• Welcome to the Home of the Schuylkill County Blue Sox


Blue Sox Mission Statement


   The Schuylkill County Blue Sox were formed in 2002 in order to provide the players with an extended season and to play against quality competition. This will be accomplished by allowing the players to compete in numerous tournaments throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey against players from the Mid-Atlantic portions of the United State. Therefore, the mission of the Blue Sox is three-fold.  

   First, the players will have the opportunity to play in approximately 8-10 tournaments. The tournaments will begin in May and conclude in August. These tournaments will provide at least 32-40 games to their baseball season. In addition the Blue Sox will play other travel programs during the week and on open weekends which will provide an additional 12-20 games. It is the teams hopes and wishes that the schedule will provide numerous opportunities for the players to play the great game of baseball throughout the spring and summer. 

   Second, the players will have the opportunity to compete against other players from throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and other states form the mid-Atlantic.This will enhance their skill level and allow them to compare themselves to other players their own age. This will help shape their overall development and prepare them for what they must work on to advance in the game of baseball.

   Finally, the players will be introduced to new skills that the game of baseball requires. They will be given quality instruction through organized, high intensity, and competitive practices. The practices are designed to provide opportunities for the players to develop their skill set and progress in order to compete at a high level.