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Mountain View Volleyball Rules

Mountain View Rec Volleyball Rules 2014

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Volleyball Rules and Regulations

1. Team must have 4 members to play. If a player arrives late, she may enter the game on the next rotation in the center back position. No more than 6 players on the court at one time. Every team will provide a Captain to the referee before the first game and third game to choose sides that the teams will be playing on.
2. Net will be set at 7ft for the 6-12th grade teams and 6ft for the 3rd-5th grade teams.
3. The 6th-12th grades will use the standard service line. The 3rd-5th grade teams will have the option of using a service line between 6 ½ and ten foot up from the standard line. This line will be marked during the games. Serve must start from line committed too.
4. Net serves are allowed. (Net serve is a ball that hits the net and goes over).
5. Spiking a serve is illegal.
6. Every player must play. After a player serves, that player will rotate out on the next rotation and the first sub will move into the center back position.
7. Serving player is allowed to use either an underhand or overhand serve. If an overhand serve is used the server is allowed to toss a serve once and let it hit the ground without touching the ball. The second toss is counted as the serve. The player is given 5 seconds to serve once the referee’s whistle blows.
7a. A Server is only allowed 5 straight serves then team must rotate to next server..
8. Match will be best of 2 out of 3 games. All games are rally scoring (a point is awarded every time the ball hits the floor). Games will start at 0-0 for the 6-12 grades and 5-5 for the 3-5 grades and they will play to 25. Teams must win by 2 points; point cap is 30. If a third game is played the score is set at 0-0 and is played to 15. Teams must win a third game by 2 points or reach a point cap of 20. On game 3 the line up will be the same as it was at the end of game 2.

8A. On 6-12th grade ONLY on 3rd game teams will switch sides at 8th point.(revised)

8B. All players must play their starting position. (revised) 
9. Each coach is allowed two time outs per game, and these cannot carry over from one game to the next game.
10. No coach will be allowed to cross the Black side lines or go near the ref at any time. Refs calls are final.
11. Any protest must be submitted to the head of the volleyball within 24 hours. No protest on judgment calls.

12. Good sportsmanship is expected from everyone. If a player, coach or parent is being unruly, a warning will be given. If the behavior continues the person will be asked to leave the gym area for the remainder of the day or night.

13. No food or drinks (not even water) will be allowed in the school. The school is a smoke free building. Please go off school grounds to smoke. Please try to wear only soft soled shoes if you can so we can keep the gym floor nice.

14. Home team is to provide a scorekeeper. The guest team will provide an adult to take up money at the door. Each team needs to provide a line judge and they will need to report to the referee a few minutes before the game. After the last game please help take down the net, push bleachers in, put score and gate tables up and sweep the floor.

15. No one allowed down halls of school. No one on stage except players.