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Hello Coaches and Coordinators

With Summer baseball now completed for most of you it is now time to begin registering for the Fall Baseball Season as it will begin in just a little more than a month.

This will be the 8th season of our league and I am excited for it to begin. With that said, I want to take a moment to thank Ollie Amado who began this league with just 6 teams 8 years ago and blossomed it to 22 teams just 2 years ago. Ollie will stay on with us as a Special Advisor / Protest Committee. With the help of all of you, last year was a huge success as we had 31 teams in our Fall League. THANK YOU!!!


The purpose of this league is to keep kids playing baseball and further develop them so that they are better prepared for High School. It is my goal this year to bring in more towns to our program. The more that is offered to our youth the better they become.


Junior League

1) This is a 13-15 year old league and will allow 12 year old's to move up to prepare for the "bigger diamond"

Senior League

1) This is a 16-18 year old league and will allow 15 year old's to move up to help balance the teams.

Important Information regarding League Ages

1)  A player's league age will be determined by their age at the start of the 2016 Spring Season.

Example: Joe Smith was 13 years old at the beginning of the Spring Season and turned 14 in the Summer. Joe Smith is still considered a 13 year old for the Fall Season.

Important Dates

1) I will need a verbal or email commitment by no later than August 24, 2018

2) on August 26, 2018 I will need a solid commitment and registration fee paid in full.

3) On or about August 29, 2018 we will have a meet and greet to go over the league rules.

4) Season starts the weekend of September 8, 2018

Game Play

1) Junior and Senior Leagues will play on Sunday's

2) Saturday's will be used for make-up games for those teams that were unable to play on Sundays

3) Games are a double header format where the Home team will be Home for the first game and Away team will be Home for the second Game.

4) The regular season will have a 10 game schedule. All 10 games must be played in order to be eligible for playoffs unless the season is shortened by the board of directors due to weather.

5) There will be Playoffs/Championship. After all teams are registered we will decide whether or not all teams will make playoffs or just the top 4 of each Division.

Field Usage

1) It is the responsibility of the team assigned as the Home Team to accommodate for the field. If you do not have a field to use contact your opponent and see if they have one to use.

Registration Fees and Umpiring Fees

1) There is an $100.00 team registration fee to join this league and checks should be made payable to Joe Cunningham. This will include the $65.00 to join the league and the $35.00 for the umpire assignor's fee.

2) We will be using 1 umpire for the regular season at a cost of $80.00 per game. Each team is responsible for paying half. In the playoffs we will use 2 umpires per game at a cost of $130.00 per game $65.00 per team per game.

3) This year Skip Crossman will be our umpire assignor.

Responsibilities of each team

1) Each team is responsible for team uniforms.

2) Each team is responsible for field usage.

3) Each team is responsible for baseballs.

4) Each team is responsible for getting their field ready.

5) If games are cancelled it is the responsibility of the coaches to get the games made up.

6) All scores must be reported by both coaches at the end of the day.


I hope you all have a great rest of the summer and wish you all luck in your Fall Season!!!


Joe Cunningham - Contact if you have any questions




Erik Curtis - Scheduler 








Upcoming Games/Practices
Sep 30
Junior Division 1
Whitman/ Hanson @ Braintree-Hock
Brockton-Red @ Cape Riptide
Braintree-Hock @ Whitman/ Hanson
Cape Riptide @ Brockton-Red
Junior Division 2
Marshfield @ Brockton-Blue
Dorchester @ Rockland
Quincy @ Silver Lake
Brockton-Blue @ Marshfield
Rockland @ Dorchester
Silver Lake @ Quincy
Junior Division 3
Braintree-Perdios @ Braintree-McGrath
Brockton-Black @ S. S. Venom
Braintree-McGrath @ Braintree-Perdios
S. S. Venom @ Brockton-Black
Senior Division 1
Cape Riptide @ Brockton
PCA Engineering @ S.S. Venom
Brockton @ Cape Riptide
S.S. Venom @ PCA Engineering
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