The Pittsburgh Over 28 Baseball League and the Pittsburgh Over 38 Baseball League will now have the exact same website.  I have decided to do this in order to cut my work in half in regard to running each website. 

So if you are in the PBL Over 28 League you will be able to find your information regarding upcoming games, statistics, and standings by simply clicking on your division and searching for your team/league.


If you are in the PBL Over 38 League you will also be able to find that information by clicking on your division and team on the website.


Managers from either league (division) will also be able to post team related information to the website as well.  In order to go to the new website type the following web url into the your browser:


or click on the link on the left hand side of the page that says "Pittsburgh Adult Baseball League Website"



Go to the Pittsburgh Over 38 Baseball League Facebook Page and click on "Like Us".  By doing so you will be kept in the loop regarding what is going on in the over 38 league.  OUR WEB ADDRESS IS


The league lineup website will primarily be used as a statistical tracking tool during the 2014 season.  My hope is to do a better job getting information out to our players, managers, umpires, etc by using Facebook.  The league website will be the place to go if you want to see final scores of games that are posted by players or manager.  

I'm also hoping to get pictures from players, coaches, managers, and fans to share with the rest of our league.  


Finally, I plan to continue to contact managers and umpires via email with relevant changes in the schedule or issues in the league.  The League Facebook Page is not intended as a place to post grievances.


Thanks You.




Congratulations to Pittsburgh for winning the PBL 38+ Championship in 2013.  Team Pittsburgh defeated a strong Wild team to capture the title with a 6 to 5 victory.  

The game was tied 3 to 3 when the Wild's Chris Edmonds hit a two run home run to give the Wild a 5 to 3 advantage going into the bottom of the 7th inning.  Pittsburgh responded by scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the seventh to secure a 6 to 5 victory.  

The bottom of the 7th started off with a hit batter.  Tim Agulia responded with a 2 run double to tie the game.  Don Dell followed with a walk off single scoring Agulia to win the championship for team Pittsburgh.

Congrats to both teams on a successful season.