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2010 SEAA World Series Pigeon Forge, TN

SEAA World Series
Pool Game 1
Milford Rockstars (Atlanta, GA) vs. Lincoln Storm (Chicago, ILL)
Score: 5 – 11 LOSS
After winning 1st place in 3 of their last 5 tournaments as a class B team and placing 2nd in the other tournaments this summer, the Milford Rockstars took the first step into playing ASA class A ball in the fall with a trip to Tennessee for the SEAA World Series.
The first game against the Lincoln Storm started off as a wakeup call for the girls! In the very first inning the team was bombarded by 11 runs, 4 coming off of a grand slam by the Storm and 4 errors from defense. All was not lost. For the next four innings with Jada on the mound the Storm were baffled by the change up and put up goose eggs for the next four innings.
With time expired in the bottom of the 5th inning, Kyah (on her birthday) started the rally that would show that the Rockstars belong and are ready to compete. Amira, Crystal and Kiana followed with hits to rally the team and put our first points on the board for the tournament. By the end of the game the girls had place five runs on the board and gained the confidence to compete against anyone! Going into the second day of pool play the girls are full of confidence and really believe they can play with anyone!

Pool Game 2
Score: 3 – 4 LOSS
Game 2 for the Milford Rockstars yielded much better results than game 1. Unfortunately, the Outlaws were the home team and had the last bat.
The start of game 2 the girls began the game hitting the ball well. Scoring 2 runs in the first inning and another in the 2nd inning they took a 3 – 0 lead into the 3rd. Things started to unravel after a batter was struck by a pitch, then an error off of a hit 2 center field moving the runner to second base. Two passed balls later the Outlaws scored their first run followed by 2 passed balls to score runners to tie the score at 3 all. The winning run came off a hit in the final inning. This was a very hard loss for the team. They were in control until the last inning when it all unraveled.
As the team goes into day 3 of the tournament and begin bracket play there are many more positives to be taken from this loss than the first. Starting with consistent hitting from the top to the bottom is what we need. Tomorrow the tournament really starts.
Let the games begin!

GM 3 Bracket Play
Milford Rockstars vs. Team Cherokee
Score 4 – 0 WIN
They say, three is the magic number and it definitely was for the Rockstars! Day 3 and the beginning of bracket play was the first time parents saw the girls they have come accustomed to seeing over the last 6 weeks. The first inning started well with the 2, 3 and 4 batters (Dani, Joriea, and Jada) hitting 2 singles and a double to put the Rockstars up 2 to 0 and the Rockstars sending 7 batters to the plate before being retired. Victoria then took the mound and 1,2,3 and the team is back in the dugout to bat. The second inning was not as prosperous but the sticks were still live. Defense is where the team shined.
By the third inning Team Cherokee was just making it way to the top of the order and moved the first batter into scoring positions on 2nd and 1st with one out. The next batter hit a rope in the gap between the shortstop and 2nd base that would normally be a least a single. Not this time! As both players converged the shot was caught for an out and Dani (playing second base) tagged 2nd base and we were out of the inning.
The final inning only one run was generated on by the Rockstars but the team was rock solid on defense. The first out for the Rockstars came on one of the better defensive play from and outfielder this summer. With a runner on second, a line drive to center cleared the infield and the lead-off hitter for Team Cherokee was off to the races. Amira catches the ball on one hop and sends a perfect throw to third base on a rope. Out #1 was officially in the books. After pitching the entire game Victoria started to tire on a couple of pitches and had allowed 2 runners on with 2 errors (Dani and Victoria T) Team Cherokee now had runners in scoring position on 2nd and 3rd. . Kiana, playing catcher, did not allow any passed balls when it counted most. The next play was by Coach Victor. Just before time expired a pitching change was made. Joriea takes the mound and the first batter she faces hits a bullet just above her head that she reaches for and bobbles, the ball falls behind her, she turns and bobbles it again. The runner at 3rd base takes off; Joriea catches the ball for out #2, shows that smile and calmly tosses the ball to 3rd base for out number three and the second double play of the game. Ball Game…. Rockstars win…

With the win, the girls guaranteed themselves at least 2 more games and another trip to the go-carts on the strip!

Rockstarz Finish 2nd in GSA World Tournament

July 17, 2010
Rockstarz Finish 2nd in GSA World Tournament. It was a bad tournament all around for the Rockstarz. Not only did we lose a valuable player to a broken ankle; but the sticks & pitching were off when we needed it the most. 2nd still not bad for a "World" tournament. Congrats to my girls.


Rockstarz win in Jackson, GA

June 26, 2010
The Rockstarz win the NSA REJOICE IN JACKSON tournament for their 3rd 1st place finish a row by defeating the ’97 Sandy Plains Fire, 98 Georgia Mustangs, Georgia Lightning, and Peachtree City Poison (up 3-1 when the games were stopped due to weather). Although it was another hot 90+ degree day, the girls were well taken care off the field with the help of the parents in keeping the girls comfortable with fans, water, and fruit; it showed on the field. Dani, Q, Joirea, and Tori held down the catching duties very well. We also pitched and hit as a team throughout the tournament as well. We will have 2 weekends off and prepare for our BIG Pigeon Forge World Series trip from the 20th – 25th

The Rockstarz won their 2nd tournament in a row

June 12, 2010
The Milford Rockstarz 12U Fastpitch Tournament Team won their 2nd tournament in a row winning the GSA State Tournament on a 90 degree + day at Hurt Road Park. The Rockstarz went 7-1 as they fought their way back from the losers bracket and double dipped the tough 98 Brookwood Broncos to win the Championship at 12:30am Sunday morning. I am proud to say that the girls left everything out on the field when the games where over, we had 4 with injuries and all the girls were sweaty, dirty, & tired. I didn’t see a clean white jersey on anyone. We used all 4 pitchers (Joirea, Jada, Victoria & Victoria) and all 4 won at least one game and all 3 catchers caught significant innings. Every team in the GSA State tournament was good and I was impressed at the level of competition; however I more impressed and proud the way my girls played in the extreme temperature and against the stiff competition.

The Milford Rockstarz win their 1st tournament as a 12U team

June 5, 2010
The Milford Rockstarz won their 1st tournament as a 12U team this past weekend, the girls played like a real tournament team and we did not play at the level of our opponents. In 2008 the Rockstarz went 0-3 in this tournament, so we had to come back and try again. Although we lost a game 5-4 due to not hitting, but they came back to win 3 in a row including the 'ship. Great job the our girls.

Milford Rockstarz Receive 3rd Place

May 15, 2010
Milford Rockstarz receive 3rd place out of 7 teams in the GSA Spring Fun tournament at Ryhne Park, the Milford Rockstarz were the last 1st year 12U team standing. Congratulations to the girls for their hard work.

2010 Milford 12U Rockstarz Roster

#32 Amira
#30 Atia
#14 Cristale
#22 Dani
#98 Dorian
#23 Elysia
#3 Jada
#44 Joirea
#19 Kiana
#9 Mariah
#1 Paris
#2 Qy’Najia
#8 Shamarie
#10 Tori
#8 Victoria
#13 Victoria

2010 Spring / Summer Schedule


Milford Rockstarz get 2nd place USSSA Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, 12U B '98 class

October 3, 2009
Congratulations to the Milford Rockstarz for coming in 2nd out of 8 teams in their 1st tournament in 12U….the Rockstarz had a long day defeating the Georgia Rumble, Brookwood Lady Broncos, and the North Gwinnett Dynimite Dawgs. The Rockstarz lost the championship game 10-9 in 3 International tie breaker innings to the Macon Blast finishing up at after midnight Sunday morning. The girls showed lots of heart during a grueling day and a cold night. The pitchers were great all day, the bats heated up in the last 2 game; every single player got a hit and got on base at least once. The defense turned 3 double plays and was solid throughout day This performance was very impressive considering all the teams we played have played at least 3 Fall tournaments and this is our 1st tournament since July 25th.

Milford Rockstarz win 2009GSA World Championship

July 25, 2009

Rockstarz get 1st place in the CSA 10U “ World Series” in McDonough

July 17, 2009
Congratulations to the 10U Milford Rockstarz for coming in 1st place in the CSA 10U “ World Series” in McDonough. The Rockstarz went 8-2 (5-0 on Sunday)and winning championship 11-4 and the “if’ game 6-0 over the Alabama Extreme Stock. This is now the 4th 1st place championship for the girls this year and the 3rd in a row. The girls faced the a dominating pitcher from the Extreme stock, but we small balled her and finally knocked her out the game with “shots” through the infield and over the outfield head. The Rockstarz avenged the earlier losses to the Middle Georgia Hurricanes and the Extreme Shock; the girls saved the hits for the 2 most important games. Hopefully we will see we will see Alabama Extreme Shock again in the GSA World Tournament again this week in Carrolton. As always, I was again very proud of the way our girls gave there all and no one gave up

10U Milford Rockstarz finish strong again with a 1st place in the “Feel The Heat” GSA Tournament

July 11, 2009
Congratulations to the 10U Milford Rockstarz for coming in 1st place in the “Feel The Heat” GSA Tournament @ Milford on a long hot, going 4-1 and winning championship game by forfeit against the Georgia Crusaders. This is the 3rd 1st place championship for the girls this year and the 2nd in a row. The girls faced the most dominating pitch they have faced all year and beat her (and would have beaten her again, if the coach had not given up on his players). Hopefully we will see the Georgia Crusaders again this week in McDonough. As always, I was again very proud of the way our girls gave there all and no one gave up. We also continued to hit and show signs that we are peaking at the right time.

Congratulations to the 10U Milford Rockstarz for coming in 1st in the 4th Annual Summer Sizzler

June 27, 2009
Congratulations to the 10U Milford Rockstarz for coming in 1st place in the 4th Annual Summer Sizzler Tournament (11 teams) in South Cherokee on a long hot 90+ degree day, going 5-0 and winning championship game 11-3 against the Sharon Springs Spartans. The girls were playing so well that the Sharon Spring coaches requested to see our girls birth certificates (AWESOME). I was again very proud of the way our girls gave there all and no one gave up and we kept the peddle down. This was by far the best team hitting tournament we have had so far (hopefully I can say this every week).

Milford Rockstarz come in 2nd in the 1st Annual Kudzu Classic Tournament

June 20, 2009
Congratulations to the 10U Milford Rockstarz for coming in 2nd in the 1st Annual Kudzu Classic Tournament on a long hot 90+ degree day, losing 8-7 to a well coached Norcross Diamond Attack team in the Championship Game. The Norcross Diamond Attack team have won their last 3 tournaments. I was very proud of the way our girls gave there all and no one gave up and we fought to the end. This was by far the best team hitting tournament we have had so far (I hope this is the start)

10U Rockstarz finish 12U C NGFA Rec Season and now ready for the 2009 Summer Travel Season

10U Rockstarz finish 12U C NGFA Rec Season with a 4-4 record and now ready for the 2009 Summer Travel Season

The Rockstarz played in 3 10U tournaments in the Spring:

GSA "Whose the Best" - 1st Place
USFA 2nd Annual Carrollton Classic Friendly - Finished 3-4
GSA A-Silver / B-Gold - Finish 0-3
(smacked us back to reality)

Here is our 1st Summer tournament schedule draft, the tournament and dates may change. We are also excited about traveling with our 8U and 12U Rec All-Star Teams.

May 30th/31st- GSA SUMMER IS CLOSE - 3rd Place
JUNE 26-28 - Summer Sizzler- SCRA, Woodstock, GA - 1st Place
July 11th- GSA Hurt Road- 1st Place
July 17th-19th - CAM "C" WORLD SERIES - 1st Place
July 25th - GSA -GSA "B" WORLD -1st Place

Victor Thornton
Head Coach

The 10 & Under Rockstarz Starting the Year On Top

March 18, 2009
The 10 & Under Milford Rockstarz are starting the 2009 season where they left off last year. Congratulations goes to the Rockstarz who 1st place in the GSA "Let's Play Ball" Tournament held at Hurt Road Park!!!
Congratulations goes out to the coaches and players!!!
Way to represent ladies!!!!!!


2008 Summer and Fall Highlights

During the Fall 2008 we called ourselves the BRATS and we improved alot from the Summer 2008, with some key additions and new team attitude we were able to progress. We are ready for the 2009 travel season. To further push the girls, we will be playing 12C (against the big girls) in NGFA in the Spring 2009 league and we plan to play 4 - 6 tournamnets this spring, gearing up for an intense Summer 2009.

2008 Accomplishments:
ONEMORETIMEB409 tournament in Stockbridge Ga -- 1st Place (November 22nd)
Fall Frenzy Championship in SCRA -- 1st Place (November 8th)
North Georgia FastPitch Association "Who's The Best Tournament II -- 1st Place (October 31st)
17-0 Fall 2008 Season in NGFA Association
August Blast @ Deerlick C – 1st Place (August 2)
Georgia Pressure Summer Blast B – 2nd Place(July 19)
USFA A/B Kennesaw – 5th Place (July-5)
GSA Kennworth B – 6th Place (June-28)
S.C.R.A. IT'S HOT South Cherokee B – 4th Place (June-21)
2nd Annual Smackdown A/B – 4th place (June-14)
5th Annual Sandy Springs Fastpitch Invitational - 5th place (June-6)
NGFP End Season Tournament C (May 17) -- 3rd Place (May 20th)
6-4 Spring Season in Spring 2008