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  • PlayBall!!! Softball at Seward Park is back!!!!!
  • All Competitive Coed 12 Inch Softball
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The boys (and girls) of summer start April 26!


This league plays only on Tuesdays and we play a co-ed competitive intermediate 12" slow pitch softball league. It is a league run by softball players for softball players.


This is more than a recreational league. We want to make sure we put that out there so no one gets hurt. We play two summer leagues, 7 games plus a single elimination so that makes 8 guaranteed games and the price is only $875 a team. 


* Games are 6:15, 7:20, 8:25 and 9:30 - no 10pm or 6pm games if we can help it!


* No Forfeits! Well, your team might take an automatic loss but we will do everything we can to make sure we get to play a game. 


* Less Rain-Outs! We run the league so we will do everything we can to get our games in!  We even own rakes! 


* New Optic Yellow Balls every game - we promise!


* 4 ladies on a team minimum


PRICE: $875 per team


Sign-up today! $100 deposit is all that is required to secure your team's spot. Need help completing your roster? Let us know.