• Spring 2019 tryouts for 8U and 9U OPEN - Couple spots remain- Contact for more details
  • The Work Shop - 15879 Guy James Rd, Justin TX 76247
  • Elite Indoor Training - 6225 W Hwy 114, Rhome TX 76078
  • Register below for Spring 2019 tryouts- No Walk-Ins Accepted
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Outcasts Baseball Club (OBC) was started in 2010 as a way for a group of talented kids to continue their pursuit of playing baseball at a very competitive level for minimal costs. As this group grew older and moved into High School ball, OBC decided to expand it's age groups and open tryouts for more kids to come play. Not every age group makes a team. OBC will only make a team if there are enough kids at a particular age group that have the raw talent, determination and 'Want To' to play the game of baseball at a competitive level. We will not make a team just to bring in money!!!

At OBC, we teach our kids basic skills and fundamentals regardless of age. We teach and stress the importance of God, hardwork, dedication, conditioning, schoolwork, and responsibility. If at any time any of these attributes slip to an unreasonable level, ie. grades, then participation will be cut off until the issue is resolved. There are no exceptions for any player in these regards and the parents are held accountable too!

OBC only allows coaches with prior baseball playing experience and similar baseball/life philosophies to interact with the players. Each coach is held to the same high standards as the players and will go through a coach's clinic prior to interacting with any players. OBC ownership has over 26 yrs of playing experience and over 20 yrs of coaching experience at various levels of play. OBC is dedicated to the game of baseball and will coach with the same passion that we all once played with.

Our teams, players and coaches, regardless of age group, are expected to be at every practice, every clinic and every game ON TIME. This puts a lot of pressure on parents sometimes and we understand this can be a burden. OBC has dedicated it's time and money to teach kids the game of baseball at a significantly reduced cost, and in return, we expect dedicated kids and their parents to put in the necessary time and effort as well.