Nebraska City Tournament 2013

The Omaha Blue Devils went 2-1 in the Nebraska City Tournament and tied for 1st place. Great job, girls!!! 

Cornhusker State Games

Great Job girls on getting 2nd Place.

OIT Tournament 2009

1st Place

The girls did a great job and they had a lot of fun. I enjoy coaching this girls every practice and every game. To watch them grow as players and people is a true blessing.

Blair Tournament 2009

February 15, 2009
2nd Place Finish- Blue Devils

Aurora Tournament 2009

Congrats! The girls got first place in the tournament.

Red Oak Tournament 2009

February 7, 2009 – 07:30 AM
Great Job girls on getting 1st place.

A.V. Sorensen Tournament 2009

The girls placed 1st place. The beat the Huskies and then they turned around to beat two Elkhorn teams. Great Job Girls!!!!!

Roncalli Tournament Fall of 2008

The girls finished 2nd place in a 6th grade bracket.

5th Grade Tournaments

Blair, Ne Feb. 15th; Sunday after our YMCA Game.

Personal Development Program

The program is designed for the individual player and their specific skill requirements in a small group setting.

For the price of these sessions please click on the link on the side that says Player Development Program.

Progression of Fundamentals Taught

Progression of Fundamentals Taught
Individual defense:
On and off ball
Closing out
Interior defense

Team defense:
Help and recover
Flat triangle help position
Shell drill
Transition recovery

Individual offense:
Right and left hand ball handling
Footwork without the ball
Pass receiving ball
Passing skills, overhead/ bounce/ chest
Shooting off the dribble and catch and shoot
Back to the basket post development
Jump hook development
Perimeter and inside play
One on One isolation moves
Using and setting screens
L-cut/ V-cut development
Triple threat position
Jab step development

Team offense:
Running of multiple universal offenses
3 man games
2 man games
Zone offenses with individual responsibility
Transition fast break skills
Mix-Match recognition