MSMABA (Minnesota Senior Mens Amatuer Baseball Association) 1989-2004, 2012 to Present

1991 MSMABA Class B Champions

1992 MSMABA Class AA Runner Up

1994 MSMABA Class AA Champions

1996 MSMABA Class AA Runner Up

2013 MSMABA Class A Runner up


NSBL (North Star Baseball League) 2005-2011

2006 Class AAA Runner up

2005 Class B Runner up


Federal League 1989-2008

2006 Federal League Champions

2007 Federal League Champions

2008 Federal League Champions

New Loretto Sox Statistical Website Launched
March 19, 2009 - The Loretto Sox Statistical website has launched. This is a new Statistical website that will serve as an information hub for all players and fans of the Sox.