• May 2019 will be moved to avoid Memorial Day conflict. Date TBD. Probably May 18th
  • Bowling banquet will scheduled for EITHER Friday, May 31st or Friday, June 7th, 2019 at Aurora CC.


Next night of bowling: September 22nd, 2018



To view Standings, Averages, etc., click on "League Standings" on the top of the page. Then click on the "Click here to see league standings." 


If the team you are bowling does not bowl or pre-bowl, your team will not automatically be awarded 7 points for the night.  You must still bowl within 40 pins of YOUR team average every game to earn points for that game and within 120 pins of YOUR team average for the series point.  This means that there can be less than 7 points awarded for the night for a match, since the missing team automatically gets 0.

To view lane assignments for the upcoming week, click the "League Standings" link on the top of the page. Then "Click here to download". Lane assignments are on the bottom of the last page. Listed by team number.