• This is the MNF Bar Review Crew's 12th Season on the Road
  • The # 1 Rated Bar in 2007 is The Brickwall Tavern in Asbury Park, NJ


The purpose of this page is to provide the public with a place to go to get an unbiased opinion on the best places to go to enjoy Monday Night Football at the Jersey Shore.

Each Member of our Monday Night Crew gets a turn to select/draft the bar we are to visit each week. The only rule is we have is that we can't select a bar previously visited.

The scale we use to rate each bar is Frosty Mugs. The scale ranges from one Frosty Mug to Five Frosty Mugs. A bar earning one Frosty Mug is a place you would send your worst enemy on a blind date with your x-wife. A Bar earning five Frosty Mugs is a place you would go if you had one night to live and your two favorite teams were squaring off on Monday Night Football.

We have Suspended our mission for 2014

We may start back up in 2019

Monday Night Football Bar Review 2012  
Rank Place Rating Week Town
1 Jacks Goal Line Stand 4.75 Week 8 Long Branch
2 Applebee's 4.25 Week 2 Tinton Falls
3 East Coast Cookery 4.20 Week 1 Neptune
4 CJ McCloones 4.00 Week 9 Tinton Falls
5 WonderBar 4.00 Week 10 Asbury Park
6 Jerseys 3.80 Week 6 Neptune City
7 Spring Meadow Inn 3.80 Week 7 Farmingdale
8 Hammerheads 3.48 Week 5 Neptune
9 MJ's 3.40 Week 3 Neptune
10 Ground Round 3.13 Week 4 Bradley Beach
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