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Outlawz & Lady Outlawz Season Schedule

2015 OCBO


Tentative Schedule based on Divisions Offered

And player availability


      February  2015                                                          Location                                                                Website


28th-1st             OAB   Series                       Salem Hoops          



   March  2015                                           


   7th-8th                OAB Series                             OAB


  14th-15th             Bye week 


  21st-22nd             OCBO Home                 Coos Bay                 


  28th-29th             Bay City                     San Francisco           



   April 2015                                


     4th                      By week                                                                        


   11th-12th             OAB Series               Albany / Lebanon      


   18th-19th            OAB Series             Eugene                           


   25th-26th            OAB Series            Eugene                          






     May 2015                                   


   2nd-3rd        OAB Series                   Eugene                             


  9th-10th        Singular  Open           Medford, Or                           


  14th                Home Town Challenge         Harding Learning Center                     


  23rd-25th     National Championships               


  30th                OCBO / Epuerto Sports Banquet                Mill Casino,  Coos Bay, OR





Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays for all OAB tournaments. All other tournaments are played on both Saturday and Sunday.

The New OCB

The Oregon Coast Basketball Program is a premier youth basketball program for the development of boys and girls on the Southern Oregon Coast. Oregon Coast Basketball has quickly becoming one of the largest youth basketball organizations on the Southern Oregon Coast with boys and girls members aged 6 to 17 years old. The primary purpose of the program is to provide a platform for the youth of Coastal Oregon to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball.  

The primary focus of the OCBO (Oregon Coast Basketball) has always been on the development of the individual player.  We feel as our individual members improve, so will our teams.  During competition, our focus is more on the improvement of our members and teams, rather than on the wins and losses.  Sometimes this can be a difficult concept to grasp within a competitive club, but we believe that by challenging our members and teams to compete at all times at the highest levels of their capability that, win or lose, through competition comes the greatest development.  Then, the wins and losses become insignificant and the ability to compete becomes the focus.

With that said, it is very important that we place each member in a program that will offer him/her the best opportunity to compete, and therefore to grow and develop as a basketball player.  Your child will be evaluated based on physical size, athletic ability, skill level, and experience.  Once evaluated, he/she will have the opportunity develop in one of our three programs (Coming in August 2014):

1) Accelerated Training Program (ATP)

2) Player Development Program (PDP)

3) Travel Team Program (Premier, Division I & Division II)


We feel very strongly that with proper training, fundamentals, and discipline our program will grow and be successful. We ask for your patience in this process and with the program while we work with and for your child, and remember, your child’s placement at this time is just a starting point based on his/her current needs.