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OTHC Summer 2013 Season Getting Underway!

May 31, 2013 – 01:00 AM
OTHC Members,
...  Welcome to Summer session. See the Rosters and Schedule Attached and Pasted below...
A new change Movie themed Team Names is is a little background on our Teams: 
  Watebury Wolverines, Charlesown Chiefs, Hamilton Mustangs, and Thunder Bay Bombers

 Youngblood (1986)


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Keanu Reeves had hockey experience upon being cast, having been MVP and nicknamed "The Wall" for his goal-tending capabilities at De La Salle's college team in Toronto. Patrick Swayze had been trained as a figure skater but never played hockey, and Rob Lowe had to be taught to ice skate before filming began.
Peter Zezel and Steve Thomas at the time of filming were in fact actual professional NHL players. In the film, they play for the Hamilton Mustangs and in real life they both played for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.
In the scene where Ed Lauter is talking to his assistant coach while the players warm up, he mutters "Three Blind Mice" as the referee and linesmen appear on the ice. That term was actually used by players and coaches to describe how badly referees officiate games.
The Thunder Bay Bombers, the rival team featured in the film is a real life depiction of the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team, whose nickname was "The Broad Street Bullies".
Eric Nesterenko, who plays Rob Lowe's father in the film was a former professional hockey player who had spent most of his career playing for the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL.
The Hamilton Mustangs are a fictional hockey team loosely based on a real life hockey team that did exist in Hamiltion, Ontario and played in the OHL (Ontario Hockey League). That franchise left Hamilton in 1988, and is still playing in the OHL, but is now based in Erie, PA.
Based loosely on the ice hockey experiences of director Peter Markle. When Markle filmed the ice hockey scenes, he worked while on ice skates.
All the teams depicted, as well as the uniforms are fictional except one. The Hamilton Mustang's first opponent were The Toronto Marlboros, who were at the time a team in the Ontario Hockey League.
The goalie for Thunder Bay was the only American born hockey player who appeared in the film, with the exception of the main characters. His name was Michael Gorey who was from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The home of the Philadelphia Flyers, who the Thunder Bay Bombers were modeled after.
Check out the Waterbury Wolverines Try-outs
Happy has an amazingly powerful slap shot, which isn’t quite enough to land him with a minor league hockey team, but — combined with an unorthodox running start — is enough to make him the longest-driving golfer in the world.
Now, here is an intriguing thought: Mike Mera gouing to his Happy Place! Well, hopefully it only involves the Two mugs of Beer and no Lingerie...give or take a dancing Dwarf!
The Charlestown Chiefs are a fictional minor-league hockey team in the Federal League. In real life: The Chiefs are modeled after the Johnstown Jets, who played in the Eastern Hockey League and North American Hockey League from 1950-51 to 1976-77.
Three brothers - Jeff, Steve, and Jack Hanson - who played hockey for the Charlestown Chiefs in the 1977 movie "Slap Shot." They came to the team from the Iron League and are quite possibly the three greatest sports movie characters of all time. Before every game they taped tin foil to their knuckles underneath their gloves. They seldom got to play because they sucked terribly at hockey itself. However, when they did get on the ice, the game turned into a bloody brawl, and were usually promptly ejected from the game with the crowd roaring for more bloodshed. In other words, The Hanson Brothers pucked shit up. 

For many hockey players today, "Hanson Brothers" is also synonymous with "Hockey Gods."
The Hanson Brothers brought their puckin' toys with them.
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