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Tryouts, coaching change and last post on this website!!!

Hello everyone.  I just wanted to let everyone know that the organization had their coaches meeting last night and the 13u Mudcats for next season has not decided on a tryout date.  As of now it is not known if they will even be holding a full tryout or some private workouts for a few potential players.  When they decide, the new head coach Doug Tush will let everyone know.  He asked me to give everyone his new cell number also and to have the past families give him a text or call if you where planning on coming back for next season.  There has been talk that maybe 2-3 boys are moving on to different teams or not playing travel all together.  He wants to have an idea if he is needing 1-2 players or 3-4 players.  That will help him decide if he needs a full tryout or not.  His number is 304-780-8151.

My boy Andrew is one that is not returning for his 4th year.  We believe it is time for him to move on to more personal instruction with actual instructors that are paid to do so.  I believe we found the perfect fit for him and he is looking forward to this new challenge of growing into an even more rounded player with some new ideas.   I will also be looking forward to being a dad for a change and watching not only Andrew but my two daughters more, who play travel as well.  Another words, I will not be returning as a coach as well.  I want to thank everyone for three great years.  I had some great assistant coaches and most I now view as dear friends.  Brian, you been with me from the beginning and was always my backbone and stood with me.  We had some fun bud.  Thank you very much for everything.  Thank you for your ideas.  Thank you for telling me when I was wrong or right.  Thank you for trusting your boy with me.  We had some great times and rough times but we always seemed to be able to pull together and keep fighting.  Doug, good luck next year.  You are the perfect coach for these young men.  I wish you the best and if you need anything all you have to do is ask.  I met some great families and made some great new friends with you as well.  I look forward to getting together with you and talking about things other than baseball.  More so though, I met and had the privilege to be apart of some great young men.  My boys, my players, my friends.  I will enjoy very much watching them grow and play in the years to come.  I wish the very best for all of them and hope they reach all of their goals not only on the field but more importantly in life.  Each and every player over the last three years will forever have a special place in my heart and I pray that I instilled something in all of them.  You almost find yourself feeling like you have 11 sons in the dugout and want so much for each of them.  When one struggles, it hurts.  When they do good it feels great.  It's an awesome feeling and one that you would not experience or know unless you was in the battle with them.  They all made it a great experience for me because you know it's not always easy being the head coach.  I am the one who has to make the tough decisions.  Good or bad, right or wrong you have to go with it and live with it.  I have to look down in their eyes and tell them something they don't always want to hear.  When you care so much for your players it makes the coaching part tough.  Most parents don't know how hard it is sometimes when it comes to that.  The outside and off the field issues that may have come up over the years didn't mean a thing and is not what I worried about.  Which is also why I rarely addressed them.  I just let them play out because we had more important things to do.  I wanted the boys happy and wanted to teach them the game.  That is what I feel we as coaches are hear to do and I believe for the most part we did that and they understood.  I'm so proud of them for doing so and growing into young men.   If everyone is happy, your the best.  If some are not your the worst.  If the bunt works out, great call.  If it doesn't, well you know the story. lol.  That's part of the job when you take that position and you know this going in.  It's very hard when you care about the boy but make decisions based on the game.  Very hard line to walk but they all made it easier for me.  I would also be the first to say that I didn't always make the right decisions.  Who could?  But you live and learn and try harder the next time and that's exactly what they did as players as well.  They taught me a lot of things themselves and they put their trust in me and gave me everything they had.  Again, I want to thank everyone for a great experience and please do not be strangers.  Good luck next season and to all of the Mudcat players!!!!

 Ricky Clelland

Tryouts dates coming.

The Mudcat organization will hold it's end of the year coaches meeting on Aug. 11th to discuss numerous topics along with a tryout date and time for any of the teams that are having one.  Like I stated on here before, our club will be having a tryout.  Also, for some outside families who did not realize, our club will be moving up to 13u for next season.  As of now, we will have two younger teams (10u-11u) and a couple older teams (13u-14u).  I know a lot of our parents along with outside families have been asking about and wanting to plan around our tryout date.  I assure you the moment I know when and where I will let everyone else know.  Hope everyone is having a great summer relaxing a bit.

Congrats to Andrew Clelland for being added to the Atlantic Coast All-Star Roster

Congrats to Andrew Clelland for being added to the 2014 All-Star roster over the weekend.  The league has allowed a third player from each team to be added to this years game.  Andrew will be representing the Mudcats with his strong pitching and defensive play this year.  He will be joining Kelly as a back to back invites.  He was one of our most consistent pitchers throughout the year having an 8-3 record with an era of 2.94. He also added 75 k's in 55 innings of work while surrendering only 46 hits.  Great job!!!!!

Tryouts for the 2015 13u Mudcats will take place.

Hello everyone.  The 2015 13u Mudcats will be holding a full tryout for the next year's club due to the numerous request and emails from outside players.  All previous players from this years club must tryout if your hoping to make the club and play for the Mudcats again next year. We hope that all of you will be participating.  Previous players wear your grey pants, grey dri-fit tops and blue hats.   Date and time will be decided soon and will be posted here and via text from myself.  We will also put a notice in the Wheeling paper.  More than likely the tryouts will be held the 2nd or 3rd week of August and we will let you know a.s.a.p. 

Potential new players must wear baseball pants and your last years team jersey and hats. No shorts are permitted.  Bring all your gear that you would bring to a game. You must wear spikes.  No turf shoes or tennis shoes are allowed.  You will hit, throw, field, run and pitch if you are an actual pitcher.  This will be a very competitive tryout and you need to be ready.  If you have not hit or thrown a ball in weeks then I suggest you get some work in before the tryout.  The boys will score out at each station and the totals will be tallied up.  Score will be on a 1-25 scale or pending how many are trying out.  If there are 40 boys then it will be a 1-40 scale. This will not be the only deciding factor in making the team for borderline scores so you must be ready to perform at all stations.  You may not be one of the fastest players but you may score well in fielding fundamentals or other stations.  All will be important and give you a chance to make the club.

Players arrive 15 minutes before tryouts.  Do not take the field to warmup.  We will warmup and stretch as a group.  If you are a catcher, please bring your gear.  If you are a pitcher you will be given time to warm-up before you take the mound.

Please do not coach your kid from the sideline and carry your boys gear.  Have your boy something to drink when he gets there.  He can keep it in his bag.  If we ask questions please don't answer for him.  Please don't tell us how good of a hitter he was last year or how hard he throws.  It is not needed.  We will have a radar gun to determine his arm strength.  The tryout will begin as soon as you son steps on the field.  We want to see how he reacts to new faces.  How he greets the coaches and handles himself.  How he mixes in with the other potential players.  How he answers questions and so on. 

Tell your boy to have fun.  If he makes the club or not he needs to use this as a learning expierence.  It will prepare him for later tryouts and high school.

Good Luck and hope to see everyone there.

Season Record.

38-22 on the season with 5 Semi-Finals and 2 Championships.  Great job boy's!!!!!!!

Congrats to Gavin and Kelly for making the Atlantic Coast Baseball League All-Star Roster!!!!!!

I want to congratulate Gavin and Kelly on being selected to the 2014 Atlantic Coast Baseball League All-Star roster.  Both these boys had great seasons and are well deserving.  This will be two in a row for Kelly and I'm sure if Gavin was with us last year he to would be making it back to back as well.   You guys go up there and have fun and get yourselves a couple of hits for us.   The game will be held Aug. 2nd at Pullman Park Stadium in Butler Pa.  Game time is 5:15 and it is a great expierence for the boys and a lot of fun to watch.  You will see some great players and a great game if you get a chance to go and watch.  Again, great job boys and great season.  Good Luck!!!!!!

Caba Ohio Valley Regional Champions!!!!!!

CABA Ohio Valley Regional Championships schedule.

Ok everyone, this is our last tourny and games of the season and I know our boys will play hard and have some fun.  They have had a pretty solid year thus far and what better way to finish it out with a bunch of wins in Cincy.   Our schedule for the parents coming up late Friday or even Saturday morning is listed below.

POOl Play:

Friday 7/11 @ 6:15pm   vs  Westside Rebels.    Field #1  won 8-0

Sat.    7/12 @ 9:00am   vs  Warren Cty Warhogs. Field #5  won 7-6

Sat.    7/12 @ 11:00am vs  Cincinnati Flames.  Field #5  won 17-6


Bracket Play Sunday:

8:30am   4 vs 5 Field #4

8:30am   3 vs 6 Field #5

10:30am 1 vs 8 Field #4

10:30am 2 vs 7 Field #5  vs Cincinatti Flames.  won 12-3

2:30 1/8 vs 4/5 winners Field #4

12:30 2/7 vs 3/6 winners Field #5  vs Frankfort Illinois Raptors.  won 13-1

2:30  CHAMPIONSHIP  Field #4 vs Masson Grizzlies.  won 1-0




4th place "Beast of the East" Bracket Champions!!!!!!!!

Beast of the East tourny schedule. Copy

Here is a schedule for the upcoming Tournament.  We will be playing all of our pool games at Belle Isle field on Wheeling Island.  It should be a great week of ball for the boys.


Thur.    Mudcats vs Michigan Mustangs @ 8:00am  Won 23-12

            Mudcats vs YSL Warriors @ 10:30am  Lost 8-0

Fri.       Mudcats vs Barnesville @ 1:00pm  Won 16-0

Sat.      Mudcats vs Ohio Glaciers "Deluca" @ 10:30am  Lost 16-7

            Mudcats vs Mid-State Mavericks Black @ 3:30pm  Lost 3-2

Sun.     Bracket play Semi-Finals. vs Valley Thunderbolts @ 1:00 Won 12-10

            4th place bracket CHAMPIONSHIP vs Brampton Royals Canada. 3:30  Won 15-2

Qualified for the Atlantic Coast League Playoffs

I wanted to let everyone to know that allthough we could not play in the ACB playoffs last week due to Cooperstown we did make the Tournament.   We finished our league play at 9-3 and left us towards the top of the standings.  You had to have at least 10 games played and have them in by the 12th to even qualify.  The league then takes the top 4-6 teams and has a playoff.  This is a nice accomplishment for our club.  We won our division as a 10u team two years ago but the playoffs never happened due to scheduling conflicts.  We missed the playoffs last year all together.   Anytime you can qualify in a tough league like ours it's great.  Another great job for the boys and I think we could've made a nice run at the Championship.  We beat two of the teams that qualified.  Westmoreland and Team All American Red so I know we had a chance.  Again, Great work boys!!!!!!!! 

What a wonderful weekend of baseball in Cooperstown.

Well Cooperstown has come and gone and what a week the boys had.  We had one of our best weeks of ball to date and where better to do it.  With arguably one of the toughest pool draws in the tourny having three of the six teams make the sweet 16, two making the great 8 and one making the final 4.  Which I might add was up 6 runs in the 5th inning only to blow it being knocked out of the championship game.  Virginia Storm being knocked out in the round of 32 by Elite Pro Ball.  Making it posible for four teams to make the sweet 16 if they didnt have to play one another out of our group.  With  East Cobb and Elite Pro Ball Acabemy ranking in the top 30 in the country.  What did our boys do?  They gave them all they wanted and fought every inning losing 10-5 and 9-6 to those powerhouses.  Both those teams went through pitchers they didnt expect to use.  They were in a fight and we didnt back down.  We're just a small team from the Valley right?  They dont think so now.  To come out of that pool and win 2 games and losing one in the bottom of the 6th and winning our first bracket game says a lot.  Not only did every player all week have a great hit or great play but they all had numerous great hits and plays.  With our big guns Gavin and Ian hitting bombs all week long to some magical infield play from Avery and the others to a couple of awesome starts on the mound from Andrew and Kelly to some great work behind the plate to some great outfield play.  Not to forget Carter and Hunter hitting their first home runs of the season.  Wow what a total team effort.  From bunting to good base running to timely hitting to good pitching.  These boys did it all.   Being in or winning 7 of 8 games.  What more can a coach ask for right?  I'll tell you,  what you guys did not see was how they handled themselves all week behind the fences.  They did everything as a team.  Followed the park rules to the letter.  Respecting the other coaches and players from the other 103 teams.  Pin traded together and eat at the pavillion like a team.  They did not jack around like some teams and proved to all of us that they are growing into young men right in front of us.  That was one goal this year.  Grow them into young men. They are there 100% and that makes me the proudest coach in the Valley right now.  We all sometimes forget that they are 12yr old and in our case a couple of 11yr olds.  They are playing at a high level against some of the best around and fighting all of them.  They never back down and they are giving it their all.  Believe me I see that and I want to thank each and every one of them for one of the best expierences of my life.  I will never forget our time in Cooperstown boys.  Thank you again and lets finish the season strong and go out with a bang.  I have faith in all of you.

Cooperstown Schedule is out!!!!!

6/15 vs Virginia Storm VA @ 11:00am. Lost 17-3

6/15 vs Middleburg Heights OH @ 4:30pm.  ***Live feed at*** Won 10-4

6/16 vs San Marcos Coyotes CA @ 8:30am. Lost 8-7

6/16 vs East Cobb Braves GA @ 7:00pm. Lost 10-4

6/17 vs Team Ignite KY @ 11:00am.  ***Live feed at*** Won 7-2

6/17 vs Elite Pro Ball Academy FL @ 4:30pm.   ***Live feed at*** L 9-5

6/18 Bracket Play. West Hills PA  Won 9-4

6/18 Bracket Play.  Lakeland Renegades FLA Lost 6-5

Great weekend for the boys.

It was a great weekend for the team,  Winning a pair of ACB games, a solid practice to prepar for another ACB game tuesday and getting our Cooperstown agendas all wrapped up.   They all seem very excited now that Cooperstown is finally here.  Working on the "Around the Horn" after practice got them going real quick.   I hope all of them make some great memories and have a blast.  This is crunch time for the boys and they need to be strong for our finish of the season.  It will be here before you know it.  Hard to believe we're only about a month away from wrapping everything up.  Three more tourny's and a handfull of ACB games is all that's left.  I look for them to really finish strong and be very competitve in every game we have left.  After our game tomorrow make sure they get plenty of rest.  They will need it come Saturday.  Like we discussed, they will be doing a ton of things let alone playing a doubleheader three days in a row before bracket play actually starts.  Come Wed and Thurs they will be dragging.  It will be exciting to see how they respond and react to the demands.  Please let me know if anyone has any questions before we all leave Friday morning for our trip to NY.

Another solid Semi-Final run at the Bracket Bash!!!!!

Another good weekend for the team earning another Semi-Final showing before getting knocked out by the WV State Champion the last two years in the Bridgeport Bombers.  It was fun and we got a chance to play at an awesome complex with Little League rules.  That brand of ball they played was very different than the Travel Ball rules we play.  A shorter pitching distance and ten foot shorter bases with no leading off to name a few.   It deff. affected our play a bit in the field having to get rid of the ball so quick because of the shorter bases and it took our aggressive style base running with no leading out of the game.  But overall I believe a great expierence for the boys.  They had fun and that's what counts.  Good job boys!!!!!

A solid weekend in Grove City.

Well I know that we would've liked to have had few more wins over the weekend but sometimes in baseball that's just not the case.  The boys came out and played a good first game of the tourny considering we where off for almost ten days and won 6-1.  Solid pitching and defense.  Offense was alitte weak but the boys needed to get a few at bats in after the layoff to really get it going.  Came back against a real solid Elite team in Dayton Sting the second game and gave them all they wanted losing 3-2 late.  A great game by both teams.  The umpire said to us that he has not seen that brand of ball in most high school games this year and it was a real pleasure to ump it.  That made all of us very proud.  Although the win would've been awesome and very much deserving,  we can't forget it's about the expierence and getting better each week as a team and learning how to compete at that level as a player.  I told the boys there is such a thing as a bad win and a good loss also.  That in my books was a good loss.  We jumped on Hilliard Colts early in the third game 4-0 after the first inning and just could not seem to hold it.  A tough 8-7 loss in 8 innings and a game we all would like back.   It's about having the no quit attitude and winning every inning like we stress each game.  All these teams we play can come back and get the momentum real quick.  A 4-5 run lead just is not enough in travel ball.  Once our boys understand that and get that missing piece of the puzzle I believe we're lacking, they wont lose those types of games.  The top teams have it.  They play as a team and all know their individual role to play and believe they are going to win if they keep fighting.  That's what we need to stress to our boys as coaches and parents.  It's a team game that needs great individual play to go along with it.  However, if everyone is not pulling on the same rope the great individual play doesnt equate to wins on the field.  All to many times people judge a good season on wins and losses and that is just not the case in developing these boys for the next level.  You teach them how to play as a team and the wins we all want to see will come.  The growing pains and losses come along with it and in the end it will be a success.  I hope you all know what I mean by that.  Hey,  at least we got to play our first Sudden Death game.  That was really interesting and I think we all learned from it and will be more prepared if we ever have to do something like that again.  I thought it was pretty neat myself and I think the boys thought it was cool also.  Overall it was a good weekend and we learned more and more as a team.  This weekend coming up I hope we can capitalize on that.

Enjoy the weekend off.

In travel baseball it's rare to have a weekend off for the boys but that's just how it played out this weekend.  Make sure they have some fun and relaxation and really enjoy their time off.  We will get together probably Wed. and maybe Thur. to practice and get back in the groove so they will be ready for the start of the Jaguar Memorial Day Tourny.  Which again, we are playing Friday at 6:00 in Grove City.   I will be in contact early next week via text to let everyone know when and where for practice.  Have a good one and see you all in a few days.

Tough draw for the boys!!

Well it's not everyday you have to play a double header against a nationally ranked team let alone in a tournament around here.  That's what our boys did last weekend and they took their best shots and played well.  I knew our pool play draw was tough just having them in there but we took care of business the first game like we should've and battled the second.  I still do not know how we ended up 1-1 and the #8 seed with two teams that where 0-0-1 and two that finished 0-2 out of the 11 that played. The lowest we should have been is a #7 seed.  That will never make sense to me.  Their winning percentage was .0 at least we where .500 and won a pool game.   That #8 seed paired us up with the Bombers again being the #1 seed for Sunday morning.  Does not get any more tough luck than that.  For anyone who did not know, the Ohio Bombers Red is now ranked 23rd in the country according to travel ball select.  They are the leader in ranking travel teams across the country and the organization that everyone goes by.  This group of boys has been ranked in the top 25 since 9u.  Winning a national championship that year and placing in the top 10 the past two years.  They have 8 players still on this years team from that 9u national championship team. Playing a team like that should motivate our boys and make them work harder.  We should learn a great deal and raise our play because of it.  I was very proud of them and like I told them after the tourny,  you should feel like you can play and compete with anyone now.  Good job boys and great comeback win in the first game.  Looking foward to the next one.

Schedule for the Ohio Bombers Mid May Classic.

The schedule for this weekends tournament has us paired up against Tallmadge Hit Club at 10:00am and Ohio Bombers Red at 2:00pm on Saturday with bracket play starting Sunday morning.  I will not be checking in to the hotel until later this evening but will send a text out tonight about the times we will be leaving in the morning.  I'f I remember right the fields are only 10-15 minutes away.  Kinda like Grove City.  More than likely we will be meeting in the lobby around 8:30 after breakfast and pulling out about 8:40.  We will wear our Grey sleeveless jerseys with blue hats for Saturday and make sure they bring their longsleve undershirts.  If it's raining it may get chilly and they may need to put them on.  Same curfew goes for the boys.  10:00pm they need to be in their rooms winding down.  Keep it down in the hallways throughout the evening and act like young men.  Remember to tell them that they are representing our organization at all times.   It should be another fun weekend on the field pending weather.  You will see some great teams in this tournament and one not much better than the Ohio Bombers Red team we play.  They have always been and are again this year ranked nationally in the top 30.  I know we will give them all they want and play great.  Win or lose the boys need to see and play against some of the best around.  That's what it's all about and that's what were here for.  See you all there and be safe heading up today.

Another solid semi-final tournament run. 3rd place finish!!!!

I thought the boys had a great weekend of baseball and they made us very proud on how they handled themselves.  They played hard througout and made a solid run to the semi-finals for the second straight week.  Back to back 3rd place finishes against some great pitching is always a good showing.  Ill make a statement right now, those two pitchers that beat us can beat anyone in the country.  When you throw that hard and can throw your off speed pitches behind in the count or basically anytime you want to, your very tough to beat. They where truley AAA or Major division pitchers.  With that being said though, in the semi-final game we were only a play away or a big hit at the right time from winning and moving on to the Championship game.  It goes to show you what we preach to the boys that you have to be ready every pitch not only at the plate but in the field.  On your toes not on your heals can make and was the only difference in that game.  We made a couple mistakes at the wrong times as apposed to their mistakes when no-one was on or with two outs.  Good news is we can work on that and get better.  I really want to stress how proud we coaches are of the bond that these boys have grown in such a short time.  It shows they all love each other and are fighting for each other everytime they step on the field.  Watching them run around together and take care of each other was nice this past weekend.  We have not had that on past teams at this level of degree and it really makes a differnece. Mainly it really shows with their play on the field.  Each boy is rooting for and pushing each other.  No individuals only teammates.  It's gonna be a great year and a lot of fun to watch moving foward.  Good job boys.  Back at it this weekend at the Ohio Bombers Mid May Classic!!!!!!

Great overall weekend for the team. 3rd place finish!!!!!!!!!!

Well the first tournament has come and gone allready and the boys had a great weekend overall.  A 3rd place finish is not bad early on. There were 6 our of 18 teams with an Elite or Premier status in Nations baseball in the whole tournament and we played 4 of them.  That's unreal.  Beating 3 Elite teams in a row on Saturday usually does not happen for us and facing the only Premier team in the tournament in Ohio Sharks for a semifinals matchup was just a tough draw.  There are four levels for Nations travel ball, 1) Metro 2) Select which is what we're classified as, 3) Elite and 4) Premier.  So you can see we had the toughest road to the semi's.   What we talked about after the game was not to be satisfied after a good day.  You have to play everygame like its the Championship game.  Not to be intimidated by anyone and play our game no matter what the situation is.  We came out flat and on our heals and alittle star struck unlike the first three games where we played aggressive and keep the pressure on.  I think they understand that after that tough loss to the Sharks and will be ready for game 4 and 5 this weekend in Zanesville.  Great job boys.  We now have to move to the next level.

Jaguars Memorial Tourny 5/23-5/25 Schedule!!!!

I just recieved our schedule for the Jaguars Memorial Tourny in May (23rd-25th).  Even though we request in most tournaments not to play Friday evenings because of the travel involved, it's not always guarenteed.  We play Friday May 23rd at 6:00 vs Grove City Vipers and our second pool game is Saturday the 24th at 2:45 vs Dayton Sting.  I wanted to let everyone know this in advance so we all can make arrangements.  If for whatever reason you can not get there by 5:00 on Friday please let me know.  We will make sure your boy gets there on time.  Brian and I can take a few each if need be.  Probably won't be checking into our hotel untill after the game anyways.  Good news is the boys can sleep in for a change on Saturday.  That seems to never happen in these tournaments.  Again, let us know if anyone has any issues.

Good ACB Split this weekend

Anytime you play a team like All American Red or any baseball academy,  splitting a doubleheader is outstanding.  These teams are structured with pitching throughout their roster and are tournament ready teams.  They are built to go long in any tournament they play with solid pitching and a batting lineup throughout that can put runs on the board.  They do not give you a break or slow down no matter what the score.  I think the boys who did not know this and the veterans who may have forgotten found out real quick the first game.  Losing 21-5 is not fun for anyone except the winning team.  I know the boys were embarrassed as were the coaches, but when you can put that aside and go right back out for the second game and play well and win 13-9, that show's all of us that with the right attitude each and everytime we cross those white lines that we can win and play well against anyone; baseball academies, COYBL teams, SWOL teams SBBL teams and more. All of our boys need to work on that.  They have to develop an attitude and fight in them and I know they will as the season moves foward.  This is not mustang or bronco rec ball anymore.  You can not just turn it on or turn it off when you want to.  It just does not work like that when you play the caliber of teams we are playing.  Good job overall boys and great win in that second game.  Let's take care of business tuesday against Ohio Valley Venom!!!!!!!!!!!

Great weekend of Atlantic Coast Action!!!!!!!

The boys played some very sound baseball taking a pair of ACB doubleheaders this past weekend to start off league play 4-0 and raising their overall record to 5-1.  The main point we coaches talked about after the weekend with the boys was that everyone contributed in some fashion each game.  Whether is was on the mound, at the plate or playing sound defense.  They all stepped up to the challenge and that's what it's going to take moving foward.   All of our league games will get tougher and tougher.  That's exactly what we want as we head into our first set of tournaments.  We have to progress each time out also and keep moving our play to the next level. 

Great job Gavin for hitting 5 homeruns for the weekend.  He's on pace for like 70.  Unreal. After Nolan's first at-bat of the weekend, which he laced a would be single but got thrown out on a good play, he went 12-12 with two homeruns the rest of the way.  That's some hitting right there and one heck of a weekend.  A couple double plays in the field by our middle infielders, a robbed homerun, and some nice scoopes at first base that saved that second game against Westmoreland.  Great bunt by Hunter to put us up 3, which ended up being the winning run.  Much more can be listed.  A good start for hopefully many more solid weekends. 

Good opening weekend overall for the boys.

Well the first couple games are in the books and it turned out pretty close the way we coaches expected.  First time is always tough when you have not been outside for a real game.  The speed of the game is much faster, field seems and was bigger, mound seems further away and the opposing pitchers looks like their throwing 80mph.  Not to mention all the pressure we coaches and parents put on the boys. haha. That's just the way it always has been.   All the 5B's Stingers did last year was go 48-7 and played in four Championship games including winning their league (COYBL).  They are a solid tough team to start with and we knew that going in.  What we were happy with and really all that matters is the way they fought back and took the second game when it did not look very good down 4-1 in the bottom of the 6th.  That was awesome whether it's early or late in the season.  The boys needed that and we will take that and build on it.  We will get better and better.  It's all progression early on and we need to and will progress each and every week.  We are going to build on the positives and clean up the negatives.  That's baseball.  Good job boys!!!!!

Cooperstown Paperwork

Just wanted everyone to know that all the paperwork that needed faxed in by the April 1st deadline is finished.  Rosters with height and weight are finalized along with ring sizes.  I have the folders with checklist for each player and coach and will remind everyone from time to time to complete those physical forms with a copy of the immunization cards. 

Also our President John Beckett informed me that COPIES of the boys Birth Certificates are NOT permitted.  He is correct.  We must have an original for each of the boys and have in their folders.  So please lets everyone get on this a.s.a.p.  Some of you allready gave me originals when I collected them for our league and tournaments and I will put them in their Cooperstown folders.   I do not need another one if you fall into that catagory.  I will simply copy those and put one in the their folders for the league and tournaments and the original in their Cooperstown Folder.  Any questions please call me.

Picture Day and Cooperstown paperwork!!!!!

We will have individual and team pics on Sat. 22nd at the Mircle Field up 470 at 4:00.  We will be wearing our Gray Mudcat sleeveless jerseys with navy blue longlseeve undershirts and of course gray pants.  Any time change I will let you know.  Weather may be a factor Sat. also.


On another very important note I will also be passing out all our Mudcat and player paperwork that we have to have filled out for Cooperstown.  A few of the forms must be filled out and faxed back by April 1st so we need at least one parent for each player present for those forms.  I will insure everything gets faxed on time.  Some of the forms are Parent waiver forms, Player waiver forms, Jersey sizes along with ring sizes and Doctors physical forms.  All must be either faxed in on time or handed in when our team checks in on Friday June 13th.  Our designated check-in time is 7:00pm as of now. All players and coaches must be present at that time.  With 106 teams each week they say it is very important and a must to be on time on Friday.  Everything moves very quickly and each team has their own time slot.   See you all there Saturday for pics.





Great run Trevin!!!!! Finishes 3rd in the Southeast Central Region

Trevin had a great weekend placing 3rd at the Southest Central region 10 Hoop Shoot Nationals in Maryland over the weekend hitting 19-25 free throws.  He represented the State of West Virginia and our Mudcat team very well.  Now we can get on with baseball Trev.  Although we were hoping for your 4th win in a row we are now excited you wont be missing the pair of Doubleheaders you would have missed moving on in April.  Way to go man!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Andrew and Nathan Shelek!!!!!!!!!!

Congradulations to Andrew Shelek for being Runner-up in the West Virginia State Wrestling Championships this past weekend.  What a run he has had in the States the last four years.  3 Championships and a Runner-up.  Andrew dominated throughout the weekend Tourny in very tough and competitive weight class and got nosed out by 1 point in the finals.  Not to shabby for our local wrestling star.  It's obvious over the next 10 years Andrew will be standing on that podium many many times.  Get used to it!!!!!! 

His younger brother and one of our 10u Mudcat players Nathan won the State Championship for his age and weight class.  Way to go Nathan and I'm sure many to follow like your older brother. 

Now that Andrew and Nathan are the top two in the state in both of their age classes they qualified to wrestle against some of the best in the country at the flonationals in Indiana, Pa. for a chance to be a elementary/middle school All-American on April 5th-6th.  Good luck to both of you and give it your all!!!!!!

Buckey Local Champs!!! 4 in a row and now 17-0 in Tourny play. Hunter, Andrew, Trev and Kelly

Warwood 6th grade Champs!!!!! 3 for 3 and 12-0 in the playoffs thus far. Great job boys.

Back at it again. 6th grade Bellaire Champs. 2 for 2. Great job Kelly, Trev and Andrew

Avery Lee brings home the Championship. He attends "Our Lady of Peace"

Kelly, Andrew and Trevin are 6th grade River Champs!!!!! They play for the Ohio Valley Trotters.

Carter helps his River Pilots team wins the 5th grade River Championship!!!!!!

Andrew Shelek State Champ in Jiu Jitsu

Andrew won the Gi and Non-Gi State Championships!!!!!  Way to go man.  A good guy to have on your team boys.

Trevin is off to Maryland!!!

Trevin had another great night of shooting in Charleston last week winning the States and advancing to the Reginals in Maryland.  He had to win it in a shoot-off after going 23-25 in the second round.  Way to go man!!!!!!

Trevin is off to Charleston

February 2, 2014

Last week Trevin won the sectional shootout in Wheeling to advance to the districts in Weirton.  He won it again this week to advance to the States in Charleston.  With some good shooting he will have the posibility of moving on to the Nationals.  Good Luck Trevin!!!!!!!