• Time to Get Started!
  • Games Start January 11th
  • for more info text James Guck at 575-313-9302


      Sunday/Monday BOYS Tournament           Sunday/Monday GIRLS Tournament
                      #4 Stars            
                        Feb 1st  - 9am            
    #2  Braves               #5 Sparks            
                            Feb 1st - 12noon        
                          #1               Silver        
    Feb 1st-    8am                                
                                      Feb 2nd  - 6:30pm      
    #3 Warriors                   # 2               Storm        CHAMPION
                            Feb 1st -  11am        
          Feb 2nd-  7;30PM               #3               Rockers        
    #4 Redskins          CHAMPION                      
    Feb 1st-  10am                                
    #1 Indians                   Sunday/Monday 2nd/3rd Grade Tournament  
                            Team A        
                            Feb 1st at 1pm        
                            Team B        
        Monday Night PeeWee (K/1st) Tournament                  
                                Feb 2nd -6pm    
                            Team C       CHAMP  
            Pee Wee Team 1               Feb 1st at 1:30pm      
                            Team D        
              Feb 2nd at 5:20           Teams will be divided at game time      
            Pee Wee Team 2                        
         Teams will be divided at game time                            

Change of Plans for 2/3rd Graders

Many 2/3 graders can't be at games on Sunday cuz of Super Bowl, so we will do their final games on Monday at 5:45.  No 2/3rd grade games on Sunday.

Girls 4th thru 6th have been divided into teams:

Girls 4th thru 6th Grade have been divided into teams as follows: We can still use another coach for this group. let me know if interested.

Tanya E.
Hevyn J
Emily E
Alaynah R
D'andreah S
Araceli R
Jasmine R
Alysha R
Aniela T
Zara T
Anna M

Skkyla G
Daezia C
Tanisha L
Keanna H
Julianna O
Yesenia C
Yamira C
Alysia C
Jezalyn R
Autumn D
Anaiyah R
Marissa G

Marcella P
Andrea S
Lexi M
Aizlynn M
Alyzae J
Elena G
Zynasia R
Chantye M
Alyssa M
Danica A
Marcia H

Toya O
Alexis P
Michaela R
Sierra D
Madison O
Alexis G
Delaney W
Marisol M
Faith L
Viviana T
Isabella Z

League Schedule

  No Regrets Basketball
  League Schedule
  Sunday, January 11th
8am Braves vs Warriors
9am Rockers vs Sparks
10am Stars vs storm
11am Indians vs Redskins
12pm Storm vs Silver
1pm Stars vs Rockers
2pm Warriors vs Indians
3pm Young Guns (2nd/3rd Graders)
4pm Pee Wee (K/1st Graders)
  Sunday, January 18th
8am Silver vs Sparks
9am Redskins vs Braves
10am Warriors vs Indians
11am Sparks vs Stars
12pm braves vs indians
1pm Redskins vs Warriors
2pm storm vs rockers
3pm Pee Wee (K/1st Graders)
4pm Young Guns (2nd/3rd graders)
  Sunday, January 25th
8am Silver vs Stars
9am Sparks vs Storm
10am Indians vs Redskins
11am Stars vs storm
12pm Rockers vs sparks
1pm Redskins vs Braves
2pm Rockers vs Silver
3pm Braves vs Warriors
4pm Young Guns (2nd/3rd graders)
5pm Pee Wee (K/1st Graders)
  Tournament - TBA

Boys 4th thru 6th Graders have been divided into teams

Boys in Grades 4th Thru 6th have been divided into teams.  Coaches will contact players about practice. Teams are as follows:


Coach Jeremy Garcia

Adrian M

Noah T

Dino P

Javi G

Deci G

Elijah J

Jeriah G

GJ Peru

Andres T

Chris S.

Caleb M



Coach Lez Gonzales

Isaac G

Toby D

Pasqual J

Jacob A

Matthew D

Michael D

Tommy G

Ian R

Joaquin A

Diego A

Gabriel C

Zion G



Coach George Esqueda

Anthony E

Aiden C

Andrew S

Robert H

Jeremy S

Raul V

Roman A

James D

Louie H

Jaime C

Javen L



Coach Nelson Diaz & Billy Trujillo

Edward F

Brian K

Dakato U

Alex A

Thomas M

Houston H

Michael A

Orlando T

Elijah D

Andres V

Nick C

Elyjah H

Last 5 years = 6 Silver League Championships

Our girls had their second consecutive undefeated season!

Champions Again

Congratulations to our former No Regrets Girls & Boys who now play for Snell 7th grade. Our Girls finished the Season with a perfect 17-0 record and beat La Plata in the District Championship by a score of 42 to 35. It was a great game with La Plata leading most of the way, but after we fell behind by seven points in the 4th quarter our girls turned on the pressure and refused to lose. Within three minutes they turned a seven point deficit into a seven point lead. They shut up the Silver crowd that already thought they had this game won. As the pressure built, our girls played their best. I could not have been prouder of my daughter who scored 32 points, had 12 blocked shots, 10 steals, and 11 rebounds in the championship game. Congratulations to Lexus Guck, Analysa Salcido, Jaedyn Arellano, Brianna Merino, Anela Estrada, Felicia Maldonado, Christyn Ortiz, Angelica Garcia, & Hannah Burnette. You girls made me proud and reinforce my belief that No Regrets Basketball will begin to make a difference in the Cobre Basketball Program. I would also like to congratulate the Snell 7th grade Boys on a successful season. They just lost to La Plata in the Championship by 2 points in an awesome game. I saw them practice several times and I thought coach Diaz did a nice job in turning our boys into one of the top teams in the district despite having very few players and I now welcome Coach Diaz as he helps us coach here at No Regrets Basketball. Former No Regrets Players on the Snell 7th grade team included Estefan Gonzales, Andru Sanchez, Tyler Euland. Congratulations boys and girls and lets keep building the program into something the whole community can be proud of like our Baseball, Softball & Wrestling programs!

Awsome Turnout...We will build a New Tradition at Cobre

No Regrets Basketball would like to welcome all the new Cobre Youth League players to our league. We now have nearly 120 Cobre kids participating in youth basketball. With this kind of turnout, we will build a new tradition at Cobre!

Point Guard College in San Antonio was Awsome!

I recently took two of our platyers to San Antonio to attend Point Guard College. It was an awsome camp! I took more notes than I took in my college courses. They kept us busy all day. (from 7am to 11pm for 5 days) But I learned so much and look forward to including many of the things I learned into this years team practices. It was an expensive camp, but was easily the best camp I ever attended. I am so excited to get the season started and I will definately plan to take several more players to Point Guard College next summer. Let me know if you are interested, so we can begin fundraising. Please note, this camp is only for serious basketball players.

Snell girls win District Championship

Congratulations to the Snell 7th Graders. This weekend they won the District Championship. They ended the season with a record of 16-2. Five of their seven players played with No Regrets Basketball in the past. They are: Mariah Guck, Estella Marquez, Betty Orosco, Kaitlin Moulton, and Marisa Gallardo. Great job girls! That's two championships in a row.
The 8th graders also had a good season. They finished 2nd in the District and also have several No Regrets players. They are: Paige Tovar, Victoria Castillo, Felicia Peru, Kyla Maldonado, and Kayla Goodwin.

These girls are going to turn around the Cobre girls Basketball program.

About No Regrets Basketball

I am James Guck, a 1989 Cobre graduate and former basketball player. Over the last several years I have watched as Cobre Basketball has struggled to maintain any success, yet Softball, Wrestling, and Baseball have thrived. So, in 2005 I began No Regrets Girls Basketball to help build the future of Cobre Basketball into a more respectful program. We have had tremendous success and I look forward to Cobre High soon realizing the foundation we have built. This year, with your support, No Regrets Basketball will add a boys team to our girls teams. With your help, I believe we can build Cobre Basketball into one of the premier basketball programs in the state. For More info call me at 575-313-9302. Also click on "Handouts" on the left side of the main menu for more detailed information and a registration form.

Gus Macker Winners

We had over 40 boys and girls compete in out of town Gus Macker Tournaments this spring and the girls brought home the awards.

Lexus Guck - Champion
Felicia Dominguez - Champion
Isa Lee - Champion
Jessica Martinez - Champion

Mariah Guck - 3rd Place
Marissa Macon - 3rd Place
Victoria Castillo - 3rd Place
Celine Gavaldon - 3rd Place

Felica Maldonado - Sportsmanship award
Matilda Euland - Sportsmanship award
Aubrey Renteria - Sportsmanship award
Lysandra Villegas - Sportsmanship award

All of our players did a good job representing No Regrets Basketball!

2009 Champions