Omaha Lightning Basketball was started well over a decade ago to create an opportunity for home school athletes to experience the enjoyment and development opportunities that competitive team sports can offer.  At Lightning we strive to create a setting where students can achieve their full athletic potential.  High expectations are set for each player.  Through intense practices and game experiences, skilled coaches help each player improve toward these goals. 

These high expectations extend past skills on the court.  At Lightning we seek to use the experiences of the sport as a tool set for teaching our players Christ like character.  We believe the situations players experience on the court emulate experiences they will face as they enter their adult lives.  We seek to uses these experiences as teaching tools to help players learn to respond in a way that glorifies Christ. 

As players condition, practice, compete, win and lose together a strong sense of community is developed.  Players build friendships that carry them through their adolescent and teenage years. 

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