Another season has come and gone, for some, the last. There are several seniors on this team and the last day was difficult. When you realize how close we were to getting into the State Semifinalist round, it makes up for the shortcomings that the tough game of baseball frequently imposes on its players and coaches. Good Luck in the future to our seniors, hopefully, the lessons that you carry with you will serve you well. To the returners, YOU need to play some more baseball and the weight room will not hurt you any!! Only one team gets to finish the year with a win in the State Championship game and all the other playoff teams have to experience the heart-breaking end with a loss. We would like to extend thanks to all the folks that make baseball at Robert E. Lee Academy possible. I promise that things do not just come together! Coaches, Parents, Players, Book keepers, Supporters, Announcers, Canteen workers, Gate keepers, and many others have made many sacrifices in order that these young men get to experience high school baseball. It is a short season that goes by much too quickly. I promise that the young men have made memories that will be retold many times in their future. IT is more than just a game. Thank you for your support! This also brings to a close of Coach Griggs returning as head coach. Administrative decisions have severed his 20+ years of service to Robert E. Lee and even with the natural response to be bitter, he stated in his closing words to the boys as in all years passed, "I will miss the seniors and all returners need to work to be better next year." Don't forget these gems as I am sure the Dugout will never be the same........"If he would have hit it, it would have been a double" (On a check swing called safe). "Its okay to carry the piano, just don't stop and play it" (On a runner that is slow). "If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas" (On people that give excuses). "How about mixing in a strike every once and a while" (On pitchers that are struggling). "You're just an idiot" (To a bad umpire). "Unbelieveable!" or "Gawd Almighty!" (On a routine play gone bad).

REL 2012 - Awards

Coaches Award - Chris Hopkins
Most Improved - Christopher Weekley
Most Valuable Player - Tyler Lopez

All Conference Players - Chosen by Conference opposition Coaches
Chris Hopkins
Alex Tolson
Tyler Lopez