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 New Covenant Knights is a nonprofit organization with a 501c3 tax-exempt status. The organization was founded by Dr. Antonia Massey. The mission of the organization is to improve the academic astuteness of young men for college through the opportunities provided in sports, namely football; for youth who would appear not to be college bound or accepted and who otherwise would be academically and financially unable to seek such avenues; to offer services to the disenfranchised underserved population of young men in the Carolinas.



 Dr. Massey recognized that today’s urban families face an increasingly difficult struggle to survive and thrive amidst a myriad of social and economic problems.  These social and economic realities have potential implications that we cannot afford to ignore.  There are disturbing increases in the incidence of family stress and crises (i.e. single parenting, parental unemployment and underemployment, insufficient childcare, drugs and alcohol abuses, parental incarceration, teen pregnancy, and violence).  The proportion of young men who are undereducated, underachieving, and involved in criminal activities continues to grow at an alarming rate in our communities.



 Charlotte’s (NC) inner-city demographics, especially in certain low-income corridors of town, pattern the national trend. Young men from poor and crises families are at double jeopardy.  The youth involved in our sports experience are the least healthy environmentally and the most likely to live in unhealthy neighborhoods (high drug usage and crime rates); they are at the greatest risk of school failures; and their family life is the most stressed.  These young men are the most vulnerable. We have seen first-hand that the distress in their homes greatly impacts their educational and social development skills. 



 For this reason and others, young men in these communities will miss the opportunities to get a college education thereby sports participation may be their answer to academic acquisition. We want to give them that chance. New Covenant Knights Organization has as our vision a program to help combat youth delinquency and youth development gaps by responding to the academic and social needs of our communities where 70% or more of our youth are from single parent households and/or families with one income. Utilizing the discipline of organized sports, we offer young high school men a secure and safe environment while their parent(s) work, seek employment, or receive alternate job skills training. It is our desire to help the entire family unit and solidify their civic foundation, instilling self-pride which translates into civic responsibility.



 Presently, we anticipate working with 248 (the number is a guess) young men delivering components of our program that require academic improvement and expectations. We expect to instill the necessary skills that will enhance their study habits and test taking abilities without being intrusive but, being intentionally forceful with our rules and regulations.








 Some byproducts of our sports-fueled initiatives are:


A.     Tutorial Programs that assist with academic excellence;


B.     Enrichment Activities that create well-rounded exposure to nature and cultural awareness 


C.     Summer Sports Camp recently implemented to assure a greater opportunity for a higher level of participation among young people and their parents


D.     Voluntary Community and Parental Participation




While participation in sports can be tantamount to the success of a team player, we work to make sure that the tutorial training has equal standing with the academic success of that same team player. And, we teach that the successes of the team and their teammates are ties to their academic successes.



 Through collaborations we will work with other nonprofit organizations and the private sector. These collaborations have helped the organization in acquiring space from which to operate; until such time as we can acquire a stand-along space. The relationships that we have built will also help in creating a volunteer base and maximize our ability to attract operating and programmatic funding.


The New Covenant Knights Organization was established to promote a high degree of support, sponsorship and interest in youth from the entire Charlotte community and surrounding areas.



 A major portion of funding will be used for our College Bound Youth and Summer Sports Camp programs and incentive encouragement to promote parental participation. Also, Monies acquired through financial support from your organization will be used to supplement our need for tutorial supplies, materials, computer programs, sports equipment transportation and nutrition. In addition, it will pay playing field & activity fees and purchase trophies. All of these activities serve to recognize our youth’s achievements on the field and in the class rooms. It will also help to build support and goodwill for youth in all of our programs.



 In conclusion, our first priority are youth and utilizing sports to support related external activities that provide the experience and stress-releasing engagements necessary to becoming productive. We are linking academic accomplishment to sports activities that can be a reward in and of itself, for a job well done coupled with enrichment programs that lead to good SAT scores for college entry and building upon citizenship values.




The volunteer board of directors and mentors are seeking to acquire financial support through many of the following methods:


  •       Corporate Sponsorship
  •       Donations
  •          Fundraiser Participation
  •     Grants
  •       Individual Donations
  •      Out-of-pocket contributions




You can learn more about New Covenant Knights on our website or contact us






P.O. BOX 242663