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Fall 2016 / Summer 2017 will bring some big changes to the Mojo team! 

16U will be an exciting time and we are looking for a committed group of players (and their great families!) to take this journey with us!

Interested in advancing your game, gaining some exposure and increasing your play time?  We are the team for you!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a skills assessment today!



Mojo try-outs RESCHEDULED!!

Try outs for the upcoming season will be held on THURSDAY July 23rd beginning at 5:30.


We apologize for any confusion- rescheduled games have impact our schedule for this week!


This is an open try out-for all positions.  However, we really have our eye out to add talent to the following positions:






Feel free to contact us with any questions!!









You have heard the rumors.... YES it is true...Mid USA Mojo will be hosting the 2015 Fall Ball at Tilton Park!


This is a great league to get some fall games in on Sunday's.  Good facilities and parking.  It is always great to see the park busy on a beautiful fall weekend and we are really excited to be heading it up this year!  


Please help us spread the word!  More details coming soon.....




Mid USA Mojo 14U try outs scheduled for July!


Anyone who has watched a player continue on thru the many levels of this sport will thing you can count on is this....nothing stays the same,  CHANGE is imminent.


Skill levels change, attitudes change, commitment changes, players change teams and coaches come and go!  We have seen it ourselves and to keep a team successfully moving forward you have to be ready to change with it.  New seasons bring new hope and new fun and this year we hope some new talent!


Thursday - July 23rd  Mid USA Mojo 14U will hold open try outs for the upcoming Fall 2015/Summer 2016 Season.  


We will start at 5:30 PM with a warm up and short practice session followed by a individual skills assessment.  We expect the skills assessments to start at approximately 6:45.  It is strongly suggested that players attend the practice session prior to the skills assessment, although it is not required.  Attendance is welcome but not required at both try outs.  Requests for private try outs will be considered on a case by case basis.  Try outs will be held at our home field at Tilton Ballpark.  There will be someone on hand to answer any questions you may have (mom's- come out and ask away!)  Have a question you would like answered prior to coming out?  Call Coach Tony at 217-597-1197 and he will be happy to chat with you.  All of this that we do is for the kids so we encourage families to make sure they are finding a good fit for their players!


The roster for the Fall '15/Summer '16 season will not be released until after Mattoon Bagelfest (the weekend of 7/17 & 7/18).




A big THANK YOU to Coach Cookus (Cookus Landscaping) for his generosity!  He recently provided each player with one of these awesome warm ups!  Not only that, but he has been a big supporter of youth softball since way back before he even started the first Mojo team!  We are thankful for him and we're all wishing his daughter Randi (Original Mojo and now playing at Middle Tennessee University) a fantastic season!







Thank you for all your inquires!

Mid USA Mojo welcomes...

Hannah Lewis


Eve Owens!!

Our 2015 Roster is now complete













Mid USA Mojo....looking for the one to complete our roster!



It's true!!


We started last year with over 20 players to choose from...narrowed down to a roster of 11.

We made a change and dropped to 10...just to find a fantastic addition (who seems like she has been here all along!) and we're back at 11.

After a year of play, watching the girls develop and grow, we are excited to say we have decided that every existing Mojo player is an asset to our team and all girls were extended an invite to next year!  We are even more excited that all players are coming back!! 

We have great players- ready to develop even more going into their first year 14U.

Good coaches... and even better families providing support for this great group of girls!

But...we want one more.  And...we know what we are looking for.

So instead of a full try out to fill one spot we are actively looking to recruit one player to round out our roster.  We would like to add some depth in pitching.  Speed is a big plus (lefty? even better).  Experienced at 1st and/or 3rd base is also of interest. 14U elgible (2001 birthday preferred).

Oh yeah...and you must have a great family and  some sort of awesomeness.... all of our girls have their talents ya know.  

Interested?  Throw us an email (  with any questions and we can set up a time for you to come out to a practice and see if you are just what we are looking for!  













Shelbyville, IN Summer Frenzy......


Another second place finish for this first year team isn't too bad....


It is uncharacteristic for Mojo to give up a game easy.... We have seen more international tiebreakers this year than anyone wants to remember!  Being labeled the "comeback kids" can be a curse though if it means this young team gets it in their head that they can come back from any deficit and waits too long to start the comeback!  That is just what we have seen happen a couple of times lately and unfortunantly it was a hard lesson to learn when they couldn't get over the hump and complete the comeback in time. One game can make all the difference- when it is the one that puts you in a bracket that requires 4 wins straight- with no break in games- to take first place.  It took some real soul searching for these girls to pull it together and they made it easily back to the Championship game but could not get the last couple runs on the board to advance to the if game they would have needed to also win to take first.

Live and learn ladies....  we'll see how it goes at the Bagelfest!  Overall though- for a first year team we are very proud of these girls who have placed in the top 3 in all but 1 tourney they have played in.  This group is going to be one outstanding ball team!




Mid USA Mojo battles it out at the Charleston Chill Summer Slam!!


Second place is surely something to talk about....BUT...whats more impressive is HOW they got there!

Off to a rough start with a loss in the first pool game Friday evening, Mid USA Mojo faced a solid 12 hour day on Saturday with their first game at 8AM (a win to get them 2nd in their pool) followed by wins at 11AM, & 3:30PM.  A quick dinner break (thank you Cody's...and sorry to see your pig is gone being refurbished!) and back for the final game of the day at 8PM.  They took the loss at 8PM in the last inning on a tight game.  We left the park- tired & dirty....but anyone who has played this level of ball knows that it takes a special team to stay on their game for that many hours of the day... so even the loss couldn't disappoint.  Playing on Sunday is always the goal and they got us there!

Even with the loss, Saturday's performance scored us a much needed 11AM start time for Sunday- but coming in to a tough losers bracket is not really fun.  The day started hot...and stayed hot.  Down to 8 teams- only 3 of which were not from Mattoon or Charleston! We were not the only ones questioning how far a team can get before they run out of steam in that bracket.  A solid win vs VG Elite at 11AM gave us a 1 game break which proved to be all these girls needed.  Our awesome Mojo Mom's (ok and Dad's too...) ran for sandwiches to keep the girls prepared and all scattered for supplies as the girls took the 2PM and 3:30 win against two stellar teams to get themselves into the Championship!

Facing undefeated (and much talked about...since every coach we saw told us how tough this team was) Cobra's QB for their 4th game of the day (3rd in a row- with hardly a 10 min. break betweeen) the girls showed no signs of letting up!  0-0 the first couple innings, then 2-0 Cobras on an earned run and an error.  Mojo managed to get the bases filled a couple times, and faced a couple questionable calls but just couldn't get over the hump and took the loss 2-1 for second place.

We had a number of people stop by to tell the girls over the weekend how impressive they holding a team like QB to 2 runs is quite an accomplishment.  One parent of a team we defeated came to tell us "your team is a real Class Act- great competition, great fans"!  Glad to see others notice what we all know....

Ain't no shame in our game.... Mojo never dies.....  And we will see those teams again in a few weeks.....










The heat kicks in and the players fall out in Terre Haute....

Learning your limits is a part of being an athlete and our girls learned that this weekend.  The weather in Terre Haute heated up and a few of our girls suffered from it!  Mid USA Mojo takes home third after coming out a bit weak against Champaign Diamonds (who we had put into the losers bracket earlier that morning with a 8-0 win) and giving up 7 runs!  We couldn't recover and missed out on our chance to play the Terror again in the championship.  Even the umpires expected to see us match up again, so the loss was a disappointing one.  

Overall the  play was fantastic with Taylor Stal pulling in TWO in park homeruns over the weekend.  Kylie Johnson saw one of her own and continues to impress with her speed after the bunt!  Our circle proved to be strong with Hunter and Watson taking care of business all weekend...  All in all- there is still so much to look forward to!

It's all part of evolving.... and these girls will continue to improve we are sure of it!

Tuesday night brings a local DH against Champaign Blue Ice Matrix.  First time to see this team and we have heard they are stellar!  With more heat predicted...even worse than the weekend we will keep our fingers crossed that these girls took the "conditioning" speeches seriously!






First in the ASA Why Just Softball Pontiac Invite!

The girls really enjoyed the light schedule for the weekend...and the opportunity to try out their bowling skills too!  Two games on Saturday (wins on a run rule for both of those...) followed by a bowling tourney that evening.  Rain got us the next day and we lost out on the whole Sunday game schedule.... Awards were determined by the pool play...with Mid USA Mojo taking an easy FIRST PLACE!  We certainly would have liked to get the other games in though.... However, the girls were so sure they were taking this tourney that they had their fav black uniforms washed Saturday night in anticipation of the championship pictures!

So, we leave Pontiac with a 1st place for the 12U, a bid the the Northern ASA National, a 2nd place bowling award, and Sidney W. takes the individual high score bowling trophy too!

Nice fields, nice complex.... bad weather.  But it is always a good time when Mid USA Mojo is around!


See the addition to our schedule as we pick up Terre Haute for Fathers Day weekend to get some extra games in!







Unexpected loss in Peru gives the girls a 3rd place finish

After powering thru a BRUTAL Memorial Day Saturday schedule of 5 games (8AM/9:30AM/11AM/2PM & 8PM!) with just their first game of the day a loss, we finally advanced to Sunday!  Dropping that first game of the day may be becoming a bad habit for these girls and they took the loss at 11AM.  Even the other coaches in the 12U division expected to see a 5PM win for Mojo and the advancement back into the championship game....but the girls fell short and were defeated.  Sunday was just not our day.....  Nice location, but a backbreaker schedule for the 14th Annual Peru Memorial Weekend Tournament.  We were surprised at the amount of stamina these girls could muster!  Keep working at it Mojo!







Mojo tears it up in the Capital City!!


What a fantastic weekend of softball!  Springfield gave us great weather, good pizza, and wonderful competition in the first tournament for the 2014 season!  

Just starting out, you never know what to expect but we were more than proud of the job these girls did this weekend!  Always displaying the "REFUSE TO LOSE" attitude that makes Mojo special, our girls played 7 games thru out the weekend!  3 of the seven going into International Tie Breaker!!  No shame in taking 2nd place.... They put up a battle and everyone in the park could see that Mid USA Mojo never quits!

If this last weekend is any indicator....Mojo promises to have an exciting season!




After a solid 2 win start Mid USA Mojo takes a hard loss and takes 3rd. Not too bad for the first time out to the field together ladies....the best is yet to come! 

Pictured above: The girls with their first team hardware (not pictured: Abby Warner & Halie Pfeiffer). 














Mid USA Mojo 12U Roster...almost complete!

Thank you to all 20 who came out to try outs last week!  You certainly made the decision process tough for us.  The talent level that we saw turn out was impressive, which is why we were unable to accomodate the handful of requests for private try outs that we fielded in the last few days.  In the end though, we stayed close to what we know is most important- THE COMPLETE PLAYER PACKAGE, and with that being said.....

The following players have been invited and have accepted their spot on the Mid USA 12U Roster:


Sidney Watson  (Tuscola, IL)

Jackie Watson   (Tuscola, IL)

Abbie Warner (Tolono, IL)

Madison Taylor   (Tilton, IL)

Emma Winslow   (Georgetown, IL)

Taylor Stal  (Georgetown, IL)

Kylie Johnson (Catlin, IL)

Hailey Hunter (Catlin, IL)

Halie Pfeiffer (Tuscola, IL)

Kasie Anderson (Georgetown, IL)

Nikki Ervin (Tilton, IL)



*** 1 Additional spot remains. Updates will be posted.

What's next?  We will be in contact with all players via email soon to discuss some details and get some input on some possible fall options.  We are excited to welcome all the players and their families into our Mojo family..... Great things are coming....








Mid USA Mojo.... gone since 2011 when the 18U team moved on to college ball will resurface in 2014 with a whole new cast of characters to fill their roster!  12U seems a long way from college exposure- but we know it will pass with a blink of an eye and we want to see the newest Mojo team grow into a solid team of college ready athletes!  We know that its not just about the skill and the talent...but the whole development of a player!  True to our roots this new 12U will be packed with plenty of H & H and from what we have seen of some of the prospects... they may just exceed the record of the  founding players - both in skill and memory making moments!

We will be focusing on playing a circuit that can offer our girls varied competition throughout the season. NSA - ASA - we'll sanction for both to assure we can play anywhere and see fresh teams.  As we advance in levels we will help the girls thru the college exposure process- from searching out the colleges that fit their academic needs all the way thru contacting coaches, attending skills camps and college visits.  We have been there...done that!  We offer what no other team in the area can.... experienced college age athletes involved in the development and coaching of our team

Besides that.... we are known to have a whole lotta fun!  So... Got Mojo??  If you do...we would love to meet you!