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BJ Turner Tears ACL: Season In Jeopardy

Take A Wiff Of This' BJ Turner may not play during the 2012 season due to a torn ACL. Turner missed the entirety of last season due to a league suspension, and has been oft-injured in previous years. Turner was projected to be a key player on Take A Wiff Of This this season, and if he misses time, the team will surely feel the effects.

BREAKING: Freaky Franchise and The Crab agree on Trade

February 3, 2012 – 09:00 AM
The Freaky Franchise have given up Don Sutton, Two wiffle bats, and a dozen balls for The Crab's Justin Tomkins. Sutton, who possesses a nearly unhittable riser, threw one of the league's first no-hitters before he left for boot camp last summer. He is a question mark because no one knows whether he will be back for next year's season. Tomkins had a breakout year last year, his only year that he has not been paired up with his cousin, Ryan Bush. He returns to the partnership one year removed from a Freaky Franchise championship.

Comparing Old and New Teams

February 1, 2012 – 10:00 AM
With the offseason shakeup that occurred, predicting this year in wiffleball will be a challenge. Some teams split up, and some stayed together. NOTE: This only uses players who played at least one game last season

The Freaky Franchise are most like the Freaky Franchise
Brett Bigler- Freaky Franchise
Ryan Bush- Freaky Franchise
Nate St. Ours- Freaky Franchise
Jon Suhre- Freaky Franchise
Don Sutton- Flying Squirrels

The Plainguys are most like the Brown Eye Bears
Alex Barber- The Carols
John Crean- Brown Eye Bears
Phil Limbeck- Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
Chris Roeder- Brown Eye Bears
Matt Roeder- Brown Eye Bears

Take A Wiff Of This is most like None
Zac Hess- The Carols
Josh Maves- Pegula Rays
Matt Mika- Brown Eye Bears
Chris Sacheli- Ponyboy's Heart of Gold

The Crab is most like Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
Colby Delaney- Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
Matt Draveck- Pegula Rays
Dave Erb- Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
Adam Kloos- The Carols
Justin Tomkins- Flying Squirrels

The Tampa Bay Turtles are most like the Pegula Rays
Doug Bush- Flying Squirrels
Richie Chute- Pegula Rays
James Draveck- Pegula Rays
Vince Pettrone- Pegula Rays
Joe Simmons- Pegula Rays

No Your Other Left is most like The Carols
Ben Brown- The Carols

Power Rankings: February

February 1, 2012 – 09:00 AM
No changes this month, but we are introducing the new team names:

1.) Freaky Franchise
2.) The Plainguys (Team Barber)
3.) Take A Wiff Of This (Team Sacheli)
4.) The Crab (Team Delaney)
5.) Tampa Bay Turtles (Team Draveck)
6.) No Your Other Left (Team Brown)

Power Rankings: January

January 18, 2012 – 08:00 AM
We are another month closer to Opening Day, and there have been some shifts in the power rankings. Here they are:

1.) Freaky Franchise
2.) Team Barber
3.) Team Sacheli
4.) Team Delaney
5.) Team Draveck +1
6.) Team Brown -1

1.) Freaky Franchise: No surprises here, just another month of predicted dominance. The only change they've made is the switch to retro Astros jerseys.

2.) Team Barber: Again, no surprises, not even any changes. This is a solid team all the way through, and they will contend.

3.) Team Sacheli: Zero changes over the month keeps them in the 3 spot for now. They still have questions, but as of right now, there is no reason to drop them from the 3rd spot on our list.

4.) Team Delaney: All has been quiet from team captain Colby Delaney, so no changes for this month.

5.) Team Draveck: They are taking this spot by default, as Ben Brown's roster clean out dropped him to the 6th spot. Draveck's team has been quiet, much like the rest of the league.

6.) Team Brown: Ben Brown cleaned out his roster and moved down to the 6th spot this month, and it is not looking good. The team only has two players that are readily available for the 2012 season. However, things could get better as there have been trade rumors circling around this team, and if they can make a move, they could jump in the rankings.

Power Rankings: December

December 17, 2011 – 01:00 PM
The season does not start until May, but here is an idea of what we can expect for next season:

1.) Freaky Franchise
2.) Team Barber
3.) Team Sacheli
4.) Team Delaney
5.) Team Brown
6.) Team Draveck

1.) Freaky Franchise: You can't bet against the defending league champions, and it is exactly the same team. Expect them to post a similar 18-2 record.

2.) Team Barber: This could very well be the most talented team of this draft. Alex "Bacon" Barber basically drafted last year's Brown Eye Bears, and if Chris Roeder has another year like last year, expect them to contend for a title, and be well over .500.

3.) Team Sacheli: Drafting BJ Turner and Matt Mika are two big moves for the former Milledge Division MVP. However, there are some questions. Will Turner and Mika show? Can the other members of his team step up if they do not show? Their success depends on the answers to these questions.

4.) Team Delaney: This team is an interesting pick, mainly because they have a high ceiling and a low basement. If they perform to full potential, and Dave Erb and Justin Tomkins continue their offensive progress, then they will finish above .500. However, pitching seems to be a minus for this team, and if they cannot find a spark here, they will be in trouble.

5.) Team Brown: They would be higher, but half of their team has already been released. This is a team full of questions: Will Aaron Kelley show? If not, who will step up for Brown? Right now his roster consists of himself, Aaron Kelley (who is in California), Ben Montreuil (in the army), and Darin Carter. They need another key player, badly.

6.) Team Draveck: Hard to put them in this spot, but only adding Doug Bush does not give them much more of an advantage. They are a solid offensive team, but only have Bush to pitch. Another high ceiling, low basement team, they could turn a few heads, but as of right now, they are not.

Draft Results

November 26, 2011

Team Draveck:
James Draveck
Doug Bush
Joe Simmons
Vince Pettrone
Richie Chute

Team Delaney:
Colby Delaney
Dave Erb
Justin Tomkins
Adam Kloos
Chris Butusov
Matt Draveck
Parker Delaney

Team Barber:
Alex Barber
Chris Roeder
Phil Limbeck
John Crean
Josh Best
Matt Roeder
Jared Toth
Billy Annechino

Team Sacheli:
Chris Sacheli
BJ Turner
Matt Mika
Josh Maves
Zac Hess
Jamie Downs
Travis Brill

Team Brown:
Ben Brown
Aaron Kelley
Don Sutton
Tommy Wagner
Ben Montreuil
Josh Ludwig

Team Bush:
Ryan Bush
Nate Saint Ours
Brett Bigler
Jon Suhre

OCWA Represented in the NWLA National Teams, No Wiffy Awards

November 22, 2011 – 11:00 AM
The NWLA has released their National Teams and Wiffy Awards for the 2011 season. The OCWA did not receive any Wiffy Awards, but the National teams were full of OCWA talent. Ryan Bush garnered two honors, First Team Pitchers and Third Team Hitters. Chris Roeder came away with First Team Hitters honors, while Dave Erb came away with his first ever National Team honors as a member of the Second Team Hitters. The OCWA is proud of these players, and is pleased with the outcome of the 2011 season.

OCWA to Draft on November 26

November 16, 2011 – 03:00 PM
The draft for the 2012 OCWA season is coming up. The date has been set for Saturday, November 26th at 8 pm. The six managers will have the remaining time to think up draft strategies in order to build their teams for next season. Considering the success the league enjoyed last year, it should be another great year for the OCWA.

OCWA in the NWLA National Tournament

October 26, 2011 – 10:00 AM
Three of the six OCWA teams made national tournaments hosted by the NWLA. The Freaky Franchise and the Brown Eye Bears made the 64 team Large League Tournament, which crowns the overall champion of the year, while the Pegula Rays made the 32 team Dangerfield Tournament, which crowns the single worst team of the year. The Bears were the first team out, not even making it out of the first round, losing to the Greenhouse Gassers of the WMWA. The Freaky Franchise saw a great deal of success, losing in the Elite Eight to the Cardinals of the HFWB. The Rays found "success" as well, if you're willing to call it that, making it to the Final Four worst teams of the year. The OCWA is proud of all of these teams and we are looking forward to the 2012 OCWA season.

2011 OCWA Awards Winners

September 7, 2011 – 10:00 AM
Here are your award winners for the 2011 season:

Manager of the Year-James Draveck, Pegula Rays

Draveck's record was not typical of a manager of the year record, his team went 2-18. But the way he carried out the season with any players he could find, and still managed to win two games, AND did it all in two weeks, he deserved this award more than anyone else in the league.

Golden Hands Award-Chris Roeder, Brown Eye Bears

Roeder has always been a solid fielder, and has been in the running for this award since the league was founded. This year, he stepped it up, and turned into a machine. It was stil a close race as always, but this year, Roeder impressed the most.

Rookie of the Year-Matt Roeder, Brown Eye Bears

The brother of star player Chris Roeder, Matt played in only four games. However, he proved his worth for years to come. In those four games he hit .559, with 7 homers and 33 RBI. He did well as a pitcher too, going 4-0 with a 7.80 ERA and 3 strikeouts. The Bears found a hidden gem with this one, and he could be an impact player for years to come.

Silver Sluggers-Chris Roeder, Brown Eye Bears
-Ryan Bush, Freaky Franchise
-Dave Erb, Ponyboy's Heart of Gold

The hitting game has lost a little focus since last year, and the numbers were not nearly as high. Still, a few players managed to break through the pitching phenomenon, and managed to have great seasons. These three were not clearly the best three, it was a tight race, but the fact is that they were the best three hitters in what became a pitching league.

Chris Roeder-.519 AVG, 22 HR, 99 RBI
Ryan Bush-.453 AVG, 17 HR, 74 RBI
Dave Erb-.418 AVG, 22 HR, 69 RBI

Pitcher of the Year-Ryan Bush, Freaky Franchise

It may come as a surprise, but Bush had a dominant year. Nah, not really, its not a surprise at all. The best pitcher in the league, and possibly the nation, continued to shut down opposing batters. Bush posted a 10-1 record, with a 0.81 ERA and 114 strikeouts, which is a new record. He also won the pitching triple crown. Bush also took his talents to Kingston for the state championship, and did not let up a hit. Bush's great season culminated in a championship, his second in a row.

Most Valuable Player-Chris Roeder, Brown Eye Bears

Roeder showed that he was for real this year by having a monster season, the likes of which we have not seen from him before. He has always been a good hitter, but his pitching was what really improved this year. Roeder's stat line: .519 AVG, 22 HR, 99 RBI, 3-1, 1.64 ERA, 60 K. His hitting stayed sharp in a newly-found pitching league, and his pitching stepped up to the point where he was clearly the second best pitcher in the league. Roeder's great season did not end as he would've liked, but this season might just set him up for playoff runs in the future.

Other Awards
Strikeout King-Ryan Bush, 114 K
Home Run King-Chris Roeder/Dave Erb, 22 HR

OCWA to Draft Again

September 12, 2011 – 10:00 AM
With the news that some players will not be able to captain teams next year, two new captains have been selected. These captains, Alex Barber and Colby Delaney, will be given the chance to select a fair, competitive team from the group. The OCWA will be holding a draft, much like last year, that will shake up the league once more. The two captains being replaced are Doug Bush, who chose to give up his team, and Chris Roeder, who has announced that he may not be able to play a full schedule next season.

Team OCWA wins the New York State Championship

August 13, 2011 – 06:00 PM
The OCWA team of Ryan Bush, Chris Roeder, Justin Tomkins, and and Jon Suhre have won the New York State Championship, winning it in thrilling fashion. The team had to go through three of the toughest teams in the Kingston Wiffleball League, and in the round robin part of the tournament, they managed to win all three with ease. In the first game, Justin Tomkins would throw a one-hitter and the team scratched across 2 runs to win 2-1. The second game featured the star of the day, Ryan Bush. Bush threw a no-no, and the team would small-ball their way to a 5-1 win. Bush dominated the opposing batters on the day, and the no-no would be the second most impressive of his feats today. The third game featured Chris Roeder, who also threw a no-no, AND Ryan Bush would hit a towering homer that propelled the team to a 2-0 victory and an automatic trip to the finals. The team would then face Drew van der Poel's team in the finals. Game one featured a rotation of Ryan Bush, Justin Tomkins, and Chris Roeder. The rotation worked well, saving the aces, and Ryan Bush hit two bombs with Chris Roeder hitting one. They would win 6-3, and would set up an epic matchup in game two. Ryan Bush would get the start for the OCWA, and the top pitcher of the KWL would start for van der Poel's team. The game would span 12 innings, three whole regulation OCWA games, and would only allow one baserunner in a near perfect game. Bush walked one batter in the 8th, and did not allow contact all game. The opposing pitcher only allowed three hits, but a Chris Roeder double would send one across, and that was enough for Bush. The series clincher would end in the 12th inning with a score of 1-0 OCWA. The OCWA team went 5-0 on the day, and had a great day on both sides of the ball. The OCWA would like to thank the Kingston Wiffleball league for inviting us to the event, and are looking forward to the next meeting.

Freaky Franchise are your 2011 OCWA Champions

August 21, 2011 – 12:00 PM
In the first round of the playoffs, the Flying Squirrels defeated the Rays 2 games to zero to advance to the semi finals against the Bears. Then, in a rivalry game, PHOG was able to defeat the Carols in two close games in order to face the Franchise in the semi-finals. The squirrels then pulled off the upset against the Bears, 2 games to 1, giving Justin Tompkins and Doug Bush a Championship birth for the third straight year. The Franchise then swept PHOG in two games, setting the table for a familiar sight in the OCWA finals. The Freaky Franchise were favorites coming into the playoffs, and were set to face the Flying Squirrels in the finals. The Franchise cruised to a game one victory, thanks to great pitching overall and some good hitting. Game two was closer, and the Flying squirrels managed to pull of the victory thanks to some early offensive damage. Game three was just as exciting, as the Squirrels were up 5-0 early, but gave up a barrage homers to lose the lead, and the game. The late surge in offense gave the Franchise the 2011 OCWA title. The Franchise went 4-1 in the playoffs, their only loss coming in Game 2 of the Finals to the Squirrels. They seemed to do everything right today, having great offense and good pitching. The Flying Squirrels gave it their all, but couldn't pull off 6 wins in 8 games. Congrats to the champs. All four players; Ryan Bush, Nate Saint Ours, Jon Suhre, and Brett Bigler played great in the playoffs and walked away victorious. The Franchise will wear their Championship T-Shirts proudly and will be looking to continue their success into next season. Let the offseason begin.

OCWA Playoffs Tomorrow

August 19, 2011 – 04:00 PM
The OCWA Playoffs are tomorrow, and the teams are getting ready. The action begins at 9 am, with the championship series beginning at 7 pm. Here's a preview of tomorrow's schedule.

9 AM- 3 Flying Squirrels v. 6 Pegula Rays

The first series of the day pits the new franchise, the Pegula Rays, against Doug "The Surgeon" Bush and his squad, the Flying Squirrels. The Rays did not have the greatest year, only gaining two wins, but one of them came against the Squirrels. The Squirrels are still trying to find the replacement for Don Sutton, who left the team midseason, and have struggled a little bit since then. Squirrels should not have a huge problem with this one, and they sweep.

11:30 AM- 4 Carols v. 5 Ponyboy's Heart of Gold

These two teams have battled for position all year. They have been locked in some of the best contests this season, and neither team really came out a winner, tying the season series 2-2. These teams were also the participants in the first ever brawl in OCWA competition. It should be a great series, and it will all come down to which team has the most heart. PHOG takes this series 2-1.

2 PM- 1 Freaky Franchise v. Carols/PHOG

There aren't too many teams that have given the Freaky Franchise trouble this year, and neither one of these teams really did. The Franchise swept both teams in their season series. Both teams came rather close a few times during the season, but ultimately, the Franchise closed it out. Ryan Bush expects to make it to the finals for the third year in a row, and I think it will happen.

4:30 PM- 2 Brown Eye Bears v. Flying Squirrels/Pegula Rays

The Brown Eye Bears squeaked into the second seed by having a one game lead over the Flying Squirrels. The Rays gave them no trouble this year, losing all four, including a 31-5 thumping. The Flying Squirrels were a different story, as they managed to win the season series 3-1. But, the Squirrels had Don Sutton for two of the games, and he threw a no hitter in one. Depending on which Brown Eye Bears team shows up today, it could be a slaughter, or it could be a close series.

7 PM- Championship

This is what the entire season comes down to. Will we see the Bush family in the finals again, or will a new team step up and win it all? With the way that the season went, who knows what could happen.

Regular season comes to a close

August 6, 2011 – 10:00 AM
The regular season ended last night after the Flying Squirrels swept a two game set against PHOG. It has been a great season that has seen a rise in pitching talent, as well as some new faces that would lead the league in some categories. Teams will now have two weeks to prepare for playoffs on August 20th. Here is your final rundown:

1.) Freaky Franchise 18-2
2.) Brown Eye Bears 14-6
3.) Flying Squirrels 13-7
4.) The Carols 7-13
5.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold 6-14
6.) Pegula Rays 2-18

This season saw Ryan Bush win the pitching Triple Crown, going 10-1, with a 0.81 ERA, and 114 strikeouts. Chris Roeder won a debatable hitting Triple Crown, having a .519 average with 22 homers and 99 RBI's. The only debate is that Dave Erb tied him in home runs, also hitting 22. These two phenomenal players led their respective teams to the top two seeds in the playoffs, and will also be representing the OCWA in the New York State Championship.

OCWA participating in the New York State Championship

July 25, 2011 – 12:00 PM
Some members of the OCWA will be heading to Kingston, New York to play in the state championship. Since we cannot get two actual OCWA teams to come, we have invited 8 players who are not only top players, but have an extreme dedication to wiffleball as well. The tournament will be held on August 13, and will be hosted by the Kingston Wiffleball League. Two teams from there, along with the the two teams from the OCWA, will be facing off against one of the most prestigious leagues in the country, Hess Field Wiffleball. In all, 8 teams will be there, and it should be an exciting weekend, and a great end to this year in wiffleball.

Hitless Wonders replaced by Pegula Rays

July 10, 2011 – 09:00 PM
BJ Turner's Hitless Wonders have been officially replaced after they failed to show up for a five game set. The Wonders have been missing all year long, and their commitment to the league has come into question several times. The Pegula Rays stepped into their place. Owned by James Draveck, he will be allowed to use the players from the Wonders roster, as well as any other players he can find. The league hopes that he will have more commitment than Turner did. The team has not been guaranteed for next year, and rumor has it the Colby Delaney may take the team over.

2011 Mid-Season Report

June 21, 2011 – 09:30 PM
By Colby Delaney
The 2011 installment of the OCWA is underway, and what a wacky season it has been so far. Coming into the season we all knew that there were going to be some changes in league with the implementation of the draft and the addition of foul poles at Bush Grapes Park. However the changes didn’t stop there, we have seen the overall league batting average drop from nearly .450 to around .250 this year as a result of much better pitching from all players. Another oddity this season is the fact that the Freaky Franchise has played half of their 20 regular season games while the Hitless Wonders have played 0. For the most part however the same players are dominating the statistical part of the game, Chris Roeder and Ryan Bush are the top two hitters just as in the past. Roeder leads the league with 9 homeruns with Bush following close behind with 6, Dave Erb is a pleasant surprise with 5 homeruns already this season. On the mound Roeder and Bush are also the top two performers as usual with Bush fanning 56 batters in 21.2 innings. However, Chris Roeder threw the first ever no-hitter in league history against the Freaky Franchise, which is no cake walk. Rookie Matt Mika has shown that he can strikeout batters, but not without letting up plenty of runs in the process. Overall the OCWA has a different look this season but it is still providing us with just as much fun and excitement. The playoff picture will become a little clearer in the next few weeks and there is sure to be plenty of thrills along the way.

The Quarter Pole: An Update on the Season

June 5, 2011 – 09:00 PM
We have reached the quarter point of the season, and it has been an interesting one so far. We have seen two no-hitters, some spectacular fielding, and possibly a new home run king. Here is the season recap thus far:

#20 Freaky Franchise 7-1
#45 Brown Eye Bears 4-2
Flying Squirrels 1-3
PHOG 1-3
The Carols 1-5
Hitless Wonders 0-0

As expected, the Wonders haven't played a game. The team who thought they would be undefeated, the Freaky Franchise, just got no hit in two straight games, and only lost one. The Bears are living up to the hype, while the Squirrels are struggling a bit. PHOG and The Carols continue to show flashes of brilliance and are threatening upsets in every game.

Chris Roeder looks like he may have the MVP numbers this year. He just threw the league's first complete game no-hitter, and he is leading the league in home runs. Reining Griffey Division MVP Ryan Bush was the clear favorite to three-peat heading into this year, but he has some work to do. The Dark Horse in the race is Chris Sacheli, last year's Milledge MVP, who is looking to get hot and catch up to Roeder's totals.

The Flying Squirrels win the 4th annual Opening Day Tourney

May 21, 2011 – 10:00 PM
Well I think everyone can agree that it felt great just to be back on the wiffleball field today. There were some great homers, some great pitches, and some nail-biting games.

In the first game of the day, The Flying Squirrels matched up against The Carols. The Squirrels' bats came alive during this game, and they managed to pitch well enough to come away with a 21-10 win.

The second game of the day featured the Freaky Franchise against Ponyboy's Heart of Gold. In another game dominated by one side, the Franchise had a great performance on both sides of the ball and came away with a 21-7 victory.

The Franchise would play again in the third game as they matched up with the Hitless Wonders. The Wonders nearly lived up to their name, as they found few hits and did not score a run. The Franchise would win 8-0.

The next game featured the Flying Squirrels against the Brown Eye Bears. Both sides struggled a little bit from the mound, but eventually the pitchers settled in, and it came down to a good save by Don Sutton to win the game for the Squirrels, 10-7.

The Championship saw the Squirrels match up against the Franchise, which made it the third straight year that the Bush family met each other in the finals. And, just like last year, the father beat the son. Pitchers on both sides struggled mightily in the beginning, but then the aces found their form, and runs were few and far between. The Squirrels got out to a lead first, and they maintained it, winning 10-7, with another save by Don Sutton.

That is the second Opening Day Tourney championship for Doug Bush, the third for Justin Tomkins, and the first for Sutton. Sutton was also named the tournament MVP for his role as the closer for the Squirrels, as well as his impressive power at the plate. It was a great day of action, and we are looking forward to the regular season.

The 4th Annual Opening Day Tourney

May 21, 2011 – 12:00 PM
After months of waiting, today is the 4th Annual Opening Day Tourney. With fewer teams than last year, and the rosters being mixed up in the draft, this year will be a new twist on the opening day classic. Will Doug Bush defend his title from last season? Will Ryan Bush win a third Opening Day Tourney? Will someone else knock one of these two teams off? Many questions will be answered today, and it will be the start of what is sure to be a great season.

Final Power Rankings: May

May 4, 2011 – 08:00 PM
We are counting down the days until Opening Day on May 21. Some preseason games have been played, and they have affected the power rankings ever so slightly.

1.) Freaky Franchise
2.) Flying Squirrels
3.) Brown Eye Bears
4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
5.) Da Carols
6.) Hitless Wonders

1.) Freaky Franchise- This team has looked pretty good so far this preseason. Ryan Bush has been himself, a typical shutdown pitcher. The game that this team played with their full team there was a 14-10 victory with Nate St. Ours hitting a walk-off grand slam against Doug Bush. This team looks like it will be tough to beat this year.

2.) Flying Squirrels- This team has struggled a little bit this preseason, but seeing that they have been missing half of their team, they have fared pretty well. The pitchers on this team seem to have good velocity for this point in the season, and they are throwing plenty of strikes. They are finding their identity at this point and will be a competitor this season.

3.) Brown Eye Bears- This team looks great on paper, but none of these players have played since last season's playoffs. Once this team gets some preseason games in, if they can, we will know more about what this team is capable of, but at this point, rust may play a factor, and they may struggle to start.

4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold- Lots of heart on this team, and they will get some wins because of it. This team is just not quite at the talent level that the top three teams are. If they are improving at the rate that they say they are though, they will be beating the top three teams regularly.

5.) Da Carols- Again, another team with heart, but not a lot of talent. This team will win with chemistry, as they have been together since they entered the league.

6.) Hitless Wonders- Not enough players on this team to complete more than five games this year, unless they get some more commitment from their players.

Preseason Action

April 27, 2011 – 05:00 PM
Friday was a busy day for the OCWA. It started with the set up of the field. The poles of the backstop were painted green, and the mound and batter's boxes were cut. In right field, the new foul pole went up. Lines were painted and the field was ready for play. So...

Freaky Franchise 14, Flying Squirrels 10

This one had a shaky start, as it was 10-10 after the second. The pitchers on both sides seemed to be working out the kinks. Both sides were missing key players: Brett Bigler of the Franchise, Don Sutton and Vince Pettrone from the Squirrels. After the second inning, Ryan Bush came in to pitch for the Franchise, and the Squirrels never touched him. In the bottom of the fourth, the Franchise's bats came alive, and it ended with Nate St. Ours hitting a grand slam off of Doug Bush.

This is the first of hopefully many preseason games to come, and we are counting down the days to May 21st, the Opening Day Tourney.

NWLA: Week 1 Rankings Are Out

April 10, 2011 – 12:00 PM
The first week of the NWLA National Rankings have come out, and two OCWA teams crack the top 50. The Brown Eye Bears start off the year at #15, while the Flying Squirrels start out at #36.


April 4, 2011 – 05:30 PM

Comparing Old and New Teams

April 2, 2011 – 12:00 PM
Nobody really knows what this year will bring for the OCWA. New teams will be searching for chemistry, as well as finding their own identity. Let's look at the teams from last year split up, as well as the ones that stayed together.

Brown Eye Bears are most like the Kung Fu Hillbillies
Chris Roeder-Southern Nevada 96er's
Josh Ludwig-Kung Fu Hillbillies
Josh Maves-Kung Fu Hillbillies
Jamie Downs-BT Blue Storm
John Crean-Notorious Dr. Lipschitz
Darin Carter-Coexist

Flying Squirrels are most like the Louisville Sluggers
Doug Bush-Lil Pens
Don Sutton-Louisville Sluggers
Justin Tomkins-BT Blue Storm
Vince Pettrone-Louisville Sluggers
James Draveck-Louisville Sluggers
Aaron Kelley-Coexist

Freaky Franchise are most like None
Ryan Bush-BT Blue Storm
Nate St. Ours-Lil Pens
Jon Suhre-Coexist
Brett Bigler-Big Bob's Beepers

Hitless Wonders are most like the Southern Nevada 96er's
BJ Turner-Southern Nevada 96er's
Joe Simmons-Coexist
Trey Pascazi-Southern Nevada 96er's
Travis Brill-Louisville Sluggers

Ponyboy's Heart of Gold are most like Notorious Dr. Lipschitz
Chris Sacheli-Big Bob's Beepers
Colby Delaney-Notorious Dr. Lipschitz
Dave Erb-Notorious Dr. Lipschitz
Phil Limbeck-Notorious Dr. Lipschitz
Matt Mika-Free Agent

The Carols are most like Big Bob's Beepers
Ben Brown-Big Bob's Beepers
Alex Barber-Big Bob's Beepers
Adam Kloos-Big Bob's Beepers
Chris Butusov-BT Blue Storm
Zac Hess-Notorious Dr. Lipschitz

Power Rankings: April

April 1, 2011 – 07:00 AM
Next Month will be the start of our season, and we still don't know who's going to be good. My best guess is as follows:

1.) Brown Eye Bears
2.) Flying Squirrels
3.) Freaky Franchise
4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
5.) The Carols
6.) Hitless Wonders

1.) Brown Eye Bears- This team was part of the 1A, 1B, 1C teams from last month, and what is setting them apart now is that they are in trade talks to get Matt Mika, who, though unproven, would add another solid pitcher to their lineup.

2.) Flying Squirrels- The rumor that Aaron Kelley is coming back has been quiet, but it appears that he really wants to. Kelley's return would complete this team, even when Don Sutton leaves. With the injury to Suhre, they move ahead of the Franchise this month.

3.) Freaky Franchise- The Franchise and the Squirrels are so close to each other, but can be separated this month. Suhre's broken hand means they will rely even more on the three man lineup with Bigler. Now that he is off the block, expect to see him a lot this year, but he may be a bit rusty.

4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold- The PHOG Fever is spreading and this team is gaining fame among some national panelists, but their great name (which accurately depicts the amount of heart of this team) won't get them to move up this month.

5.) The Carols- Last year's Beepers without Sacheli, they will have an interesting season, and realistically could be a competitor.

6.) Hitless Wonders- This team still has so many questions. Will anyone even show? How many games can they play? They need to find subs fast, because Opening Day is looming.

Schedule Change: Opening Day Tourney

March 29, 2011 – 07:00 AM
The date of the 4th annual Opening Day Tourney will be pushed back from May 14th to May 21st. This is due to availability issues. We will still run the rest of the season as planned.

Suhre Breaks Hand, Surgery Looming

March 7, 2011 – 10:00 PM
Freaky Franchise young gun Jon Suhre has broken his non-throwing hand in a freak ultimate frisbee accident. The injury will require surgery, putting his wiffle season in jeopardy. However, Ryan Bush is optimistic, saying that Suhre will still be able to pitch. The OCWA Management wishes him a speedy recovery and hopefully he can be in action at the Opening Day Tourney in May.

Power Rankings: March

March 1, 2011 – 03:00 PM
Big shift of power this month in the OCWA:

1a.) Freaky Franchise
1b.) Brown Eye Bears
1c.) Flying Squirrels
4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
5.) The Carols
6.) Hitless Wonders

1a.) Freaky Franchise- This team is capable of winning a championship as they are, and added Brett Bigler only helped support Ryan Bush. Now that he's on the block, we can assume he won't be with the team much longer, and the team looks much thinner.

1b.) Brown Eye Bears- The Freaky Franchise rose above them last month and have come back down to their level, but I feel like these teams are absolutely equal. The Bears are deeper and their talent is much more spread out, they will be a threat.

1c.) Flying Squirrels- This team looked like it would be losing a big piece in Don Sutton after he goes to the Army this summer, and they still will. However, as a counter, they signed Aaron Kelley, which looked pointless. But now, it looks like he will be back, and this pitching lineup is now solid. As one league source said, "He said he wants to come back. I didn't even ask him, he just told me."

4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold- Remember that thick line separating the talented teams from the underdogs in the 2009 standing? Looks like it could be back. The top three teams are solid machines, while the lower three are full of potential players. This team is the most solid of the three, with former MVP Chris Sacheli anchoring the team.

5.) The Carols- Ben Brown and Alex 'Bacon' Barber wil have to be this team. Adam Kloos can provide some solid pitching, but they need a hitting talent to back these two up.

6.) Hitless Wonders- BJ Turner will be the team. Need I say more?

Squirrels get Kelley, but will he come back?

February 14, 2011 – 07:00 AM
The Flying Squirrels picked up one of last year's surprises, Aaron Kelley. Kelley played in four games for Coexist, coming out of nowhere to steal the Offensive Sub of the Year. In those four games, he put up a .435 average and knocked in 13 RBI, while at the same time posting a 5.05 ERA with 4 strikeouts. Kelley seemed to be on his way to winning Rookie of the Year, however, he vanished. After his short stint with Coexist, he ran off to California. Nobody expected him to come back, and so he was not a part of this year's draft. But Doug Bush saw potential, and signed him out of free agency. He says, "I think we can get him back for the summer. He'll be in town soon and he is stopping over to talk about it." Other players are skeptical. "I give it a 15 percent chance.", says Ryan Bush. If he indeed decides to return, it will give the Flying Squirrels and massive advantage, and will make them the team to beat in the OCWA.

A Look at the Stats

February 3, 2011 – 05:00 PM
Statistically speaking, these are the teams whose players fared the best last season. We have taken into consideration the team batting average, along with the team ERA:

Brown Eye Bears
Pitching-7.07: 2nd
Batting-.402: 3rd

Freaky Franchise
Pitching-7.55: 3rd
Batting-.385: 4th

Flying Squirrels
Pitching-9.31: 5th
Batting-.417: 2nd

Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
Pitching-10.16: 6th
Batting-.378: T-5th

Pitching-7.82: 4th
Batting-.378: T-5th

Hitless Wonders
Pitching-4.45: 1st
Batting-.474: 1st

So what do we take away from this? First, stats don't prove anything. The only reason the Hitless Wonders are first in both categories is because BJ Turner is the only player with stats. Second, the Freaky Franchise are not that bad. Ryan Bush's freakish numbers are being dragged down by some players who struggled last year, but should improve. Third, the Brown Eye Bears are absolutely the best team on paper. Will this change the power rankings? Absolutely not, but this is just a little deeper insight on the new teams.

Power Rankings: February

February 1, 2011 – 07:00 AM
Another month closer to Opening Day, another set of Power Rankings:

1.) Brown Eye Bears
2.) Freaky Franchise
3.) Flying Squirrels
4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold
5.) The Carols
6.) Hitless Wonders

1.) Brown Eyes Bears- Don't plan on this changing too much. This team is pretty stacked, having Roeder, Ludwig, and Maves, all players that can control both sides of the ball.

2.) Freaky Franchise- The first full team into spring training(in January), they are already looking like midseason players.

3.) Flying Squirrels- This team will get by on talent, Doug Bush's teams always do. But losing Don Sutton midseason will hurt them dearly.

4.) Ponyboy's Heart of Gold- Sacheli will be the star, but this team will have to score a lot of runs to offset what they give up.

5.) The Carols- Up one spot from last month just because I felt like it. This team didn't get any better, but there is more hope for them than our last place team.

6.) Hitless Wonders- Couldn't even think of an appropriate name before the February 1 deadline. Their original proposal for a name: "Breast Cancer Aawareness". Not going to happen. Attendance issues (and karma) will end them this year.

2011 OCWA Rule Changes

January 29, 2011 – 10:00 AM
There will be some slight rules changes this year with the pitching rules and scheduling. First off, each team will play every other team four times. Each meeting, the two teams that are scheduled to play will play a two game series. Each team will have to pitch three players in ten of the twenty games, under the old rules. However, for five games, and only if two people show up, they can pitch two players under the same old rules. In the other five games, teams can pitch their ace for the entire game. They cannot pitch their ace twice in the same series.


January 26, 2011

The Flo Report

January 17, 2011 – 07:00 PM
Click for Full Flo Report
Long hair, or flo, is a growing tradition across sports today, especially in the MLB. But does it have any correlation to winning percentage? According to an OCWA player with too much time on his hands, it does. He created a stat known as "Flo percentage", which measures the percentage of pitchers on a team with flo. After much painstaking research, he concluded that the more pitchers that have long hair on a team, the better that team does. Many OCWA players are growing some flo during the offseason, including Ryan Bush and others. Some will experiment with beard flo, much like that of Aaron Kelley. Will the effects of flo carry over to wiffleball? We will see.

The Krabbs Kronicle

There will be a new section on the website called The Krabbs Kronicle where OCWA member Colby Delaney will be posting articles every so often. You can access this page through the Krabbs Kronicle tab on the side bar.


1/3/2011- Carols trade John Crean and Darin Carter to Hammerheads for Walt Roman
12/28/2010- Team Roeder changes name to Hammerheads
12/28/2010- Team Brown changes name to The Carols
12/18/2010- Team Brown signs Darin Carter out of free agency
12/2/2010- Team D. Bush changes name to Flying Squirrels
11/30/2010- Team Roeder signs Walt Roman out of free agency
11/30/2010- Freaky Franchise releases Walt Roman
11/30/2010- Freaky Franchise signs Brett Bigler out of free agency
11/26/2010- Team R. Bush changes name to Freaky Franchise
11/26/2010- Team D. Bush signs James Draveck out of free agency
11/26/2010- Team Brown signs John Crean out of free agency
11/26/2010- OCWA Draft

Power Rankings: January

January 13, 2011 – 05:00 PM
A new year, some free agent signings, and the first trade in OCWA history mixed up this months power rankings:

1.) Hammerheads
2.) Freaky Franchise
3.) Flying Squirrels
4.) Sacheli's Team
5.) BJ's Team
6.) Carols

1.) Hammerheads: They may have been the winner of the first ever trade in OCWA history. Receiving John Crean and Darin Carter and trading away journeyman Walt Roman makes them a much deeper team, and helps their pitching situation immensely. Crean has proven himself to be a solid pitcher, and so far, Roman has not had the chance to prove himself, so the Hammerheads have gone with the safer bet.

2.) Freaky Franchise: Picking up Brett Bigler could prove to be a huge move for them. It gives them a third solid pitcher and completes their hitting lineup. On the flip side, Bigler has played very little since his rookie season, where he won the Home Run Derby, so rust could play a factor in his return.

3.) Flying Squirrels: Don Sutton will be going to the army midseason, and that will hurt this team. Sutton is the teams best all around player, and the #1 overall pick in the draft. The Flying Squirrels hope to get as many wins as possible while he is still with them.

4.) Sacheli's Team: No changes to speak of for them. They will be a solid team as long as Chris Sacheli has another MVP-like performance this season.

5.) BJ's Team: Again, no real changes for them. Attendance problems will trouble them all season as far as can be seen. BJ and Joe have the capability of beating teams by themselves, but under the new stricter rules, a team of two players can only play five games.

6.) Carols: Trading away one of the team's better players and a role player could prove to be smart, or incredibly dumb. Walt Roman has proved nothing, yet, so we cannot move them up in the rankings until he does. This is the third team Walt has been a part of since the draft.

Power Rankings: December

December 7, 2010 – 09:00 AM
The draft is over, and the new teams are set. Here are your first power rankings of the new year:

1.) Roeder's Team
2.) Flying Squirrels
3.) Freaky Franchise
4.) Sacheli's Team
5.) BJ's Team
6.) Ben's Team

1.) Roeder's Team: Easily the most solid team. Great hitting from Roeder and Josh Ludwig will anchor the team offense. This team has the potential to score 15 runs a game, but they could give up that amount. Depending on the growth of some players, this team could win it all, or be average.

2.) Flying Squirrels: This team is very solid. Shutdown pitching from Doug Bush as well as support players like Don Sutton and Justin Tomkins create a good pitching staff. Hitters like Vince Pettrone and Don Sutton will help this team score runs.

3.) Freaky Franchise: Just having two-time MVP Ryan Bush is enough for this team to win the championship, but if teams can neutralize his hitting, this team may be in trouble. They have good pitching with Nate St. Ours and Bush, but Bush is the sole All-Star hitter on the team, and that may not be enough.

4.) Sacheli's Team: Basically, this is Notorious Dr. Lipschitz, with the addition of Chris Sacheli. This is an average team, with Chris being the star in all aspects. Dave Erb is a solid hitter, Colby is a role player, and Phil may be the X factor. Could be great, could be a bust.

5.) BJ's Team: Very skilled team, but WILL have trouble with attendance. Trey may not show up, while Joe and BJ will have to anchor this team. Travis Brill is relatively unknown as a player, but could have a large impact.

6.) Ben's Team: They might be an average team, but they could be the league doormat. Ben and Bacon will have to be great, because the other players may have attendance issue. Boots is a good player, but he needs to show, or this team will be in trouble.

OCWA Draft Results

November 28, 2010
The OCWA draft was held on the 26th of November, and resulted in a complete shuffling of the OCWA rosters. The draft picks in order are listed:

1. Don Sutton (Doug Bush)
2. Alex Barber (Ben Brown)
3. Dave Erb (Chris Sacheli)
4. Joe Simmons (BJ Turner)
5. Josh Ludwig (Chris Roeder)
6. Nate Saint Ours (Ryan Bush)
7. Vince Pettrone (Ryan Bush)
8. Josh Maves (Chris Roeder)
9. Trey (BJ Turner)
10. Phil Limbeck (Chris Sacheli)
11. Chris Butusov (Ben Brown)
12. Justin Tomkins (Doug Bush)
13. John Suhre (Ryan Bush)
14. Adam Kloos (Ben Brown)
15. Colby Delaney (Chris Sacheli)
16. Travis Brill (BJ Turner)
17. Jamie Downs (Chris Roeder)
18. Walt Roman (Ryan Bush)

After the last pick, Ryan Bush traded Vince Pettrone for John Suhre.

John Crean was signed after the draft to Ben Browns Team and James Dravek was signed to Team Doug Bush

The league will now consist of 6 teams in one division.

Team Doug Bush:
1.Doug Bush
2.Don Sutton
3.Justin Tomkins
4.Vince Pettrone
5.James Dravek

Team Ben Brown:
1.Ben Brown
2.Alex Barber
3.Chris Butusov
4.Adam Kloos
5.John Crean

Team Chris Sacheli:
1.Chris Sacheli
2.Dave Erb
3.Phil Limbeck
4.Colby Delaney

Team BJ Turner:
1.BJ Turner
2.Joe Simmons
4.Travis Brill

Team Chris Roeder:
1.Chris Roeder
2.Josh Ludwig
3.Josh Maves
4.Jamie Downs

Team Ryan Bush:
1.Ryan Bush
2.Nate Saint Ours
3.Walt Roman
4.John Suhre

The 2011 OCWA Draft

October 24, 2010 – 11:00 AM
OCWA management has decided to shake things up in the league a bit. With consent of the players, the OCWA will be holding a total league draft this offseason. The draft will consist of the top six players, Doug Buash, Ben Brown, Chris Sacheli, BJ Turner, Chris Roeder, and Ryan Bush, as captains. Each captains will pick one player from each round to be on their squad for the 2011 season. This will introduce a new era of OCWA play, as the Southern nevada 96er's will definitely have to split up. The OCWA has made a rule that none of the metioned six can be on the same team after the 2011 season. The draft will be held on Black Friday.

NWLA National Tournament: Quarterfinals

October 24, 2010 – 10:00 AM
The quarterfinals saw the demise of the only OCWA team left in the field, as the BT Storm lost to the Howland A's of the KWLNY. The A's had a perfect record, and proved to be a tough matchup for the Storm. The OCWA is proud of all of its teams that made this tournament, and is pleased with the results.

NWLA National Tournament: Second Round

October 19, 2010 – 04:00 PM
The second round of the 2010 NWLA National Tournament is complete, and the BT Storm have advanced to the quarterfinals, beating Scared Hitless of the PWL. Unfortunately, the Southern Nevada 96er's were beat by the Pterodactyls, who had an outstanding 38-4 record. The Storm will take on the Howland A's of the KWLNY, who had a perfect 10-0 season.

NWLA National Tournament:First Round Complete

October 17, 2010 – 11:00 AM
The first round of the 2010 NWLA National Tournament has been completed, and the OCWA has had two of the four teams represented advance. The BT Storm, who were matched up against the WASK Astros of the KWLNY, advanced, as well as the Southern Nevada 96er's, who contested with the Pirates of the CCW. Unfortunately, the Lil Pens were defeated by the Sour Wowers of the ORWBL, and Big Bob's Beepers lost to the Industrials of the KWL. In round two, the Storm will face off against a tough Scared Hitless from the PWL, while the 96er's take on the Pterodactyls of the ORWBL. Good luck to both teams in the second round, the results will come out Monday.

NWLA National Teams Announced

October 12, 2010 – 09:00 PM
The NWLA National Teams were announced today. The teams, which covered pitchers, hitters, fielders, and rookies, were graced by many OCWA faces. Ryan Bush made the First Team for hitters with his record season. Chris Roeder made two teams: Second Team Hitters and Third Team Fielders. Adam "Zero" Kloos also made the Third Team for fielders. Two OCWA players made the Rookies Third Team: Don Sutton and Josh Ludwig. All of these players will be considered for the individual awards that will be announced soon. The OCWA would like to congratulate these players on their great seasons and national recognition.

NWLA Tournament Brackets Up

October 11, 2010 – 09:00 AM
The brackets are up for the 2010 NWLA National Tournament, and voting began yesterday. The OCWA is represented by 4 teams, the Storm, the 96er's, the Lil Pens, and the Beepers. The Storm have the highest seed of OCWA teams, claiming a 2 seed, and are matched up against in-state foe WASK Astros of the KWLNY. The 96er's claimed a 6 seed and have a first round matchups against the Pirates of the CCW from New Jersey. The Pens didn't impress many people, but still made the tournament, and have a 13 seed. They face the tough Sour Wowers of the ORWBL, who posted a 30-12 record this season. The worst luck of all came from the Beepers, who got a 14 seed, and have arguably one of the best teams in the country, the Industrials of the KWL.
Another OCWA team made a tournament as well: Coexist is the overall 1 seed in the "Dangerfield" Tournament, basically a battle for the basement. The commissioners of each league will vote for each game and the results will be tallied at the end of the week. Good luck to all teams in the tournament.

NWLA National Tournament Begins Soon

October 8, 2010 – 12:00 PM
The Inaugural NWLA National Tournament will begin soon. The tournament is a theoretical meeting of the top wiffleball teams in the country, and will feature at least two OCWA teams, the Blue Storm and the 96er's. The Blue Storm, if lucky, could gain a #1 seed in the tournament, while the 96er's will most likely be 5th or 6th. The Lil Pens and the Beepers are also possible bubble teams. Check it out at www.nationalwiffleballrankings.com.