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July 13, 2013

The Chicago Cubs have an Unofficial Mascot Named Billy Cub…Who is this masked Furry? Well Look no further, It's North End's Lead Off Hitter, Tijl Vanderwge

N.E.-How Did This Mascot Thing Come To Be?

T.V. - Well a buddy of mine in Chicago was doing it part time. He felt that there was a thirst for the team to have a mascot. One day he needed to find coverage for a game and he called me and asked if I could jump in the bear suit and walk around the stadium. I was like “dawg, I don’t know if I know how to do that” and my buddy was like “no man it’s easy, get in the bear suit, mingle with the fans and carry around this little igloo cooler around.” My buddy explained to me that people love mascots and they will take pictures with you and a lot of them tip and you put the tips in the cooler.  I was like man that’s a great idea. After my first game I was hooked and I went out and got my own bear suit and I became Billy Cub #2.

N.E. –How are you able to commit to your contract with North End if you are always in Chicago working the streets?

T.V. – First off I only do weekends when the Cubs are at home.  I also got to give my GM Tommy P. a lot of respect for scheduling the season around my work schedule which allows me to make it to most the games. If it wasn’t for him I probably would not be able to play or he might have released me out right.

N.E. – In a recent blog you were chosen the creepiest “unofficial mascot” that the Cubs have, beating out the likes of “Hot Dog Man”, “Ivy Man” and a man name Ronny Woo, Woo.

T.V. – (Laughs) I don’t know who rates us man, but how am I creepier than a giant hot dog? It is what it is dawg, I can’t control what people say or do, I can only be Billy Cub. If people think I am like a creepy clown then that’s their opinion. But I bet that hot dog guy or ivy man doesn’t have their own Facebook page. Billy Cub does, and he has like 250 likes.

N.E.  – Isn’t a little frustrating that Billy Cub can’t even watch the games due to the “no costume rule” that the stadium enforces.

T.V. – Yeah, it’s a little irritating. We’re trying to change people’s (ownership) minds. We want to become the official mascot of the Cubs. We just want to make the fans excited about their team and if management is willing we would love to do what we do inside the stadium.

N.E. – Thanks for taking the time to talk to shed a little light on Billy Cub.

T.V. - My pleasure…thanks for having me! Contact Billy Cub on Facebook, and with no fail, I will get back to you before your cereal goes stale.

The 2013 Schedule Has Been Announced...Home Opener June 3rd

April 19, 2013

Your North End Biscuits will open up the 2013 season June 3rd, 6:15pm @ Concordia University against division foe Air Freight Unlimited. This will be the first game of of many that week. The Biscuits will play 5 games in the first week of the season, all against conference rivals. The rest of the week games go as follows.

June 4th Saints 6:15 @ Como Park

June 6th River Pirates 6:15 @ St. Thomas University

June 7th Rosetown 6:15 @ Como Park

June 9th Capitals 3:00 @ Como Park

Q & A With North End's Elder Statesman Dave Follmer

April 27, 2010
N.E.-Q: Well now that you've signed your one year extension, how do you feel?

D.F.-A: It feels good. It's a wieght lifted off my shoulder, thats for sure. Now I can just concentrate on my workouts everyday and not have to worry about my contract.

N.E.-Q: Did you ask for a one year extension, or were you hoping for more of a long term commitment from manangement?

D.F.-A: No, no. I asked for a one year contract. When you get to be my age (30), you take it one year at a time. Management offered long term, they're very loyal to me, my boss Tommy P. has been nothing but a class act towards me and my family. So if I do decide on coming back after next year, they know they should have no problems signing me. I ain't going anywhere.

N.E.-Q: It's been a long off season, what have you been doing to stay in shape?

D.F.-A: I like to get a nice jog in every day to get the blood flowing. I then hit the gym for some free weights. Then I go to the cages by myself and hit off the tee's. I work on spraying the ball all different directions. I then throw soft toss to my self.

N.E.-Q: To yourself?

D.F.-A: Yeah, you know I throw the ball up, the ball comes down, I hit it.
Get it?

N.E.-A:Get it!

N.E.-Q: You have gained quite a fan base by rocking the chest pubes over your uniform during games. Is that something you plan on doing again this year?

D.F.-A: (Laughs) Oh, definetly! That started out being unintentional, I just don't like wearing undershirts, they're constrictive and my mobility is limited. But the chest pube thing really caught on for some reason. I get some interesting fan letters about it, but it's fun. Jarred Allen's got his mullet, Mauer's got the burns and I got the chest pubes. Me and my agent got some marketing ideas coming up here in the future.

N.E.:Keep us informed on that.

D.F.:For sure, for sure. Hopefully we will have t-shirts, hats, stick on chest pubes and whatever else brings awareness to the awsomeness of the chest pube.

N.E.:We want to thank you for taking a moment of your busy schedule to talk to us and we look forward to seeing you in action in the next few weeks here.

D.F.:My pleasure thanks for having me.

Biscuits Figure Out How To Stop Losing Streak; Give The Follmer Twins The Damn Ball

July 8, 2009
St.Paul- Now that the Biscuits are on a 4 game losing streak the team has tried to figure out how to get back on track. In a closed door meeting on Tuesday some of the players figured out how to turn the losing streak around. The answer was simple, let the Follmers pitch. Nick & Kyle (Turkey) Follmer could be a 1,2 punch to the face for any opponent in the St.Paul league. "Not only do I bring the nasty to the mound I also have friggen heart!" says Nick Follmer (2008 fan favorite)." "I know I can throw some quality innings for this team. Just look at my resume'; In junior high I led the team in wins, k's, and hit batsman. And remember that gem I threw for Murray Jr. High against Battle Creek, it was friken Sweet!"
Indeed Nick brings the heart but "Turkey" Follmer brings the brains. Kyle is a pitching wizard out there. "It's like poetry in motion" says team mascot Ricky Keock. "Turkey" brings a whole arsenal of pitches to the table, and every pitch defies logic. He is a true master of his craft, he can throw 16 different pitches. "It's true, I throw two cutters, sinker, change, curve, knuckler, knuckle curve, spitter, splitter, palm, fork, four variations of a slider and when I need it the ol' 67mph heater. I can use any one of those pitches at any time with confidence. I can still remember my last start back in 1998, I was in 5th grade playing for the Como Gophers and we were playing North Dale and boy was my stuff on that day. I struck out 18 batters out of 21 that night, my stuff was that good." When asked if he was concerned about coming back to the mound after such a long time off "Turkey" replied, "Of course not, I'm an athlete and I still got it." When word got out that "Turkey" was making a comeback to the mound, long time Buscuit fan and rock icon Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen said "He can throw that speed ball by ya, make you look like a fool boy!"
When asked about about his thoughts about the Follmer twins making a comeback to the pitching staff, GM Dave Zschokke stated "I'm clueless to the situation, I must have not gotten the memo about this meeting and what was talked about. If us scoring 2 runs in the last 4 games means we have to resort to the Follmer twins pitching while our team ERA is in the 2's then something went terribly wrong at this meeting."

A.P. Carves N.E. In Head In Support of Suspended Teamate Hanratty

St.Paul- North End utility man Alex Paitich in an act of kindness carved the team N.E. logo in his head to show support for his suspended teamate CJ "Baby Boy" Hanratty, who is serving his 45 day supension on house arrest. "I just wanted him to know that he is not forgotten around here." stated Paitich. "I wanted him to know that just because he can't be here physically, doesn't mean he can't be here with us in spirit." Hanratty who is on his 7th day of his suspension was unavailable for comment regarding A.P.'s honorary gesture. When talking to Biscuits GM Dave Zschokke about Paitich's comments Zschokke stated "Well, we'll find out if he is here in spirit. If A.P.'s head starts talking and doesn't shut up." "If his head starts to chirp at the umpires, then I will believe." "But right now he just looks rediculous." "Also I don't know if we need him in spirit on our bench. Since he has been suspended we have won three in a row without him. So maybe he might want to shave that spirit off his head before it causes anymore problems."

"Turkey" Cracks Under The Pressure, Lashes Out At Camera Man

St.Paul- Since taking over first base for CJ Hanratty two games ago Kyle "Turkey" Follmer has been producing offensively (.500 BA) as well as defensively. With his strong start to the season there has been a buzz going around the city and nation. People are starting to take notice of "Turkey" and with this rise of fame, Follmer is starting to feel the pressure of the media and last night lashed out at a camera man trying to sneak a picture of him at the Half Time Rec. "I can't even have one drink man and I'm getting surrounded, it's rediculous!" Exclaimed an irritated Follmer. "After a hard day on the diamond I just want to sit, relax and have a drink, wind down ya know." "Then I got dudes like this @#!* trying to get in to my personal space asking me stupid @#!*, and thats when I lost it and I went after him." No law enforcement were called to the scene, no charges were filed. So when asked if felt lucky that nothing serious happened of this "Turkey" responded. "No! I don't feel lucky, the dude with the camera was lucky!" "Lucky I didn't knock a few teeth out his mouth I tell ya." "I would knock my brothers teeth out if got to close to me." "What makes this guy any different!"

BREAKING NEWS! "Baby Boy" Hanratty Suspended 45 days, "Turkey" To Get His Shot

June 15, 2009
St.Paul- Firstbaseman, C.J. "Baby boy" Hanratty has been suspended from the Biscuits for 45 days by Ramsey County for legal troubles. A Ramsey County judge came down with the ruling at around 2:00pm Tuesday afternoon. Effective immediatley "Baby Boy" will be transported to the workhouse, where he will try to stay in shape and prepare for the North End playoff push when he is reinstated. He will stay in shape by pumping iron everyday,running the yard, gardening and highway cleanups. GM of the Biscuits, Dave Zschokke on the situation; "We knew he was in a little trouble, but we weren't prepared for this." "I think it was harsh, but what can you do?" "It is a good opportunity for a young guy to step up, make some plays and get noticed."
That opportunity may likely go to Kyle "Turkey" Follmer. Follmer who has been on the roster many years, but only has been to about a quarter of the games and came dressed about a half a dozen times, feels that he is ready. "I am ready to get at it man" says Follmer. "This team needs a shot in the arm, just jump on my back boys." "Just like (2002) freshman ball where I hit .637, we beat Cretin's freshman squad and won the fricken City Title baby."
The suspension now ruins Hanratty's three year consecutive game streak and now has been stripped of the "Iron Man" title.

Outfielders Take Knee, Infielders Move Up In New 'CJ Hanratty Shift'

April 30, 2009
St.Paul—As the 2009 baseball season progresses, St. Paul managers are defending against North End Firstbaseman by employing what they call the "Hanratty Shift," a defensive maneuver in which infielders move up past the pitcher's mound and outfielders take a knee and relax. "It's very effective," A manager of the St.Paul League told reporters. "If CJ makes contact with the ball, which is rare in itself, he usually hits slow dribblers that catch infielders by surprise because of how weak they're hit. So, by moving the infielders up, and having the pitcher rush home plate after the pitch has been thrown, [Hanratty] has virtually no chance of reaching base. If runners are on when he comes up, we may have the outfielders cover first, second, and third to ensure a double or triple play." The same manager added that it doesn't matter if Hanratty bats right- or left-handed, as the shift is fool proof.

Nick Follmer To Bring Back The "Butt Cut"

Since being named fan favorite recently in a fan poll Nick Follmer has made some more news. Nick has decided he is gonna bring back the "Butt Cut." The "Butt Cut" was a trendy little hair due which became popular in the mid '90's especially during the peak of the 90210 days. He believes the hair do will bring back confidence in his game for next season and will help him raise his batting average significantly. "Jason Giambi made headlines when he started growing a stasch and wearing a gold thong, and look what happened to him, he started hitting the ball again and went on a tear." Nick replied. But the question remains; Do you really believe that it was the stasch that got him going again? "Absolutley!" Nick says " The Stasch brought back the confidence that he has lacked the last couple years, and I believe the (Butt) cut will do that for me. I think it will bring confidence to all areas of my life not just baseball. I could be the modern day version of Zach Morris, look what the "Butt Cut" did to his confidence on Saved By The Bell. He was always pulling shinanigans on Mr. Bellding, stood up to that bully AC Slater, getting out of jams and always pulled in the tail. I am convinced it's a direct reflection of the hair, and if it worked for those guys it will work for me, I just know it. I hope people jump on board the bandwagon and get the "Butt" started again."

Nick Follmer Voted Fan Favorite

In a rescent poll by the North End Baseball fans, Nick Follmer was chosen 2008 season fan favorite. "It comes with no surprise" says North End firstbaseman CJ Hanratty. "He plays the game the way it was suppose to be played, and I think the fans appreciate that." When asked about the about the award Nick Follmer shrugs it off. "I appreciate the honor, and I thank you guys the fans, but I'm just glad to get the opprtunity to play this great game. Whether it be clutch base hits, pinch running for my catcher or just coaching third, I'm going to go out there and give it my all." When asked about all of Nick's hard work to a female fan of North End she stated; "Hard work? I don't know. I just love when he pinch runs and he steals a base and his hair is flowing through the breeze, its so dreamy!
Well how ever you want to look at it Nick is the fan favorite. Congratulations Nick!