titles. I am not saying that in disrespect to the high school teams, but as a compliment to these young ladies that made us so proud to be from Arkansas this weekend!! The future is looking bright for all of you girls.
Now, for the Magic Girls! Congratulations on a great weekend of softball in Texas! Girls, you have worked extremely hard in practice this last couple of weeks on your bats, and it is really paying off! There is still a lot of work to be done, but keep working hard and it will all come together once we start hitting as a whole. That Magic Defense is still AWESOME! We had a few errors that came at a bad time in the Final game, but that is what we learn from! We can learn from those, but the terrific plays you all made will be the ones we will remember!! And you girls remember that "YOU" always make us PROUD!

Magic places Second at Morrilton

April 4, 2009
Well, we have a lot of work to do with our bats! And it is still early, so I believe that it will come. Girls, we were so proud of you to come back in the final game Saturday night and tie it up with Thunder Black. Although we didn't hit the ball, in my opinion, all day, we did have a few girls step up and pull through when we needed it. We just should have never been in that position. I still think if even half of you were hitting the ball we could've won that tournament. We have not hit the ball against Thunder Black yet. And it is way past overdue. First thing you girls need to do is stop being so hard on yourself and have fun. We, as coaches and "parents", expect so much of you girls and I know we put the pressure on, especially when just about the whole team is in a slump. But, that happens. Everyone has a bad day and everyone goes through a slump every now and then. So, let's get this out of our system and get some confidence and start hitting the ball like we know you are all capable of. We believe in you girls. We know you can do it. Girls, your magic defense is still great. Ya'll made a lot of plays this weekend that kept you in the game. Our bats will come around.

Magic WINS at Benton!!

March 28, 2009
Good Job to all the teams that played softball in the freezing cold this weekend! I wonder what DHS would think about all of us parents putting our kids through that! No, really, I think it was harder on the fans and parents than it was on the kids! The weather may have been cold, but Magic's bats were on fire the last two games of the day. Thunder Blue gave us a run for our money in a "battle of the bats" in the finals of the winners bracket, but we came out with the win, 24-19! Both teams hit the ball during that particular game!! In the finals Magic's bats were still smokin' as we defeated Thunder Blue 15-3. After losing last weekend to Thunder Black we are very proud of the girls for coming back strong, stepping up to the plate and playing with heart. Great Job! We are hoping for warmer weather SOOOOOOOOOON!!

Magic Takes Second Place in Opening Tournament!

March 21, 2009
Magic takes second at Bryant.
Well, Magic did not bring their bats to the first tournament of the year! And when they decided to hit, they didn't all hit "together". We left too many people on base and couldn't get past Thunder Black all weekend. Thunder Black hit the ball very well. Hopefully the girls will get their bats ready so we can battle back! Thunder's new additions are tough, we will just have to work harder, and we know you girls have the heart to keep working hard. Girls, keep your heads up. We've got a long and fun season of softball ahead of us!

Magic Softball New Year's Party!!

January 2, 2009
We hope that everyone enjoyed the New Years Eve Party. We were very proud of the girls, we thought they looked great during skills and drills. Our first practice of 2009 looked good. Hopefully everyone is excited about the hard work ahead of us before spring gets here. It takes a lot of dedication to be where we know this team can be..... so thanks girls for putting up with us during "practice time" of your "PaRtY"!! :) We appreciate everyone who attended and helped out.


Congratulations MAGIC GIRLS on your win at Cabotfest Softball Classic.

Big Boom Fall 2008 Invitational

Congratulations MAGIC SOFTBALL on their 1ST place win in the Big Boom Fall 2008 Inv. Great Job!!


Nikki Blacksmith #21
Gena Cartwright #15
Callie Eary #3
Jenna Hipp # 25
Bailey Wright # 22
Lauryn Swaffar #10
Tylar Vernon #6
Hannah Bourgeois # 9
Abbie Corder # 20
Kadie Denney # 5
Gracie Hartle #35
Hope Hartle # 13


"Winning is something that builds physically and mentally...everyday that you practice...and every night that you dream."
Emmitt Smith.


Who We Are, Where We'v Been, & Where We're Going!

Magic Softball is a group of young girls who are hardworking and dedicated to the game of SOFTBALL!! The majority of the girls and coaches are from Rose Bud, AR. In 2007 these talented young ladies captured the titles of 6-Under ASA District 3 Champs, Arkansas ASA State Champs, & ASA National Invitational Champs in Bowling Green, KY. They finished their amazing 2007 season with a record of 51-2.

Moving Up....The Magic girls have adjusted well to moving up to the 8-under Machine Pitch. In 2008 these girls fought hard and played gritty to overcome everyone's expectations for a first year 8-Under team. They captured the titles of the Cabot Classic, Red Storm Inv., Summer Blast and lower division of the Sardis Fest. They also finished as Runner Up in the ASA District 3 tournament and placed 3rd in the Arkansas ASA "B" State tournament. They played fall ball in 2008 and brought home the trophies for ASA Fall State Champs and USSSA Fall State Champs.

What's Next?....We are getting ready to start our Spring season for 2009! We are looking to have a very exciting year. The girls have been working hard over the winter to stay in shape and stay sharp. We are ready to go! These girls have had tremendous success over the past several years and they have earned it. They are all hard workers and have great dedication to the game! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, Magic Girls-------WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!

We would also like to take the time to thank our SPONSORS for helping make our seasons so successful. We want each of you to know that we could not do any of this without your support. The parents and the girls THANK YOU for all you do.