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  • US Club National Finalists 2009
  • US Club Regional Champions 2009
  • Mustang Stampede Finalists 2009
  • Walnut Creek Summfest Champions 2009
  • San Francisco Champions 2009
The Marin FC 96 Blue Girls Soccer Team is Located in Marin, California. The Team is currently ranked #12 in the nation, #9 in the Far West Region, and #3 in Cal North on!

US Club National Finalists

August 4, 2009 – 10:00 AM
Despite the fact that 40% of the team is comprised of new players, the Marin Under-14 Blue soccer team is quickly learning to play together. With just one tournament under its belt, the team was a surprise winner of the Northern California Regional Qualifer in Modesto for the National Cup Finals. This moved the team from a #166 national ranking to #60 and also meant that the team’s third tournament of the year would be the National Cup Finals in Virginia Beach! Marin won its first game against Pittsburgh by 5-1 and then beat Rochester(New York) 3-0. The next game was against 2008 Illinois State Cup winner,Chicago. Marin just needed a tie to move on to the Championship game. Mission accomplished with a 1-1 final score. For the championship game, Marin faced Arsenal, a seasoned team from Southern California. Arsenal is currently the second-ranked under-14 girls team in the country. The rigors of traveling across country finally caught up with Marin in the championship game as the team was unable to score a goal. A defensive miscue led to a breakaway which resulted in a goal for Arsenal. Late in the game, Arsenal converted a high shot just under the crossbar forthe final 2-0 score. Leading the offensive charge with goals were Chace Shornstein, Yessenia Nolasco-Ramirez, Julia Matos, Cordelia Peters and Alyssa Bunim. Helping to control the play at midfield were, Alexis Tye, Camille Wilson, Lindsay Bettinger, Alina Martinez, Sophie Breck and Callie Edblom. The defense, led by Claire Renk, Ruby Baumbaugh, Alissa Huntington, and goalie Maddie Cincebeaux, allowed just 4 goals in 4 games in the National Cup. The other team member is Candy Janachowski who is recovering from an injury. Great job girls!!! * SEE MORE PICTURES OF NATIONALS ON THE PHOTOS PAGE

Mustang Stampede Finalists 2009

August 10, 2009 – 04:00 PM
The Marin Under-14 girls Blue soccer team, fresh from advancing to the National Cup championship game in Virginia Beach (where they lost a close game to the number 2 ranked team in the country), were looking to improve on their new #28 national ranking in the prestigious Danville Stampede tournament which features many of California’s top teams. Marin hoped to maintain its streak of reaching the championship game in every tournament this year. This would be severely tested as the other three teams in their bracket included the #1 ranked team in the nation, as well as the #22 and #34 ranked teams! And the remaining 12 teams in the other 3 brackets included the #3 and #6 nationally ranked teams. Marin’s first game against the #34 ranked Rampage of Los Angeles ended in a 0-0 tie. Marin then pulled out a 1-0 victory over the #22 ranked San Juan Spirit of Sacramento. This led to the critical game against #1 ranked Surf White of Laguna Beach. The winning team would advance to the playoff round; the losing team would be eliminated. In a hard-fought game, Marin prevailed 2-1. In the quarterfinal game, Marin defeated Crew 95 of Livermore 2-1. This led to a showdown in the semifinal with West Coast FC United, the #3 nationally ranked team. Marin again prevailed in a defensive struggle by a 1-0 score. In the championship game, Marin faced the home team, the #6 nationally ranked Mustang Fury of Danville. This game was at 2 pm so it was at the peak of the day’s 97 degree high. Add another 5-10 degrees on the field as the games were played on Astroturf. Plus this was the sixth game in 3 days in these conditions. In a stellar defensive battle, both teams had just a few scoring opportunities and the game ended in a 0-0 tie. This was followed by two scoreless 7 minute overtime periods. The game then proceeded to penalty kicks. The Mustangs proceeded to put on a penalty kick clinic with 4 of their 5 shots being placed in the far right and far left corners of the goal, not allowing the goalie to have a chance at making a save. However the Marin goalie was able to stop one of the shots with a diving block. Marin converted three of their penalty kicks but one shot went over the cross bar and one was blocked by the goalie so Marin lost on penalty kicks, with the final score reflected as 1-0. Playing against some of the best teams in the country, Marin scored 5 goals and, not counting the penalty kick in the championship game, only allowed 1 goal in 6 games! After defeating the #1 and #3 ranked teams in the nation, Marin’s national ranking is now #10. Leading the offensive charge with goals were Camille Wilson, Chace Shornstein, Yessenia Nolasco-Ramirez, Callie Edblom and Alyssa Bunim. Controlling the play at midfield were Alexis Tye, Lindsay Bettinger, Alina Martinez, Julia Matos, and Sophie Breck. The defense was led by left back Claire Renk, center back Ruby Baumbaugh, right center back Alissa Huntington, right back Cordelia Peters and goalie Maddie Cincebeaux. The team is looking forward to Candy Janachowski returning to the team next week after recovering from an injury.

Us Club Regional Champions

June 23, 2009
e Marin 96 FC U-14 Girls swept through the National Cup Regional Qualifier in Modesto June 20-23, going 4-0-1 and outscoring the other teams 10-2. The team notched victories over Boca 95 (3-0) and San Jose Thunder (4-0) and tied Placer United (2-2). The team led that game 2-0 but suffered a few defensive lapses as Placer scored 2 goals in the closing minutes. This led to a rematch with Placer in the quarter-finals. In that game the defense locked down and the team scored in overtime for a 1-0 victory. This led to the final against the formidable PAC-United of San Jose, State Cup Champion for the last two years, who had outscored their opponents 16-2 to reach the final. The defense again was stellar in the team's 1-0 victory. Leading the offensive charge were Camille Wilson, Lindsay Bettinger, Yessenia Nolasco-Ramirez, Claire Renk, Sophie Breck and Alexis Tye. Despite losing defensive stalwart Ruby Baumbaugh in the first game for the weekend due to a concussion, the defense allowed just two goals against many of California's best teams. The defense was led by Alissa Huntington, Cordelia Peters, Callie Edblom, Candy Janachowski and goalie Maddie Cincebeaux. Midfield play was led by Alyssa Bunim, Alina Martinez and Julia Matos. Including last month's San Francisco state cup, the team's record is 8-0-1 and has outscored the competition by 25-4. Coached by Rob Funes, the team is excited about making a mark in the National Cup Finals next month in Virginia Beach.

San Fransico Cup Champions 2009

May 30, 2009

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