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This will be RMCDC’s last season operating as a cheer gym. There are many personal reasons that we have chosen this as our last year. If you would like to talk to any of the owners, PLEASE do not hesitate to call.

 In the next few months, we have some exciting events coming up! Our teams are competing at WSA and then some are heading to Omaha for Nationals! Our Senior 4 team will be attending Summit in May and representing Loveland there. Our utmost dedication will be given to our athletes as we strive to have the best season ever.

A new gym, Steele Athletics will be taking over our building and operating with a very similar philosophy that values individual athletes, families, and personal growth as much as we do. After putting much thought into every other gym in Colorado and conducting extensive research, we absolutely believe that Steele Athletics will provide the best and most competitive environment for our athletes. We had a meet and greet with the Steele Family and we know that everyone who met them understands what a great opportunity this will be.

Please know that your children mean the world to us and we will continue to support them in their cheer careers! You will still see many familiar faces and be in a familiar place here at the gym as some of our coaches will continue on with Steele! There will be new equipment and techniques designed to push our kids to excel at the next level!

Our last month of operating recreational classes will be at the end of April. All cheer teams will finish up at that time except our Senior Sizzle team that will be preparing for Summit. There will be tumbling classes offered in May to ensure that our athletes are prepared for their tryouts! More information will follow!


Message from Steele Athletics:

Dear RMCDC Families,

In March of 2016 when the Steele Athletics brand was born, it was in our plans to have 3 locations. Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins were the metro areas we researched and committed to planting our roots. It was our plan to have those 3 locations up and running within the first 5 years of business. We are firm believers that everything happens for a reason and when opportunity presents itself we should act. We had a lot of interest coming from the Northern Colorado region and decided the time was right to launch our brand in the area.

After having contact with RMCDC ownership, and after many meetings sharing our philosophies, we decided that the RMCDC location was perfect for our first year in Northern Colorado. Originally, we had decided we were not going to move our business into any other pre-existing cheerleading gyms. After some very heart-felt conversations with Diana, Misti, and Shari we had a change of heart. The RMCDC values are very similar to that of Steele Athletics and we feel comfortable putting our brand in the gym that you all have called home for so many years. As RMCDC is transitioning, the Steele Athletics brand is SO happy to welcome any and all members of RMCDC into our family next season.

At Steele Athletics we believe in promoting the WHOLE athlete: mind, body, and self. Our staff has a very professional and consistent approach to our teaching technique. The foundation of Steele Athletics contains a strong sense of accountability, teamwork, and dedication. Our experience and values separate us and our product defines us. We are very proud to say that ALL of our teams have earned Summit/Worlds bids and we even earned a coveted PAID bid to the Summit in our very first year! Also, we are proud to say that we won our very first NCA title this year. With many things to celebrate with our Denver location we are also very excited to invest our knowledge and love into the Northern Colorado region. We have hired coaches that live and coach in the Northern Colorado market currently. We are going to pour our hearts into them and give them access to our resources to help take them to the next level in their coaching careers. The mix of the selected Northern Colorado coaches, and our current Denver coaches, has given us a recipe for success. The site director will be coming from our current Denver location and she has many years of experience that we can't wait for you all to benefit from.

While this transition may be emotional for some, please know that we are here for you. Please reach out if you have any questions. We will absolutely make time to come up as much as needed to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible for all parties. We wish the RMCDC ownership the absolute best as they finish a chapter in their lives and celebrate all of the amazing memories made. When you see the Steele staff, whether at a competition or a meet and greet, feel free to say hi and ask as many questions as possible. We believe in transparency.

We are so excited to launch our brand in Northern Colorado and we hope to see all of the RMCDC family at our May 20th tryout!

Brent Steele & Tiffany Valdez

Steele Athletics Ownership


Please check out the interest link at Steele Athletics to follow their progress as they take over Northern Colorado!








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