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The purpose of The High Educational and Athletic Foundation, Inc. is to enhance the educational, physical and social welfare of youth and teens nationally. The Rocky Mount Mavericks is a travel basketball program overseen by the Foundation, which focuses on those in the City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina and surrounding cities.  The Rocky Mount Mavericks’ primary counties of focus include Nash, Edgecombe and its surrounding counties for which it provides tutorial availability, mentorship, counseling sessions and athletic training.  As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the Foundation purposely tries to inform student-athletes and their parents about all things characteristically and educationally in regards to improving their local communities and college preparation.  Within the Foundation, we strive to improve the community by reaching young student-athletes and by demonstrating how sports can be a positive motivational tool in the lives of young people.  Specifically, we are trying to use athletics to help build stronger character at a younger age, as well as providing information that will improve character and self-esteem, while promoting healthy eating and physical fitness.