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  • "I believe intensity teaches us that we can push ourselves so much further than previously thought.
  • If used correctly it can win matches that would have never been won with technique or strenght."
  • "We're never done!!!"
  • We expect the best so we train to be the best!!

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2016 Metro League Champions

Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 Wrestling Season! Thank you to all the sponsors for supporting us in the June Golf Scramble. You can see a list of our sponsors by clicking on the link. 

Please Join us for our 6th Annual Battle of the Best Wrestling Tournament December 2 & 3 @ PCHS. You will see 18 of some of the best teams from several different states competing in a dual tournament. Schedule will be posted soon.

2012 State Champions!!!

2012 State Champions!!!

Mission StatementWhen our wrestlers graduate from the program we want them to understand what it means to be men of character, men of integrity, and Champions. Every year we will strive to win individual and team state titles. In the process we want our young wrestlers to know what hard work is and the results of making the right choices in life. If our wrestlers never win a state title or individual title, but go on to be men of integrity and character, the program has done its job.

Everyone makes's in our nature. So it is not what a person necessarily does right the first time that makes them men of character (although we push them to make right choices from the start), it is the steps they take to fix what they did wrong that makes them young men of character. I hope to facilitate this in every way possible in my wrestling room.

At the same time, we are one minded in reaching our goal to win team state titles. This takes many young men working very hard and believing in what we do.