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Welcome to the 2014 Parker Stars Baseball Club website.  We are looking forward to a great season!  For the 2014 season Ken Allen will be the manager of the club with Sean Wilson, Jake Korth, and Landon Dale working as assistant coaches.  We as a coaching staff typically set forth several "guiding principles" that we use when working with the club.  This year will be no different.  For 2014 our focus will be in these three areas:

Having Fun

We recognize that 11 year old baseball should be enjoyable.  We as coaches will succeed if your boy tells you at the end of the year that he had a great time and wants to play again next year.


We will be focusing more than ever on the fundamentals of baseball and raising the expectation we have as coaches that the boys will start to demonstrate their enhanced skills in competitive situations. 

Spirit of Competition

We will continue to build our team and individual competitive spirit.  Each of the boys selected for this team has shown signs of a desire to be competitive and a passion for the game of baseball.  We will work to build that individual passion into a team philosophy.


Team Expectations

Our team is a competitive team with a sincere focus on development and preparing our players to thrive as they move on in baseball.  At this age it is important to play many sports for different skills, however, I ask the boys to make this team a priority.  We as coaches and families need to have the same commitment level for practices and games.  If you cannot make a practice, or will be late, an email or phone call to Coach Ken is required. 

Season Expectations

  1. Development, competition and fun are the key focuses of the season.  All practices, games, and team functions are mandatory.  For players that have been with me in the past, they are aware that I do allow for excused absences such as family functions, church, and school functions.  Absences need to be the exception and not the rule for our team.
  2. We will play up to 6-8 local (Colorado) weekend tournaments.
  3. This is not a team that will be playing in tournaments every weekend, however there will be some months where 2 out of 4 weekends will be tournaments.
  4. We will play between 30-40 games.
  5. Parents are welcome to attend and watch practices, but they are not allowed inside the fenced areas, including the playing field, dugouts, bullpens or batting cages, unless they were specifically granted permission in advance for team business.  Parents should avoid involvement with players and/or coaches during practices.



Ken Allen

Head Coach