• Makeup games now being posted daily!!!!
  • Girls deadline for games June 16
  • Boys deadline for games June 23
  • Girls District tournament June 25-29 Towns now listed
  • Boys District tournament July 2-6 Towns now listed


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Boys teams advancing State

July 9, 2018

Last week the boys competed in District for advancement to State. We are happy to announce that we have 3 boys teams that will advance to State.


6u Mineola Bombers 2nd place District 

8u Grand Saline Cubs 1st place District 

10u Emory Sharks 2nd place District 


Great job to all players and coaches

Girls State teams this week

July 9, 2018

We have 15 girls teams representing RWC this week in State tournaments. We want to wish each of you the best of luck and safe travels to and from. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to hear how you each do. Go get em girls!!!!


6u Emory Pink Predators 

      Edgewood Pink Sox

      Edgewood Sassy Sluggers 

      Alba Crush 

      Mineola Lady Rascals 

      Grand Saline Spunky Spartans 


8u Grand Saline Lady Indians 

      Alba Heat


10u Grand Saline Revolution 

        Grand Saline Trophy Hunters 


12u Grand Saline Regulators 

       Alba Heat


15u Edgewood Thunderchickens 

       Quitman Killer Kleatz 

       Alba Uproar

Congratulations Boy teams advancing to District 2018 Tournaments

June 12, 2018

We are very proud to announce the 2018 boys teams advancing to District

6u American

1st place Emory Raiders
2nd Place Emory Outlaws

6u National

1st place Grand Saline Cherokee
2nd place Edgewood Little Dogs

6u Central

1st Place Mineola Bombers
2nd Place Mineola Longhorns

6u East

1st place Alba Panthers 

2nd (replacement)Quitman Sliders

8u American

1st Place Grand Saline Cubs
2nd Place Edgewood Dirtbags

8u National

1st Place Emory Wildcats
2nd Place Emory Avengers


Yantis Owls

Quitman Prospects 


Mineola Bombers 

Grand Saline Destroyers 



Emory Sharks

Alba Crushers 

Edgewood Xplosion 

10u Central

1st place Grand Saline White Sox
2nd place Mineola Longhorns

10u East

1st place Mineola Wrecking-N-Ballz
2nd place Quitman Rookies


Emory Rangers 

Emory Rebel’s 

Quitman Giants 

Mineola Dodgers 



Mineola Indians

Emory Rains Prospects 

Alba Ag Panthers 


Congratulations Girls Teams 2018 season advancing to District and State Tournaments

June 7, 2018

We want to take this time to congratulate the girls teams and coaches for advancing to tournament play.

6u American (advance to state in Emory)

1st place Emory Pink Predators
2nd place Edgewood Pink Sox
3rd place Edgewood Sassy Sluggers

6u National (advance to State in Emory)

1st place Alba Crush--Jed Sitar
2nd place Mineola Lady Rascals-Caesar Galaz
3rd place Grand Saline Spunky Spartans-Josh Harell

 8u American

1st place Alba Pink Panthers
2nd place Emory Miss-Fitz
3rd place Edgewood Battitude

8u National

1st place Grand Saline Lady Indians-Shana Carter
2nd place Mineola Dirt Dolls-Melissa Overstreet

8u Central

1st place Quitman Firestix-Randy Jones
2nd place Quitman Intensity-Justin Mitchell

10u American

1st place Emory Firestorm-Brody Hodges
2nd place(replacement) Edgewood Punishers--Ashley Steinle

10u National

1st place Grand Saline Revolution--Angela Kindle
2nd place Grand Saline Trophy Hunters--Leah Melton

10u Central

1st place Mineola Outlaws
2nd place Mineola Cracker Jacks

12u American

1st place Alba Heat
2nd Edgewood Adrenaline

12u National

1st Place Grand Saline Regulators
2nd Place Mineola Thunderstruck 


1st place Edgewood Thunderchickens
2nd place Quitman Killer Kleatz
3rd place Alba Uproar



New TTA rule for Advancing Tournament teams

May 20, 2018

TTA has issued a rule on advancing teams and the penalty for teams not following the rules set forth. 

New rule and penalty will be found on handout page

New updates to RWC Rules

May 20, 2018

New updates to RWC effective May 20, 2018 will be found on Bulletin Board


District Tournament assignments

May 20, 2018

District Tournaments have been assigned to following locations;

Girls           June 25-29                                                                                  Location

6u American---1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place                          BYE to State in Emory

6u National ---1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place                            BYE to State in Emory

8u American--1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd place                                    Mineola

8u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                       Mineola

8u Central--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                         Mineola

10u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                   Quitman

10u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                     Quitman

10u Central--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                       Quitman

12u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                   Mineola

12u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                     Mineola

15u American--!st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place                           BYE to State in Rusk


Boys July 2-6                                                                                 

6u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                     Emory

6u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                       Emory

6u Central--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                         Emory

6u East--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                             Emory

8u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                     Chandler

8u National--1st Place, 2nd place                                                       Chandler

8u Central-- 1st Place, 2nd Place                                                       Chandler

8u East--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                            Chandler

10u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                   Quitman

10u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                      Quitman

10u Central--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                      Quitman

10u East--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                           Quitman

12u American--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                   Emory

12u National--1st Place, 2nd Place                                                      Emory

14u American--1st Place, 2nd Place 3rd Place                                   Chandler

Local RWC Season Rules/TTA rule updates

March 14, 2018

Local RWC rules and TTA rule updates can be found on Handout section. Coaches will be given out a copy of rules at the coaches meeting and will go over the rules in the meeting.

Important Dates/rule updates

January 13, 2018
Check out calendar for signup dates, coaches meeting, umpire clinic and important deadlines. Also check out Bulletin board under "About" section for rule updates and other important information

2018 TTA rule changes

January 7, 2018

Rule changes effective for 2018 season can be found under Handouts under Forms section,

2018 Rains Wood County Officers

January 7, 2018

2018 Officers were selected today:

Mike Bowles-President

Ricky Ratliff-Vice president

Dana Williams-Secretary/Treasurer

The board is working hard to get the season off to a great season. With TTA changing dates of the district Tournament and State tournament to a week earlier this year, signups will be started soon. Stay tuned to your local organization to see when you town signups will begin.

2018 season updates

January 5, 2018

We are excited to start preparing for the upcoming season. TTA has made several rule changes and date changes to tournament dates so everyone needs to check out the new changes that will effect the 2018 season,

Girls District Tournament -June 25-29

Boys District Tournament- July 2-6

Girls State Tournament-July 9-13

Boys State Tournament- July 16-20

Girls HSE-July 19-22

Boys HSE- July 26-29


I will be working on updating all rules and other necessary information as quickly as possible.


Everyone have a great SEASON!!!!



January 15, 2017

We are now on facebook!!. Rains Wood County Baseball Softball association.

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, August 27, 2015