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Still have one ticket left for California Desert Trip

July 10, 2016 – 11:00 PM

Once in a life time road trip!

October 14 to 16. See Calendar.




Less Than 3 Days

January 31, 2016



V7 The Originals is Here!

December 20, 2015

After sitting as a draft/demo for the past 4 years, V7 has been finalized and in production. Ask me for a copy when you see me. Contest to start soon!


The River was Dry in 5 Minutes

December 11, 2015

All tickets to Springsteen's Air Canada show in February were gone in 5 minutes .......... except single tickets!

Let me know if you want to see Springsteen and don't mind seeing by yourself!


Indigo Girls are Coming Back!

October 13, 2015


Oct 22 at Roy Thompson Hall!



V6 Winners

October 31, 2014

Brian Bridges, first time player, won with 91 points out of a maximum of 101.

Runner-up is Mick Oliveira, who is a two-time past champions, has 83 points.

No.3 is Bill Orts with 79 points.


And thank you all for playing!



Finally, Answers for NDOS V6

October 11, 2013

After more than a year, Thanksgving weekend. I need to wrap up V6 because V7 has been ready and waiting for a long long time. 

Tracks Songs Artist Connection to the next song
1 Free Fallin' John Mayer L.A. - References of streets & places (1). RHCP ackowledged that the bridge location (2).
2 Under the Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers Everly - Lead singer Kiedis' son's name, based on Kiedis' favourite group (2) - The Everly Brothers (3).
3 Wake Up Little Susie The Everly Brothers (Erin) Everly - Daughter of one of the Everly Brothers was the wife of Axl Rose (3). Axl Rose wrote this song for Erin Everly who appeared in the music video (4).
4 Sweet Child Of Mine Guns N Roses Guns N Roses - Both songs are performed by GNR.
5 Whole Lotta Rosie Guns N Roses AC/DC - Both are their songs.
6 You Shook Me All Night Long Shania Twain Twain - Mark Twain (6) wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (7).
7 Tom Sawyer Rush Finn - Huckleberry Finn is Tom Sawyer's friend (7). Crowded House' lead singer and main song writer is Neil Finn (8).
8 Fall At Your Feet Crowded House Australia - Both bands are Australian. (Yes, Neil Finn is a New Zealander!)
9 Never Tear Us Apart INXS Paula Yates - Yates, wife of Geldof, lead singer of Boomtown Rats (10) left Geldof for Hutchence, lead singer of INXS (9).
10 I Don't Like Mondays The Boomtown Rats Bound For Glory - Boomtown Rats (10) took the name from a gang in the book written by Woody Guthrie (11).
11 City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie New Orleans - Appeared in both songs lyrics.
12 Dancing in the Street The Mamas & The Papas  Phillips - John's (12) daughter, Mackenzie starred in the 70s TV show (12).
13 One Day At A Time --- Valerie Bertinelli - she was also in the TV show (13) and was wife of Van Halen (14).
14 You Really Got Me Van Halen The Kinks - Both are their songs.
15 Tired of Waiting for You Green Day Green Days - Both songs are sung by them.
16 Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day Songs about the singer's father - Billy Joe Armstrong and Bono both wrote about their fathers.
17 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own U2 U2 - Both songs by them.
18 40 U2 Bible - 40 is based on Psalm 40. Turn is based on Book of Ecclesiastes.
19 Turn Turn Turn The Byrds David Crosby - He was in The Byrds and then part of CSNY.
20 Our House CSNY Our House - name of both songs.
21 Our House Madness -----------
Max Points 21 20 60

Sorry, Life Gets in the Way

July 15, 2012
I have not been able to find time to post the first answers. Last chance for Tracks 20 and 21 if you haven't got them.

V6 First Answers

June 15, 2012

The first pair of Answers, Tracks 20 & 21, will be posted 2 days from now.

Bridges is Leading ........ for Now

June 2, 2012

There have been a few more submissions this weekend. Some new jockeying for places in the standing. Brian, Bill, Mandy/Steve, Brent, Stofko and Pringle (tie for 5th) are holding the top five positions.

We Miss You

May 23, 2012

Gillian, Scott, Doug, Sheryl, Kathy, Rob, Fi, Lola & Mick?
Three of you are previous champions .............. The first answer will be posted shortly.

'Canadian' is NOT the Connection between Tracks 6 & 7

May 15, 2012

Many of you have guessed this connection. But, no, the connection is much better than this!

Going to see The Cranberries

May 9, 2012
They are playing tonight at The Sound Academy.

Not By The Same Producer

May 8, 2012
More than one entry have guessed the connection between Tracks 5 and 6 is the same producer for the two songs - No!

My Apologies

April 20, 2012
Just like the last volume I apologized for having Cher destroying Walking In Memphis, for V6 I need to apologize for Track 6 - it is a terrible version! The singer totally wrecks the song (not that i like the original)! But I need it to make a connection.

V6 Is Ready!

April 15, 2012
I have V6 ready for over two years but just never had the time to 'launch' it! Meanwhile, I have inserted Track 1 and replace the last two tracks in the last few months.

Just like the last volume, there is a track I need to apologize for - it is a terrible version; the singer totally wrecks the song (not that the original is that good)! But I need it to make a connection.

When you see this and you haven't got a CD of V6, let me know and I'll send you one.

For previous Volumes, please go to the sidebar.

FINALLY .... V5 Is Done!

August 5, 2010

I'm bad! The first answers for V5 was posted June 1 2009; it took me more than 14 months to posted all the answers. The last submission from you was in August 2009 so the race was basically finished by then.

And the Champion for V5 is Mick Oliveira with 91 points. Mick was also the champion for V1.

The runner-up is Brian Bridges (88 pts) and the Third Place goes to Brent Gotts (84 pts). All three guys work with me in the same office. My non-MRC friends need to work harder to beat them.

Getting Ready For V5

May 18, 2009
I have moved all the V4 postings into the "NDOS V4" folder on the left menu.

V5 is not as easy as V4, but it is still relatively easy!

I have to apologize for Track 8 in V5 - that's the only version i can make connection!

V4 Champion

March 22, 2009

We have a new champion - Sheryl Shears. Congratulations!!

Previous champions Laurie Townsend and Scott Bowers are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The 4th to 10th places are:

Mick Oliveira
Steve Byberg (major help from Mandy!)
Jeff Ward
Adam Butterfield
Doug MacRae
Rene Horowitz
Steve Schijns

Get ready! Volume 5 is almost ready .......

Volume 4 Is Ready

August 18, 2007
Volume 4 is ready. There are 23 songs. All the songs are either a movie theme song, a song recorded specially for a movie or a song that evokes a memorable moment of a movie.

If you want a copy of the CD, click on the blue 'Email' icon and let me know.

1 point for the song and 1 point for the artist; 1 point for the movie; and 2 points for the connection.

For example, (it's an easy one), can you name the song, the band and the movie of the music that is now playing?

Volume 4 Is Coming Soon

August 3, 2007

Volume 4 is nearing completion. Volume 4 has a theme on Hollywood - all songs are either a movie theme song or featured prominently in a movie. So, you need not only your musical knowledge, you also need your movie knowledge.

Volumes 1 to 3

July 18, 2007

From now on, this will be the official site. For Volumes 1 to 3, please go to the old site:

N Degrees of Separation