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New Beginnings


Welcome to the New Jersey Devils Home Page.  This is a new team we are trying to get off the ground located in South New Jersey.  The New Jersey Devils will be an 8 man semi-professional team playing under the rules of Arena/Indoor Football.  Arena/Indoor Football makes for a much more exciting game than its larger counterpart the NFL.  The athletes are playing on a smaller field at a much faster pace.  This makes for risky plays, harder hits, and phenomenal catches. With the drive by the Arena/Indoor players if you blink, you may just miss another touchdown.




We are currently looking for male individuals ages 18 and up who are interested in being physically active by playing competitive, yet fun and exciting football games.



At this point in time we are currently looking for a league to be apart for next season...In that time we would like to start recruiting players and create a winning organization.


All player and league fees will be determined once we selected a league.


If your interested in becoming a member of the New Jersey Devils please fill out the form located in the Handouts Tab and email it back to