Pro Ball Baseball Acadamy

Pro Ball Baseball Camps and Travel Baseball program have established a reputation of excellence. Established in 1998, Pro Ball camps are perfect for players ages 4-18 with varying levels of experience.

Focusing on developing and honing fundamental skills, students work with professional instructors and professional guests for hands on experience. The topics covered include training on hitting, throwing, and defensive skills.

Let your child get the chance to achieve the baseball skills he or she will need to compete at a higher level.

Through professional instruction, consistent practice routine, and a positive environment, Pro Ball Panthers Travel Baseball helps every player realize his full potential. "The goal here is to develop and prepare for the higher level, winning is secondary."

The purpose of travel baseball has been to give the players with a high level of baseball skills to be trained at a level to let him succeed at a higher level of baseball than your typical recreational level. Lately this has not been the case, teams now are stacking their rosters with high level players for the sole purpose to win tournaments, because they do not know how to teach or develop talent.

Pro Ball Travel Baseball Program has established itself as one of the finest instructional travel baseball programs in the area. Through professional instruction, consistent practice routine, and a positive environment, this program has turned out a multitude of successful players at the next level.

A maximum of fourteen roster spots are available on each team. Players will not be allowed to compete on any other travel baseball team Practices will be held twice a week from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the field.

Practice location is at the Lake Worth NW Complex ( 900 22nd Ave North, Lake Worth, Fl 33460 ). The teams will compete in the South Florida Travel Baseball League. The teams will be affiliated with USSSA and will use the USSSA age guidelines. Games will be played during the week and on weekends in addition to entry into local tournaments. 
  This is, without a doubt, the premiere team to become a part of for families looking for professional instruction, a positive and enthusiastic role model, no father's will be involved in managing the teams!