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January 19, 2015 – 07:00 AM

 North Port "Pirates" team, (Jr. Div. / AAU), are now the Venice "Pirates". Can be reach thru our new web-site. www.leaguelineup.com/venpirates.

 Started out well, winning the 2014 Fall League and Tournament Championship.

 With our kids / players now playing High School baseball (along with myself relocating to Venice) it was time for a change. 

 Want to thanks the many, many parents (and my players) for the honor of coaching your boys. 

 It was a great run...."Thank You"







2014 NPALL Jr. Div. "All-Stars"

September 28, 2014

Top row: R. Delagarza, R. Shamp, J. Donlan, A. Torres, T. Anderson and B. Anderson

Bottom row: T. Roche, C.Luke, J. Moore, C. Mott and S. Staley

2014 NPALL Spring Baseball "Pirates"

August 6, 2014 – 07:00 AM

 A "thank you" to you all, for all the support this pass spring season. Started with a bunch of players that frankly, we thought did not have a clue. On thier baseball journey they begame a TEAM.....ended up 14 and 3. Played in a AAU tournament and held thier own.

 For some (will not see until the up coming Fall season) we wish you a safe summer. 

 Once again parents..."Thank You"!! 







2013 AAU / NPALL Jr. Div. & City League Champions

August 14, 2013 – 08:00 AM

Front: Tree, Purple Hayes, Papi, Jordan. LaFoe, R4  Middle: Coach "T", The Batman, Pou, P-Smithy, Nick, V, Dill, Coach R3 Top: Coach "T", Coach "R2",  Missing: B. Smith.

2013 Jr. Div. All-Stars ie:"Pirates"

September 17, 2013 – 09:00 AM

Five "Pirates" made the team, managed by Coach Tom. All now playing High School baseball. Left to right....Nick Lyle (1) Imagine H.S., K.C. Poulos (6), Coach "T", Dillion Garrett (8) North Port H.S. Pat Smith (10) North Port H.S. and Nat Vetter (missing) North Port H.S. NOTE: Rafael Ortiz, 4th. Imagine H.S. Brian Smith Imagine H.S. Zack Jordan North Port H.S. Eric Treece made the Sr. All-Star team. Nine out of ten, way to go "Pirates"!!

2012 NPALL Baseball All-Stars "Thank You"

July 16, 2012 – 07:30 AM

On behave of the League and Coaches, want to say... "Thank You" to all the players and parents for all your hard work and support.

Won the game we were suppose to win, but just could not find the answer for Sarasota.

To the High School players, remember you are still not on "thee" Baseball team. Keep working hard and stay focus! 2012 / 13 NPALL Fall / Spring Sr. / Jr. League players, the same.

Have a great summer and stay safe.


1) Bow.... 16u AAU baseball
2) Clay.....North Port H.S. baseball
3) Kush....North Port H.S. baseball
4) Rocco...Imagine H.S. baseball
5) V.........North Port H.S. baseball
6) Dillon...North Port H.S. baseball


1) Blashinsky, Z. . AAU baseball 14u
2) Smith, P. ........North Port H.S. baseball
3) Stewart, A. ......North Port H.S. baseball


1) Garcia, G. ....North Port H.S. baseball


1) Corso, R. .....North Port H.S. baseball
2) Uecker,Z. .....North Port H.S. baseball
3) Weiner, B. ....Phillies

2012 AAU "Pirates" Baseball Club

January 22, 2013

We got beat up a bit, but we play hard, had some fun and learn what baseball is all about at the next level.

Top row: Coach R3, Coach Lou, Garrett, D., Hickman, B., Smith, P., Blashinski, J., Smith, B., Lima, R., Coach

Tom & "O" 

Bottom row: R4, Benante, AJ., Jordan, Z., Smith, B., Borntreger, M., Lyle, N.

A.A.U. Baseball

November 24, 2013 – 07:00 AM


The North Port (Fl.) "Pirates" is a non-profit, tax-exempt baseball organization. Established in the year of 2000, out of the great State of New Jersey.

Our objective is to field a youth 13-14u / 16u AAU Travel Baseball team from the Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee Counties area. To participate in 2014 Spring / Summer and Fall Baseball season.

Team will provide baseball-talented / decicated players the opportunity to fine tune thier skills and further develop thier abilities, by participating in many professionally run baseball clinics and camps. The club will also play in local, regional and national baseball tounaments. These stated tounamemts are of the highest of skill and competitive level of baseball.

The "Pirates", have had the honor of participating in the Dream Park's Baseball Tournament (twice), which is held in Cooperstown, N.Y. Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We welcome new sponsors, are gratefull and appreciate of our present ones.

"Pirates" truly "THANK YOU" for your support, ARRGH!!

NOTE: Team did not play in 2010, Commitment with the Boy Scouts of America, 2010 National Scout Jamboree.