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Portland River Hawks

December 6, 2009
The Portland River Hawks baseball team is comprised of outstanding adult baseball players in and around Portland, OR. Members of the

Do you miss the crack of a baseball rocketing off a WOOD BAT? Do you miss puttin' on metal spikes and gettin' dirty diving for that "web gem" play? Miss the thrill of blowing a fastball by a hitter? Getting mobbed by your team for that walk off hit that drives in the winning run? We play hard and we play to win but most importantly we have fun.

So if you are a former or current player who has what it takes to compete, EMAIL US NOW. We are gearing up for this season! Catchers, LH Pitchers, and LH Hitters welcome! Tryout now!
Looking for a few more talented team players....
Portland River Hawks Baseball Team
Tryouts March 7 2010
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Play to Win, Play Hard, Play for Fun