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We are located in the Washington DC area. To schedule a lesson,
please click the mailbox on the left side of your screen to send me an email,
or call 301-926-8994




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My name is Mark Hallal and I am 14 years old.

I have been playing violin for 3 years but have experience in music

because I played piano for 6 years prior to violin.

I have a professional teacher and I now have two students.



Here in the DC area, I teach violin for all ages.

I will recommend books for my students that

will help them in technic, theory, sight-reading, and in speed.

I believe that with the proper teaching and the right amount

of practice, one can progress quickly through violin.




                                                             I charge $15 a 1/2 hour and $25 an hour.

                          Coupons will be available every so often in the top-right corner of your screen.

                                          Once a person signs up, they should create an account and

                                                I will give them the passwords for the locked areas.



All it takes is a simple call

and you're in! To contact me,

scroll up to the first paragraph and

send me an email.

                            ~Mark Hallal




Thank you for visiting our website!

I'd love to teach violin

to spread the beautiful music!

Please come again.




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