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The Pin-2-Win Mission

Pin-2-Win is a non-profit Club whose mission is to provide a community-based support program for the competitive sport of wrestling to elementary and middle school students. Our primary role is to nurture the balanced student-athlete through the personal growth of each wrestler. To achieve this goal, we provide the best possible instruction through the combination of technical wrestling skill, nutritional education, and mental development all designed to build the total varsity athlete. Wrestlers are actively encouraged to participate in local, regional and national wrestling events. The Club’s activities are for the development of all of our youth wrestlers regardless of their skill level or experience, as well as for the advancement of our coaching staff.

What Separates Pin-2-Win from Other Youth Clubs

Wrestling is a contact sport that requires a high demand of physical and mental courage in which one must combine physical strength with sharp mental acuity, good technical continuity, discipline, nutrition, and an unequalled desire to succeed. While we believe those traits make the perfect athlete, they do not in themselves lead to enhancing one’s personal character – another trait the Club seeks to mentor.

It is often said that the only thing that concerns parents more than their children’s present behavior is their child’s future qualities as a human being. Beyond teaching the fundamental skills that will be required in later years for athletic success, Pin-2-Win (as a youth-based organization) has set an additional goal to mentor strong individual character – something that sets us apart from other wrestling clubs. While character development is not necessarily the result of special lessons, it is embedded in and the product of the entire Program offered by the Club. At Pin-2-Win, its more than a practice – it’s an experience that builds the moral and ethical fiber of every wrestler in the program and whose culmination in their own personal accountability is what makes each one of them proud to call them self a Pin-2-Win wrestler.

The Organization believes that combining athletics with character enables a more positive attitude conducive to life skills in academics, leadership, and ethical behavior in and out of the wrestling room. Furthermore, this far “richer” experience becomes a constructive investment in the future of our youth membership.

Additionally, we acknowledge that talent alone doesn’t guarantee one success; it simply gives them a chance!  Fostering a work ethic that transcends into continuous hard work at all times on and off the mat makes a far greater difference.  We also believe that helping young athletes build mental and emotional resilience is the key to keeping them in the sport for years to come. 

Link to SOVA League (formerly PYWL)

2016-2017 Season Info

Pin2Win has a new head coach... Coach Chevis Smith
On-line Registrations open From 28 Sept 16 to 30 Nov 16.
In Person Registrations Monday, 3 Oct 16 (6-8pm)
Practice will be held that night during registrations.
Registration fee for 2016-2017 season is: $125
(See staff for additional family member discount)

Uniforms are being updated: Cost TBA

NOTE: USAW & AAU Competitor cards required

First Practice 3 Oct 16 from 6pm to 8pm at Bethel High School

Regular Practices:          

Practice Times: TBA

Location: Bethel High School Wrestling Room
Season: 3 Oct 16- 31 Mar 16

Off-Season Wrestling
Pin-2-Win wrestlers in 4th grade and above interested in off-season wrestling are encouraged to join the Peninsula Wrestling Association's (PWA) Virginia Duals Wrestling Club. Information about the Club can be found on their web site: Peninsula Wrestling Association (PWA)
Spring Session: Mar - Jul
Fall Session: 5 Sep - 30 Oct
Location: Poquoson Middle School
Practices: Tue/Thr, 7:00-8:30pm
Spring Format: Freestyle / Greco Roman
Fall Format: Folk style
Cost: $200

Bethel High School
Lindsay Middle School