Scrimmage- Thursday October 4th , 6:30pm vs Old Bridge at NBCP (wear your blue practice shirts)  


Your 11U Raiders..Brandt, Carreras, Jabar, Levine, Margulies, Nazario,


Price, Rosario, Selover, Shulas, Wieczerzak, Zangara.. Play Hard-Practice Harder

North Brunswick Raiders Baseball:

eaching the game of baseball at an advanced level
Respect for others through outstanding sportsmanship by all
Avenue of success and growth for every child
Values of pride, teamwork, character-building, friendship and fairness
Emphasis on player development and fun while fielding competitive teams
Love of the game

September 8- Fall Ball Opening Day
October 7  1:15pm NB vs SB @ TD Bank Ballpark ( Home of the Somerset Patriots) 
Be at stadium by 12pm 
October 14 Frazier Halloween Havoc- One Day 





 Raiders Celebrating September Birthdays:
1st- Alejandro J.
25th- Yomar C. 
29th- Chris R. 

1. Believe in yourselves and in your teammates!
2. Communicate to each other out in the field.
3. Cheer each other on, and encourage one another.
4. Play with pride, heart, and enthusiasm. Give a 110% every play.
5. Respect your opponents, coaches and the Blue.
6. DO NOT QUIT! It is not over until it is over!
7. Be focused, aggressive, and react quickly to the ball at all times.
8. Believe you can beat any team, and know any team can beat you.
9. Play as a team! We win as a team, we lose as a team!


My Coach says to choke up more.
My parents yell out I'm fine.
Coach says use a 28 bat. 
My parents shout 29!

Which one do I listen to?
What's a boy to do?
I'm only eleven years old and they're both forty-two!

Someone will get angry and I'm stuck in the middle. How do you think that I can solve this very difficult riddle?

I know! I know! I've got it!
Can this really work?
I hope that neither one of them will think that I'm a jerk!

Somehow I will get the Coach to tell my parents the facts. That there's only just one coach. Mom and Dad, will you please relax!

Just watch the game and laugh a lot.
Cheer, don't shout advice. Maybe you'll find that watching games can actually be nice!

He's Just a Little Boy.....
He stands at the plate with his heart pounding fast, The bases are loaded; the die has been cast.
His parents can't help him; he stands all alone, A hit at this moment would send his team home. The ball nears the plate, he swings and he misses, There's a groan from the stands, with some loud boos and hisses.
A father's voice cries, "Strike out this bum!"
The batters eyes fill, (is this game fun?)

He's just a little boy, who stands all alone,
And at times like this he would rather be home.
So open your heart and give him a break, For its moments like this, an adult you can make. Keep this in mind when you hear someone forget. He's just a little boy and not a man yet!

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