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Mission Statement: Provide competitive fun football league where Fairness, Inclusiveness, Teamwork and Sportsmanship (FITS) are our core values.

Vision: Our primary focus is to consistently produce an exciting league to play football. We will push the envelope and try new ideas that appeal to our membership. We will be always innovative and creative and never 'the same old thing'.

Our Motto: Football first!



2013 Pre Season warm up



May 20, 2013

2013 Draft Day
10 Year Club

2013 MTFL Draft at Kelsey's


2013 Champions!

Season MVP
Matt Coates

Rookie of the Year
Travis Hill

Man of the Year
Hugh Corbie

Playoff MVP
Rob Grey

Kirk Wanvig

Paul Romas

B.J. Morrow

Dr. Kevin Brown

Rick Apostolopoulos

Al Roberts

Dave Craw

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