• Please DO NOT park along building or along fence between buildings at the cages!
  • Please DO NOT park behind the school at Ridge.

Welcome to the
Oak Forest Baseball Association


Congratulations 2019 11u Part Time Blue Demons!


Manager Antonio Guglielmo 

Landen Guglielmo 
Shawn Neadly 
Ashton Cardinal 
Brayden Smith 
Efren De Loera 
Declan Deering 
Chris Jenson 
Shane Walsh
Jack Banda
Will Moody
Dominic Hammerquist
Sebastian Sanderson

Congratulations to the 2019 Full time Blue Demons!


9u - Manager John Tormey

Christian Cora

Dylan Darling

Tommy McCracken

Brennen Malloy

Ryan Malloy

Caidon Marousek

Ethan Pedretti

Shaun Pepper

Colton Stienz

Caidan Stacey

Dylan Tormey

AJ Wagner



10U - Manager John Kruswicki 

Danny Strelow

Ryan Semenow

Nathan Dunaj

Sean Gagen

Louie Staszak

Jake Zoberis

Colin Gentile

Jake Kummer

Jeff Wessel

Gavin Cunningham 

Ethan Copher

Ryan Kruswicki



11U - Manager Mike Dawson 

Andrew  Dawson 

Anthony Kairis

Blake Bartczak

Colton Davis

Connor Gallagher

Connor VanDommelen

Devin Booth

Gary Manso

Jeffrey Spice

Kevin Sullivan 

Logan Mackowiak



12u - Manager Bill Strelow

Steven Strelow

Sean Cody

Gage Tokarz

Austin Kirnbauer

Nate Gesiakowski

Joe Cella

Josh Torres

Evan Gamboa

Christian McGrath

Luke Zakowski

Justin Gibbs 



13u - Manager Jay Corral

Vinny Battiato

Brandon Chalifoux

Maxwell Corral

Joshua Dawson

Mateo De La Cruz

Grant Fletcher 

Mateo Gamboa

Ryan Heitz

Hunter Johnson

Logan Jones

Nathan Powers

Sean Sullivan



13u - Manager Leland Short

Michael short

Austin zernia

Will strickler

Drew strickler

Christian diaz

Jonathan alejandre

Dennis tarandy

Oscar adan

Chris sieverin

Tayler schade

Connor williams



13u - Manager Mike Culver

DJ Benthine

Caden Culver

Hunter Daniel

Alex Jimenez

Brayden Jordan

Zach Koschnitzki

James McGinley

Chris Miller

Aiden Pinkston

Raphael Pivoney

Alex Stacy

Brandon Stacy



14U - Manager Dave Rygula 

Adam Rygula

Tony Ryan

Brian Hogan

Dylan Beissmann

Jacob Houlihan

Jimmy Vahl

Aiden Kincade

Joe Udoni

Zach Loeb

Trott Bille

A.J. Topor

Brayden Carroll



14U - Manager Bill Strelow 

Billy Strelow 

Zach Hesse

Trent Dian

Joey Harris 

Danny O’Malley

Nick Gagen

Charlie Chaffee

Dylan VanDenHandel

Logan Tokarz

Tyler Gentile 

Mike Vesely 

Michael O’Connor 

Thank you for sponsoring OFBA Wilk Real Estate! 

 Please return the favor and visit Wilk Real Estate if you are searching for a new home!

To see all our sponsors, please visit or sponsor page at http://www.leaguelineup.com/sponsors.asp?url=oakforestbaseball




We could also use help on the auxiliary board.  If you are always at the fields, like to help and could benefit from your in-house registration fees being waived, join the auxiliary board.   

Contact Vicki Hausherr at 708-738-4964 or vichausherr@gmail.com for more details.





 2018 OFBA bat rule. 

By now everyone has heard about there being a new bat rule where all bats will need to have a USA stamp on it for 2018. OFBA will not enforce this as a rule the upcoming season and WILL consider going to it next season. 
What this means to you is if you have bought a bat with the new logo it is perfectly acceptable to use this year and you can also use last year's USSSA  stamped bats. 
Note: anyone playing in part time travel baseball for OFBA this season will need to have the new stamp as the league that our part time teams are in will be enforcing the new USA stamped bats only. 

No yelling

OFBA has instituted a "ZERO TOLERANCE" rule for all managers and coaches regarding the umps.
Any yelling, unacceptable behavior, and trying to embarrass the umps about their calls will not be tolerated anymore.
If any manager or coach is kicked out of a game, they will be suspended until they meet with the board.
If any parent is yelling and trying to embarrass the umps the manager will be kicked out of the game and
suspended until they meet with the board.


Let Them Play!




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