The Patriot & Cranberry boys  travel basketball league is a competitive program for boys in grades 6 through 8 who are serious about the game of basketball.  

Teams from around the South Shore compete against each other every weekend beginning in early December through the mid-March.

Check back often as we will continue to update this site with news and information about the league and our players.

Best of luck to all the coming season!





Thanks & best of luck to all teams






The Patriot- Cranberry Leagues follows the rules established by IAABO.
All referees are IAABO certified.

High School rules with the following exceptions.

League rules:

Games will consist of four 8 minute stop time quarters.

Four timeouts per game, two in each half with no carryovers.

6th Grade Only: Teams enter the One and One Bonus on the 10th foul and Double Bonus on the 12th foul.

CRANBERRY LEAGUE ONLY: 6th Grade - No pressing until after January 1st. 7th/8th can press all year.

Overtime periods will be 2 minutes (stop time) until game is over. One timeout per team in an overtime period.

A team with a 20 point lead or more must use half court defense only. No defense in the full court!

If a team has a 20 point lead or more at any point in the 4th quarter, the game time will become running time.
(Stop time will resume if the lead goes back to 19 points or less.)

Halftime break will be 1 minutes.

No shot clock.

The color of tee shirts does not have to match the primary color of the uniform.

Only legal numbers will be accepted for player’s uniforms. Front numbers are required.

Coaches are responsible for their team’s conduct and the conduct of their fans.

It is the obligation of the home team to provide responsible and
experienced scorekeepers for each game. The visiting
team shall have the right to have their own representative at the scoring
table; however, the home team scorebook shall be the official book.

Games are to be played in the following order 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

6th grade shall use 28.5 balls


The top 8 teams in each grade / division will make the playoffs.

The remaining Cranberry teams will be offered a spot in the Cranberry Cup.

All teams will be seeded 1 - 8 and you will keep your seed throughout the playoffs.  No re-seeding will take place.

Tie break:  Head to Head followed by strength of schedule