Hello Salem Parents, Volunteers & Friends,

        Allow us to reintroduce ourselves we are Salem Church Athletic Association! The SCAA board is comprised of directors and commissioners that volunteer their time and effort for the success of the Salem kids. Each sport has a commissioner or director that is in charge of providing a quality sports program for their respective sport. Currently SCAA offers Football,Cheering, Boys & Girls Basketball, Baseball & Softball.

The mission of SCAA is to create quality athletic programs that teach fundamentals, techniques, teamwork and sportsmanship to all children of Salem who wish to participate. While we offer athletic programs, education comes first and our goal is to partner with you to ensure academic excellence takes priority over athletics. One of the key fundamentals that we teach to our kids is teamwork. Teamwork is very critical in the long term success of any team or organization. SCAA considers itself part of the overall team in the Salem area to promote youth sports and academics.

All of our coaches have passed a mandatory background check. SCAA also has strict financial controls in place. Checks and balances have been put in place to ensure the integrity of the organization.

If you are new to the Salem – we hope you choose us for your youth sports experience. If you are planning to return we say WELCOME BACK! We look forward to another exciting year. Please review our sports located on the left side of the home page to see current sign up flyers. 

Thank you for your continued support!



President Salem Church Athletic Association