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                                   July, 2018




Shannon Jones (Huffman, TX) has recently been added to our growing list of ambassadors to the Mid-South Region.  Although she is a true beginner, she hosted the PB group from Brenham, TX to come and demo and instruct the interested people in Huffman.  Shannon wants to eventually have friendly competition with nearby towns/cities.  Being the Athletic Secretary for the local school district, she is in a position to utilize facilities to host PB events for the community.




Vicki Bruce (Brenham, TX) has been approved by the USAPA for a community grant.  Here is how:  This grant will provide equipment for Boys & Girls Club of Washington County so the over 250+ youth who attend the Club on a daily basis have the opportunity to learn the


game. The funding would help facilitate a unique partnership between the local Pickleball Club, City of Brenham, and Boys & Girls Club. It affords disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn a sport they would otherwise not have access to learn which is in direct correlation with one of the key principles around which the club centers its programming, Healthy Lifestyles. Teaching youth this particular game has the potential to help them grow and develop in many ways and is a sport they could very well end up playing for the rest of their lives.  (Congratulations, Vicki).




(A brief note about USAPA grants.  A certain amount is allocated each quarter of the year.   There is a great chance to obtain the grant if it is to be used for any venue that currently does not have PB or maybe is just beginning PB.  See GRANTS on the USAPA website for details.)




Speaking/writing of Brenham, Baton Rouge, LA ambassadors Cindy & Tex Morris were invited to Brenham to conduct a clinic.  The event dealt with communication with partner, court position, and shot selection (set up your partner), and was enjoyed by all 30 participants.





Pat Heurtin (St Francisville, LA) and many members of their club recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the West Feliciana Pickleball Club with a party.  The players have decided to call themselves ‘Pat’s Brats’ for all she has done in the three short years. The Brats even have shirts.  (photos below & next page)








Susan Henderson (Mesquite, TX) shares the link below to help promote an upcoming event.  This will definitely get your PB juices flowing. 




Give the video time to come up, then click the arrow at the bottom.




Winnie Montgomery (Hot Springs, AR) notes that she shared the video link about the health advantages of PB to not only PB players but to many non-players.  (Maybe some of those will become active players, Winnie.  Good idea).




Bob and Irene Romagosa (Denton, TX) conducted a ref/scoresheet clinic recently in Beaumont, TX.  This was in preparation of the first annual Pickleball Championship of Beaumont, on September 28th. (photo next page)







REMINDER…  Please send your tournament, clinic, info, etc., to Tim Dean (Mid-South webmaster) so it will be listed on our Mid-South website.  (midsouthusapa.com).  There is also now a link to the website from the USAPA website, under ‘Places to Play’, 4th line down.




And don’t forget about the Mid-South ambassador Facebook page.  This is for Mid-South ambassadors only.  Contact Barb Patterson at (barbpatter1@gmail.com).


Well, I have been telling everyone that I can’t wait for August to get here.  Now, I can’t wait for October to get here.  J









Chuck has been playing PB for about 12 years…after learning about the game by playing in an RV parking lot.  He has been a USAPA ambassador for four years and promotes the game as well as anyone I know.  He has participated in many local, regional, and national tournaments…and trained referees for many of these events. 


He has participated in the USAPA Nationals, the NSGA Nationals, TX SOG, LA SOG, along with other tournaments in AR, OK, NM, and has traveled and played in WI, IN, MO, San Juan Island Indian Reservation (WA), and Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada.


He just plain LOVES the game of PB.  He is the first one to greet new folks who wander by the courts, no matter where he is playing.  He conducts training clinics for novice, intermediate, and advanced players, and does it happily (and free of charge).  He also spends a great deal of time training referees.  There is NOTHING that he likes more than a good rules question!  He is a District Ambassador and is always willing to pitch in and do whatever is needed for the game of PB.  He is always a great sport while playing and people seek his advice on the court.  His enthusiasm for the sport we all love is contagious.


BTW, he is also the Assistant Director for the Mid-South Region.